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Characters I can CAV with

Yes this is the exact same concept GhostRavage thought of. Sue me, it's a really cool and helpful idea.

Some of the characters I know about don't exist on Comic Vine so I'll list them here:

Anyone from the Demonata series

Tom, Alice, Grimalkin and Slither from the Wardstone Chronicles (check this book series out, it''s amazing!!! Quite dark though...not for the faint of heart)

Eragon and Murtagh

Most Skulduggery Pleasant characters

List items

  • No surprises here, I know One Piece inside and out so of course the protagonist would be here.

  • I know Luffy's first mate just as much as Luffy himself, Zoro is a joy to debate with.

  • Ok so the first three entries on this list are One Piece characters xD, I can debate with almost anyone else from the series but these three I know the most about.

  • I started this series in March-ish and got fully caught up around June, this guy's feats are insane, he's amiable and pretty cool as well.

  • I think most would agree that Midora is the best character in the series, not only is he crazy overpowered, he's also got an interesting personality and disturbing backstory.

  • Probably a fact: everybody who has read Toriko has imagined Ichiryu as their badass granddad, right? Ya I thought so.

  • The Knocking master has few but very solid and impressive feats. This will be the last Toriko character on this list, others I do know but tracking down their on panel feats would be a pain.

  • Percy is a real G. Fantastic book series, bloody awful films.

  • Any surprises here? I'm English and grew up reading this masterpiece of children's literature. I'll put a few characters under this list: Hermione, Bellatrix, Dumbledore and Voldemort.

  • I done goofed, how could I forget to include my favourite One Piece character?...I can't even...