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The Point of the Sword

This is a list of characters who had thier first appearance as the sole star of their own feature.  They are also the first of there kind.  For example Alan Scott is the very first Green Lantern so he is the only one listed.  Batman is listed but Batwoman, Robin, Batgirl and the many others that came about as sidekicks, spinoffs, and so on are not.  These characters are the first of their universe and that should mean something.  I only put traditional superheroes on the list not detectives, war heroes, western cowboys and stuff like that.  I also tried to list their first appearance date and place them in order by that date, but there is still a lot of work to do.  I got the big ones but I need to add a lot more plus I need to put some in order still.  If you have any that you know I missed please let me know.

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