Greatest 12 Characters of the 2000's

Who is on this list, what this list is about and how they got on the list!

 Before Sentry...Superman
 Before Sentry...Superman
This is one of a set of lists I made showing a progression of the greatest characters in a heroic style throughout time.  Focusing for the most part on one decade at a time.  The heroes that we know and love today were inspired by heroes before them.  Some are even real people who moved into folklore.  Before comics there were pulp magazines.  Before that there was dime novels and before that was the penny dreadfuls.  There were many others as well like Gothic novels, story papers and yes even a real novel.  

This List 
This is the list of the greatest characters to come out between 2000 and 2009.  These would be characters who will go on to be the biggest influences in comics either directly or indirectly.  In other words these will become great inspirations to future comic characters and stories.  Right now they are in order of year 

New Stuff 
This is where I would start these series of lists.  After you check out this one go back into time and see who came before by clicking the links below.  Some may Surprise you. It is hard to see who would have the best impact in a short time but this is the best so far.  As you can see I had a little trouble finding good candidates on this one because not much time has passed.  Some of these are solid, some were suggested and others were simply put to fill the list.  As you can see I need help with this one and would be grateful to your suggestions.  Right now they are in order of year. 

A New Warrior
A New Warrior
ere is the past list
Greatest 12 Characters of the 1990's

List items

  • In the first issue of Sentry in 2000 the character has taken the Marvel Universe by storm. He is loved and hated all at the same time. What can not be argued is his impact on the Marvel Universe in such a short time.

  • Invincible got his series with the same name in 2002 and hasn't stopped yet. It is extremely rare to have a character last so long in their own ongoing series and Invincible is in rare company.

  • The Hood first appeared in the Hood in 2002. He has since had nearly 200 comic appearances.

  • Most characters in comics today have their start in comics. X-23 on the other hand started out in a cartoon X-Men Evolution in 2003. The episode was a touching one that deals with a child put through the same things wolverine was but as an infant. In the short time after that episode she appeared in comics. In the past few years she has gotten many fans.

  • Zombies...Man I hate Zombies. Mainly because they scare the snot out of me. That said the character Rick Grimes and his Zombie stories have been an anchor to a mega empire/universe of his own. He got his first appearance in the Walking Dead in 2003.

  • Blue Beetle III has a long line of progression leading him to this point. Going back to the first Blue Beetle in 1939. Only appearing for the first time in 2006 in Infinite Crisis 3 The newest Blue Beetle already had his own series that lasted 36 issues. That is longer than his more popular predecessor Ted Kord.

  • Representing the unnamed henchmen Bob has actually made a name for himself. Even if it is Bob. He first appeared in Cabel & Deadpool #38 in 2007.

  • Kick Ass has only been around a couple years and has his own film. Take that! His first issue was in Kick-Ass #1 in 2008.