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Spirit Give A Point

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Things are going well with my Daredevil and Iron Man give A Point blogs, so I think I will add a third and keep it that way until one is resolved. The Iron Man one can be located at... and the Daredevil one can be located at... I don't want to have more that three at a time. Here we go....

Imagine you are the creator of the new Spirit television show. Your task is to tell the history of the Spirit from beginning to the end but....(here is the catch) you can only use ten currently existing characters to tell this story. So, I ask you who are the quintessential characters in the Spirit mythology. You need to determine who he needs in the rouge galley, friends and everything.

Here is how the game works. It is kind of like the give a point take a point game. Only you don't take any points away.

  1. You can add a point to one character for each vote.
  2. You can add a new character any time you want as a vote.
  3. You can vote as much as you want but only once in a row.
  4. All you do is copy the tally above and add your vote or character to the list.
  5. Once we have ten characters with 100 votes each the game is done.

I'll cast the first vote for...

Octopus (+1)