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I plan on making a list of my top 100 coolest covers.%26nbsp%3B I would love suggestions because this may take a while.%26nbsp%3B I am not including variant covers only because I want the person%26nbsp%3B who views my list to know what cover I am talking about without refereeing them to another link for each book.%26nbsp%3B

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Posted By Magian

Nice selection.

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Posted By Jotham

Good call on the Fables one. Of course, if I made this list it would be all Fables covers.
How about the cover to The Dark Knight Returns #1?

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I also think this All-Star Superman #10 cover is cool.

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Posted By Leliel

Ah is it just cool for Batman to have so many badass covers?

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Just my opinion but this list isnt complete without bradstreet