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Oh no not them again!

I don't want to be hating but doesn't everyone have that hero that they can't stand or list of characters that bug the tar out of you when they show up in comics. Some just show up once or a hand full of times but they manage to shake up your comic world and makes it seem stupid or silly. The worst ones are the ones you see turn up over and over again like a bad penny. Basically theses are characters I love to hate. Well anyway this list is just meant as good natured fun. I hope you take it as such and enjoy it. It is not worth getting mad about.

List items

  • O.K. he is a mushroom but I guess he is a fun guy. Get it? Amanita like so many Lanterns bug me because they are no alien enough. It don't matter if it is a whale, bug, planet or mushroom. they are really just modeled after organisms from earth.

  • I know he hasn't been seen much but come on he is a raccoon. He looks like he would fit better in a Micky Mouse cartoon.

  • Again he is a bee/wasp thing with the name Bzzd. it never ends. How about a brontosaurs Lantern and a chicken lantern that at least would be ironic. How about a turkey Lantern. It just goes on.

  • How does a creature of this type even function as a living creature? He is basically a giant head. Not only is he ridiculous looking but his anatomy is has got to be nonexistent. How does a creature that is all head eat enough to exist? he is like an evil undead Pac-man.

  • This character disgusts and scares the crap out of me. Why not have a yellow lantern called "Mother Raper" and just have it do that all the time.

  • I have not read a good Painkiller story. I heard her show was good but her comics were aweful. I beg you to read my review for and the follow up at

  • I hated the racist Bloodsport. All he did was kill black people on a spree and would have a huge amount of destruction before Superman would stop him. He was never a real threat to Superman for starters. He was just a horrific in his carnage.

  • I love how this character was killed by a semi because his ring had a vulnerability to the yellow headlights. Again. He would fit better in a Micky Mouse cartoon. Characters like this make it embarrassing to be a comic fan.

  • What can I say about this guy? Just read my thoughts on Zilius Zox above. It is pretty much the same thing.

  • I just hate how unoriginal some Lanterns are. Basically just about every earth animal and plant will get a Lantern Ring. Apparently, there are millions of planets with intelligent life in the form of earth organisms.

  • Jar Jar just killed Star Wars for me. He is the symbol for the division of what was great before him to the stuff that came later. Not to mention the racist makeup of the character.

  • Right. Larvox. A larva organism based Lantern. Do I really need to explain why this character is lame?

  • I am not a cat guy and this just doesn't help. OK. A blue house cat with rage gets a Lantern ring and.... I just can't believe this. After having aliens that looked like plants and animals now we just have Lanterns that are earth plants and animals. WTF. I hate this kind of stuff. I blow my mind that the character has a following.

  • A Lantern that is a whole planet. Not as big as a planet. Just a whole planet. Why not have my wife's Ford Taurus be a Lanterns. you could have a urinal from the Red Robin down the road be a Yellow Lantern.

  • I hate the bone wings so very much. Again it is a ridicules thing. bone wings. What is the point? I'm also sick of the buckets of blood. I'm not offended it just comes off as stupid after a while Vampires aren't as bad.

  • Bouncing Boy kind of says it all. This character is actually insulting. Just about the only plus sized superhero and he is called Bouncing Boy. Not cool.

  • This was a good character that really sucked when he started cutting up people and stuffing them in refrigerators.

  • No character to the character. He is just an evil monster. that's it. Nothing more. He just mutilates people. There is no depth.

  • It is characters like this that make comic fans nerds. The power is just lame. No matter how cool writers make him and try to make his power useful he just comes of a stupid.

  • Spider-man's most embarrassing moment is being beat by Stilt man. His second most embarrassing moment was being beat by Stilt-man a second time. Stilt man I'm just annoyed that I being asked to explain why I don't like characters like this. I just think it should be obvious.

  • This guy's power it to change somethings color. He looks like the son Wolverine doesn't want anyone to know about.

  • This guy is so wrong. So wrong.

  • Alright I wrote a whole blog on this guy and it was highly controversial splitting the vine right down the middle with people who agreed and people who didn't.

  • This list would be half as long if I eliminated Legion heroes and Lanterns

  • Really?

  • Only appeared once for a reason.