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The 1000

I have always wanted to make a big mega list. I love making lists and Comicvine makes it so easy and fun. So I am going to make a fun list.

Imagine all the comic characters of all time were merged into one universe. No other

currently existing

character would be written about in comic form ever again. Not only that but the ones who don't make this list would have


existed. So, let's say I didn't pick the first Blue Beetle. In that case Blue Beetle's origin would have to change to adapt. Another example would be if I didn't pick any Robins. Then Batman would have never had that partner. (I won't do either of those examples if is just to illustrate the parameters of the list. Think of it as a new universe. A "what if" these were the only characters that existed. How would that effect the universe. These characters would be the ones I would I miss. These are the 1000 characters worth worrying about.

Disclaimer: This is just for fun so don't get mad that I didn't put your favorite.

List items