Recently reading all those old UK Marvel comics that I so long neglected and forgotten

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Team Need

A little break from out 'Avengers', 'X-Men', 'Justice League'. So add a little to the mixture

List items

  • A French superhero team that is theme after Justice League, however to me they feel original enough

  • Each member can be repower and even further enhance

  • There has to be more Skrulls with power maybe they infiltrated the X-Men already and we don't even know it, regardless I want them back

  • Another classic team that we could have back sense all the new Spider-Related villains

  • He out team up with Thanos, Magus or simply become a Herald of Galactus

  • Many people just laugh him off however I like to see him become part Mutant Cell group

  • Why is he not in the Pet Adventures?

  • I like his future version a lot what he doing now