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Dick Tracy Give A Point


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Here is the eighteenth in a series of Give a point games. With fourteen of them done I still have three going plus this one. The games that are still going on are Superboy: Kon-El/ Conner Kent Doctor Strange and, Boooster Gold

Here are the completed lists that resulted from these games

  1. Daredevil:
  2. Iron Man:
  3. Batman (Bruce Wayne):
  4. Spirit:
  5. James Bond:
  6. Deadpool:
  7. Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze):
  8. Wolverine:
  9. Hawkman:
  10. Turok:
  11. Captain America (Steve Rogers):
  12. Black Panther (T'Challa):
  13. Sergeant (Franklin Rock):
  14. Judge (Joseph Dredd):

Some have expressed interest in what characters I will make games for. The list I have been working off of is not complete but if you want to take a peak at who might be in the next game you can check out the two lists below. Remember that this is not set in stone yet and is just a work in progress. I work hard on my list and try to make them a accurate as possible as well as put a lot of research in them. Once I have a solid definitive list I will post it but for right now here are the possible glimpses.


Scenario for game

Imagine you are the creator of a Dick Tracy television show. Your task is to tell the history of Tracy from beginning to end, but....(here is the catch) you can only use ten currently existing characters to tell this story. So, I ask you who are the quintessential characters in the Dick Tracy mythology. You need to determine who he needs in the rouge's gallery, allies, friends and everything.

Rules for this game

Here is how the game works. It is kind of like the give a point take a point game. Only you don't take any points away.

  1. You can add a point to one character for each vote.
  2. You can add a new character any time you want as your vote.
  3. You can vote as much as you want but only once in a row.
  4. All you do is copy the tally above and add your vote or character to the list.
  5. Once we have ten characters with 100 votes each the game is done.
  6. Put a characters real name on this list. There are too many Robins and Batgirls for example to just put a Superhero name.
  7. If the character does not have a comic appearance they will not have a comic page on comicvine. That is OK as long as they meet the other criteria. They will not however make the list I post afterwards because they don't have a page.
  8. You have to vote for a character that has actually met Dick Tracy.

I'll cast the first vote for...

  • Flat Top (+1)