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Admiral Green Bull: My expectations

This isn't so much a blog as it is just my general thoughts and predictions about Ryokugyu aka Admiral Green Bull. There have been some theories pertaining to what his power might be, and some like to believe it will follow the trend set by Admirals Kizaru and Fujitora- light and gravity, two fundamental forces in the universe and therefore Green Bull might have a nuclear type of Devil Fruit and while that makes sense, it isn't what I'd want him to have. Yes I'm going to go with the obvious and say I want Green Bull to be...a Green Bull. We have never seen a Zoan Admiral so I think it would be cool for Ryokugyu to be the first, of course he'll already be awakened and therefore have increased regenerative capabilities and strength. What would be great is to see a battle between him and Kaido too, to establish his strength. Anyway this wasn't mean to be a long entry, just my thoughts, feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts on Admiral Green Bull.