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Comic Vine's (unofficial) Ultimate Greatest Superhero Team!

I wrote a forum back on September 8th 2010 asking people to vote for their favorite characters to make  Comic Vines (unofficial) Ultimate Greatest Superhero Team!.  Every user got one vote and it took nearly a month but after 325 votes the results were tallied in this list.

  1. Batman: Bruce Wayne (Seventeen Votes)
  2. Superman, and Wolverine (Thirteen Votes)
  3. Flash: Wally West, and Spider-man (Twelve Votes)
  4. Wonder Woman (Eleven Votes)    
  5. Captain America: Steve Rogers, Green Lantern: Guy Gardner, Green Lantern: Hal Jordan, Zatanna, and Thor (Ten Votes)  
  6. Blue Marvel (Seven Votes)
  7.  Psylocke, and Silver Surfer (Five Votes)  
  8. Captain Atom, Captain Marvel: Billy Batson, Deadpool, Flash: Barry Allen, Hulk, Invincible, Multiple Man / Madrox, Static Shock, Storm, Tick, and Witchblade: Sara Pezzini (Four Votes)   
  9. Batgirl: Cassandra Cain, Blue Beetle: Ted Kord, Booster Gold, Captain Marvel: Genis-Vell , Doctor Fate, Emma Frost, Moon Knight , Raven, Spawn, Angel, Aspen Matthews, Brimstone, Cyclone, Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner, Iron Man, Kitty Pride, Magneto, Nightwing, Red Robin: Tim Drake, Robin: Tim Drake, Rouge, Scarlet Witch, Spider-girl, Supergirl, Thing, and Vixen, (Two Votes)
  10. Amadeus Cho, Animal Man, Aquaman, Batgirl: Stephanie Brown, Batman: Terry McGinnis, Beta Ray Bill, Bizarro, Blackheart, Black Cat, Black Lightning, Black Panther, Black Widow, Blink, Brainiac 5, Captain Britain, Captain Universe, Colossus, Cyclops, Daredevil, Darseid, Deathstroke, Red Lantern: Dex-starr, Donna Troy, Doomstroke, Enchantress, Eternity, Flash Gordon, Forge, Gambit, Green Arrow, Green Lantern: Sodam Yat, Guardian (Marvel), Haunt, Hawkeye:  Clint Barton, Hawkman, Hellboy, Hercules, Invisible Woman, Ion: Kyle Rayner, Judge Dread, Leonardo Da Vinci, Lobo, Jessie Quick, Jimmy Olsen, John Constantine, Lady Deadpool, Luke Skywalker, Meathead, Miss Martian, Nara Kilday, Nemesis, Nightcrawler, Nova, Obsidian, Optimus Prime, Oracle, Onslaught, Orion, Ozymandias, Pixie, Power Girl, Punisher, Pro, Queen B, Quicksilver, Red Tornado II, Savage Dragon, Séance, Shadow, Skarr, Spider-man 2099, Squirrel Girl, Starfire, Storm Shadow, Superboy-Prime, Superman: Kingdom Come, Superman-Prime: One Million, Swamp Thing, Tank Girl, Taskmaster, Tech -9, Thanos, X-23, and X-Man (One Vote)
  11. Noticeable No Votes -  Human Torch, Atom, Mr. Fantastic, Martian Manhunter, Jean Grey and Namor? 
As you can see there were a lot of surprises and it was a lot of fun.  If you would like to see how the forum went check it out!   
Here is the top ten 
User: Mainline wrote some of the aspects of our heroic team.

List items

  • Batman - Mastermind, Bankroll / Gadgets / Science, Pragmatism. Of course the Bruce Wayne Batman won with 17 votes almost qualifying twice. People could have voted for someone else as he was the first to make the team but they still backed their hero.

  • Superman - Leader, Flying Brick, Moral Certainty. Just like Batman people kept voting for Superman, and he got thirteen votes.

  • Wolverine - Bruiser, Frontline Fodder, Moral Ambiguity. Just like Batman people kept voting for Wolverine, and he got thirteen votes.

  • Flash - Support, Speedster / Healer / Teleporter, Optimism. The Wally West Flash won out here, and got twelve votes.

  • Spider-Man - Damsel / Mascot, Uh... webbing / scientist /restraints?, Comedic Relief (funny man to Wolvie's straight man; or comic to Wally's feed in a comedy duo / double act. Spider-man got twelve votes

  • Wonder Woman got eleven votes.

  • Captain America was a shock to the team not because he made it but because about 200 votes came in before he got a single vote. Steve Rogers was Captain America to make the list.

  • The Green Lantern had two members make the team. Because of this we are going to use up this one spot for both characters who each got ten votes, and you the reader can decide who you would put here. Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan.

  • Thor was the last to be nominated and got a lot of his votes down the stretch.

  • Zatanna - Mage, Magical Swiss-Army Knife. Zatanna was the dark horse of the team. She was not expected by me to make the list but was the sixth to be nominated to the team and the first woman.