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Greatest 12 Characters of the 1920's

Who is on this list, what this list is about and how they got on the list!

 Thank You, Mr. Burroughs
 Thank You, Mr. Burroughs


This is one of a set of lists I made showing a progression of the greatest characters in a heroic style throughout time. Focusing for the most part on one decade at a time. The heroes that we know and love today were inspired by heroes before them. Some are even real people who moved into folklore. Before comics there were pulp magazines. Before that there was dime novels and before that was the penny dreadfuls. There were many others as well like Gothic novels, story papers and yes even a real novel.  

The List

This is a list of the greatest characters who appeared in between 1920 and 1929.  These would be characters who will go on to be the biggest influences in comics either directly or indirectly.  In other words these will become great inspirations to future comic characters and stories. Right now they are in order of year.  

New Stuff

 An Old Evil Reborn
 An Old Evil Reborn
Comics as we know them today didn't start until the 1930's and before that were comic strips and pulp magazines.  The comic book even started out as reprints of comic strips.  This was also the Golden Age of detective stories.

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List items

  • Randolph Carter if H. P. Lovecraft's alter ego. In some stories he is the grand-nephew of John Carter. He first appears in the short story The Statement of Randolph Carter first published in 1920.

  • Captain Blood is a pirate who first appeared in Captain Blood: His Odyssey in 1922. He has been the subject of many stories, films and of course comic books

  • Even today the look of Count Orlock makes me pee my pants. He first appeared in the Movie Nosferatu. Nosferatu was based on the novel Dracula. It was first released in 1922. Nosferatu had a new look for vampires that was much more sinister look than other vampires.

  • Charlie Chan was first written in the Novel The House Without A Key in 1925. He was created during the golden age of Detective Stories.

  • Bomba was inspired by Tarzan and first appeared in Bomba the Jungle Boy in 1926. He was the subject of 20 novels, 12 films, and the subject of his own comic series. Not bad for a ripoff.

  • Moon Maid is another great character by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Like Tarzan and John Carter. Her first appearance was in the novel called the Moon Maid in 1926.

  • In no way a hero by any means the Great Cthulhu has been terrifying people since we was published in Weird Tales in 1928

  • Buck Rogers first appeared in the pulp magazine in 1928 called Armageddon 2419 A.D. Buck Rogers is credited with bringing into popular media the concept of space exploration. In the spirit of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Buck Rogers took exploration to a new level.

  • Solomon Kane first appeared in a Weird Tales magazine story called Red Shadows in 1928. He would go on to be compared to Van Helsing and fight vampires as well.

  • Before Dale Arden and Lois Lane there was Wilma Deering. She first appeared in the pulp magazine in 1928 called Armageddon 2419 A.D. alongside Buck Rogers.

  • Perhaps too cartoony for your taste he is considered on of the first superheros having super-strength hat he gets after eating spinach. He first appeared in a comic strip called Thimble Theater in 1929.

  • Kull first appeared in "The Shadow Kingdom" in Weird Tales magazine in 1929.