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Cameraman see's all 0

This comic was brilliant. There was the typical cartoony artwork for the kiddies along with the slightly silly sounding Cameraman but there was actually a pretty good twist at the end that I think even the adult readers would enjoy.SPOILER ALERTThe whole comic is based around Huntress and Batman trying to crack this Cameraman guy together but Batman is curious as to why Huntress needs his help with this one. He decides it's because she has a bit of a crush on him because she's asked him out on V...

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Rubbing off that smile 0

SPOILER ALERTIn this issue the Joker is locked up in the Asylum, a much more white clinical rendition of Arkham than usually prescribed. While Doctors do a brain scan on him they find that he has a fatal tumor growing in his head. The rest of the issue is dedicated to the authorities taking precaution and preparing for the worst after they tell the joker the bad news.Oracle has been keeping tabs on his progress looking out for anything they have missed but right at the critical moment, Robin dis...

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Great Resource 0

When i found this book in the bookshop I wasn't allowed to rip through the plastic and have a look inside, but i already knew what some of the 52 covers looked like and thought that the sketches and drafts for them would be an interesting thing to have especially as an Art teacher, so I bought it.  When i finally did get a chance to open it up, it was amazing, it is very nicely set out so that each page has the cover from the next issue in the series accompanied by a few coloured drafts and sket...

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Sandman Origins 1

  This comic shows us the enormous transformation of The Sandman from the lonely childhood of Billy Baker into the highschool thug, Flint Marko and finally the radioactive transformation into The Sandman.   I havn't read many comics which have dealt with The Sandman's origin story but this one was very nicely done. I really liked how they showed what it was like for Billy growing up without a father and his poor relationship with his alcoholic mum. His facination and talent at making sand sculp...

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Silent Running 0

  I have come to enjoy the writing of Bruce Jones accompanied by the art by John Romita. I used to think it was the lack of dialogue that intrigued me but I’ve realised that it is Romita’s brilliant ability to tell a story with his pictures alone. Sometimes this results in too many panels, but I think in this case it works effectively and the scenes often play out in a way that reminds me of the movies. My favourite thing about this issue is on page 11 when Banner thinks he has escaped through t...

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Good story Bad end 0

  A little bit disappointing.  I really enjoyed the story line of this four part issue but there was a huge lead up to a pretty poor end. I thought all the tie ins with Sandra Verdugo and her son, Ricky Myers were really good and even the idea that Doc Samson as the father was an interesting and thought provoking idea. The fact that Verdugo and Slater can both get shot in the head and still live to talk about it was kinda disconcerting, I don’t know much about them but unless they’re actually ...

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Magical 0

  I really enjoyed this three part series.   I found that this particular issue out of the three part story was the most climatic and suspenseful. At first I did not really enjoy the artwork in these comics but this issue really brings out the talents in the ink work and the colouring. There is one hilarious panel where they have managed to make Wolverine look like an angry cat. The storyline is very easy to follow for anyone who has not read any X-Men comics before which is always a good thin...

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Old Classic 2

  I read this issue at the back of the (TPG) Iron Man With Iron Hands and it was fantastic. I’m not really a fan of old comic books because they tend to draw things out a lot and have cheesy jokes and the art is obviously not as up to scratch as all the new stuff but I couldn’t put it down. The story line was highly engaging during a time when Nick Fury and the rest of the mob don’t actually know that Tony Stark is Iron Man. He does an inside job with Fury to assess the situation of a ship that...

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Clone Saga 0

 This was my favorite issue from the Clone Saga series, which is an amazing story arc as a whole by the way. The artwork is consistantly fantastic which accompanies this brilliant story really well. I was fascinated to read that this story was written as a response to the bad feedback that Marvel copped after killing off Gwen Stacy. So in this volume there are a lot of big revelations and the main event in this particular one is Peter Parker and Dr. Octopus coming face to face. The colours durin...

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Carnage 0

  This story arc is fantastic. The storyline combined with the terrific art work makes for a spectacular volume. In this issue, the experiment that Curt Conners has been working on which combined the of himself (lizard) and Peter Parker had made a humanoid that lives off consuming corpses, leaving their bodies behind in a mummified-like state. This issue is exciting and hard to put down. The only downfall I think it faced was that on a few pages near the start where Mary Jane and Gwen...

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Girl Flash! 1

 The art in this issue was really good. It's very clean and the variety of thickness in line is perfect. The story line is also very interesting. I'm not a big fan of the costume that this Flash takes on. The white colour of the costume was a bit boring and I thought the idea of using a motorbike helmet instead of a mask or a customized helmet made the whole suit look a bit tacky. The addition of the rainbow streamers at the back of the suit was a fun idea but aesthetically looked a little bit s...

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Pretty Creepy 0

I’ve only read two Iron Man TPG’s. The first one I ever read was World’s Most Wanted which I have to admit, really bored me and was a disappointing start to what I thought would be an amazing comic. So The Five Nightmares was the second TPG I picked up and it was amazing. I was a little bit apprehensive about it to begin with after really disliking World’s Most Wanted (I do realise I read them out of order) but this one is seriously fantastic. The storyline is great and I think that if it wasn’t...

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Riddle Me This 0

 This issue was hilarious. Yes we don't see much of the Gotham City Sirens but it is nevertheless a fantastic read. As Batman and the Riddler go about solving a murder mystery together we are invited to hear the thoughts of both the characters. There is some subtle humour in their interactions which will surely make you giggle especially when Batman leaves the Riddler while his back is turned and he continues to talk to himself until he turns around and realises Batman has gone. The only downfal...

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Best Bat-Mite Story 0

 This is the second story I've read with Bat-mite in it. At first i thought he was ridiculously weird and a little bit silly but this comic changed my whole perspective of him. The story follows the events that a drug enduced man encountered after taking amphetamines. The dealers have been mysteriously murdered, so Batman interrogates the man to find out if what he really saw was a hallucination or the events of a true story. The only problem is that the victims also happen to be the only other ...

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Best of the three 0

 In the four part volume, this is finally the one where Banner transforms himself into the Hulk and we get to see a good rampage and some action from our muscly green friend. There is a lovely full page picture on page 7 of a whole bunch of cars flying off in an explosion with the hulk standing in the foreground which I think is amazing and would make a really great poster. There is another full page spread on page 12 where the hulk collapses in front of the FBI agent which looks great as well. ...

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Hilarious 0

  A fantastic start to the volume. This issue was humorous and intelligent at the same time which is what I enjoy in a comic. This issue explores Ryan Choi moving to to take over Ray Palmers position where he is warmly welcomed by the prestigious members of the Physics Department. The former Atom leaves Choi various clues around the apartment which lead him to find his atomic size changing belt. This leads to some very humorous experiences in miniature size involving nudity and a ‘giant’ rat. ...

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Fantastic 0

 This was the first ever Dial H for Hero comic I've read and I thought it was fantastic. SPOILERSSo this Robby Reed is visiting Gotham who has possession of the Dial and he uses it and turns into a Psychic. As the Psychic he see's that the next person to use the Dial will die so he leaves it out for a petty theif to steal. So a low-life guy who was also recently appointed to aid the Joker in one of his crime spree's finds the Dial and turns into The Star. He realises the good that has come from ...

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Opening Issue 0

  Batman fails to save a single mum looking after her child. The killer broke in through a window and bashed the woman to death, didn’t use any of his bullets. He then hid in a closet until Batman arrived and started shooting him with his silenced gun. Batman chases him out onto the roof of a building and catches him by lassoing his batarang around his neck. The killer is equipped with military-grade hardware but as Batman tries to ask him where he got it from, an assassin with a high tech lase...

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Exiled 0

  Vulco, Rodunn and his team of soldiers hunt down Aquaman condemning him of regicide. They tie him with barnacles to a rock on Traitors Reef to carry out his punishment. Aquaman had sunk Atlantis to save the JLA, but in rescuing the ‘lungmen’ he destroyed the city of Atlantis. Every underwater life form has turned its back on him. He tries to telepathically release the barnacles from his hands but even they coldly laugh at him. He manages eventually to break loose but what follows afterwards ge...

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No ones said it so I will 0

  The comic reads as though the writer was given the concept of the Batman without any background information. Like someone said, write a comic on ‘Bruce who is a boy who’s parents were murdered in front of him and who grew up to be Batman’ and with that information turned it into a comic that is so uniquely different from any other Batman story ever told because it lacks the details that all the other stories about the origin of Batman have. Some of the concepts that have come across differentl...

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Face of Evil 0

 I absolutely loved this, I think its one of the best Joker comics I've read so far. While I am new to the comic book world, I have already read a few that deal with the midnight killings where the victim is surrounded by police but still fall prey to the groteque smile as they fall dead on the floor as the clock strikes 12 but this was by far the best. Bruce Wayne is on the Jokers hitlist and SPOILER ALERT yes his face does turn into the Joker's which I thought was fantastic as I've never seen ...

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Titans in Space 0

So Starfire is called back to her home planet, Tamaran to clean her room and the titans decide to follow her. Problem is it will take 5 days to get there and back and they're all worried about getting grounded but they go along anyway. Aqualad is portrayed similarly to the miniseries Team Titans: Year One ie. a wuss but a very cute one.   We get to meet Starfire's sister Blackfire and Supergirl makes her first appearance to save the team from getting grounded by suggesting Kid Flash run around t...

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