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My take on redemption

I would say the character who would make the most impact by becoming good would be Magneto.  I know most everything about him has been mentioned already, so this post might be more of a rehashing, rather than providing any new points to support my idea. 

Magneto has been one of Marvel's and one of the X-Men's greatest villians for a long time.  We've seen him consistently trying to create Utopia for Mutant kind,  which in his mind,  is what would be best for them.  His backstory,  the persecution at being Jewish,  let Erik to grow up and hate mankind from an early age. In his own mind,  he is doing the right thing by wishing to give "Man" their comeuppance.  By being a member of another minority,  namely a Mutant, he sees the persecution all over again.  It's just as violent and it's just as rampant as the Natzi enforced termination of the Jews was.

Erik's plans all revolve around putting Mutants first.  It is in this motivation that one has to wonder just how truly "evil" he really is?  Is he willing to take whatever steps necessary?  Yes, he is.  But I have to say,  look at what he was fighting for.  Look at the ideas he had for Mutants?  Now sure,  in his mind,  he never saw Man and Mutant living happily ever after together on the same planet.  This was the fundamental difference between he and Professor Xavier.  Xavier wanted peaceful coexistance, but Erik knew it probably wasn't possible.

Having said this,  Erik is what I like to term the  "sympathetic Villian".   He isn't supremely evil for evil's sake.  He has a goal in mind and he isn't afraid to bend the rules, take risks, and pretty much kick anyone's behind he needs to to bring about said goal.  Having been stripped of his powers,  having lost his family's love and respect by pushing things to the limits has offered us, the readers, a unique view into what makes a "Villian" a villian  and just how close they really are to being heroes.  It's all in a matter of choices and Erik's made questionable ones all for the sake of Utopia.

Allowing him to at last see the error of his dogged determination and pushing away all those who care and love him,  I believe it would have a profund impact on him not only as a man, but as a villian as well.  He could use his skills,  his love for his fellow man, and the burning sense of justice that he wishes to see in humanity to become one of the greatest heroes.  His compassion and his resourcefulness would afford him a true insight into the motives of a hero.  And while he may never be straight-laced,  there's no question he would stand for what he believed in until the very last and he would never back down from a challenge. 
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