Oddballs of DC

This guys are among the most out there idea, the bizarre and extravagant

List items

  • Not the most original name and neither the coolest costume but this eternal mage is out there

  • This guy had major plan and his out there probably making another major plot

  • The Persuader I feel as if someone should pick up his axe and do some lethal damage with it

  • Ah yes she could made in the pages of 51 but hopping we soon encounter her again

  • Stand for everything Bruce wants gone from Gotham City perfect for the team

  • Interesting but I wish they did more with him

  • This guy survive his entire Earth destruction nice to see who else inhabited his native Earth

  • Another great addition to the team of Oddballs

  • You think someone would clone Martian Manhunter and use to release this thing

  • She a potential lantern

  • I know his dead but he could comeback and hold the title of Doctor Fate

  • An interesting villain he could probably join Clock King

  • She has an incredible backstory

  • Maybe we could see and Earth were there methods were so great all heroes took upon them

  • So he absorbed the ability of reality warper, maybe he is also willing to do the same with the Tangent universe

  • He should totally appear somewhere else and do something...not sure what

  • How more bizarre must you get

  • There been many of the acid guys but he had cool look to him

  • Oh I bet no one remember this guy he could easily become a partner with Doctor Light or villain for the Ray

  • Just one of the many enemies Superman had who just never got second round

  • I would like him to return and cause conflict for Booster Gold and the other time travelers

  • I would hope that somehow he comes back maybe as member of the lanterns

  • An excellent character to re-use as member of both the Bat and Sup family

  • Looking somewhat like Alan Scott this villainous Green Lantern was forgotten in history yet his power remains

  • A group that clearly could been active in the Earth-Two or Three

  • I wonder if he could travel to the future to hunt down be all those saved be Flashes of the future too

  • A really cool guy he wants to do good and would even go and suffer for it

  • Maybe he could be the Superman of Space if Superman ever get around building a Superman Incorporated

  • I'm surprise he hasn't return during the Day of Vengeance

  • The entity living in the Phantom Zone I wish somehow got brought back

  • If anyone could kick Superboy Prime butt it would be this guy

  • A well creepy and powerful character

  • I know he looks a bit silly but I actually think his got potential

  • Flex could possibly act as one of the Supermen or be enemy of his with the ability to warp reality which is quite hard to block if possible it all

  • Those this little guy name and look remind you of anything? If it doesn't you haven't read enough Superman comics

  • The original Earth-3 guy is often confuse with the Anti-Matter version but they are both quite different. I personally would like to see someone steal his Lamp and use it against him

  • Sort of hate how they rid of him but sure they could add him back to comics even with his powers back

  • Just about no one knows who R. Porter is but his actually the creator of the formula known as Venom

  • Another oddball who could particularly be responsible for great damage if allow

  • This guy and his entire unit are awesome

  • Not many people knew about him or the Suicide Squad but they were both great concepts

  • Weird and wacky yet great potential form something amazing

  • An interesting concept maybe they bring her back

  • This guy is well quite odd he could cause some damage but it require good writer

  • I like to know about his race and what religion did he worship

  • I wonder what became of her maybe she survive the Crisis by bonding with the Angel of Fire and going to Heaven I doubted Heave was erase from existence

  • He could act the Superman of Italy if there was Supermen Incorporated

  • Maybe this guys will return one day to New Earth

  • Maybe one day this guy can return properly

  • I wonder if we could say that this thing was actually an old version of the Spectre

  • This things got to be some of the most odd things back then feels like should fight Doom Patrol or something

  • I wonder what this guy is up to and what his race

  • Actually his first appearance was my first DC comic book I pick up

  • Is this guy still out there should the Spectre punish him or should he become member of Batman INC?

  • We should use this guy more often or drain his blood or something

  • Two secret identities wow his going to play it hard yet I wonder what would John Hudson or Superman III encounter?

  • So far one of the most interesting takes on teleporters and girth sort of guys

  • I sort of want something like this back

  • His name sounds like Superman human alter ago maybe he is Superman human descendent?

  • This guy had amazing powers sadly like other Crisis character he was just erase

  • I like more with this guy

  • Interesting take on Green Lantern and the possibilities of what they could become

  • I like to see what happen to his people

  • Excellent idea and one of the most interesting indeed

  • Another interesting Green Lantern maybe he could become Rage for all the times he has die

  • Maybe one day someone can give it a suit so can interact with others

  • Hope she still exist in continuity because I like to see her world's Justice League

  • Another freakish alien who was part of the Green Lanterns just how many is there?

  • Oh just so simple yet so very interesting

  • Maybe his ancestor lives or patrolling the galaxy he met with the Kryptonian who knows there so much here

  • They really could do more this this little guy

  • I wonder what this little guy is up to know

  • Interesting character I wonder if someone could re-power him maybe with aliens using him conduit for faith

  • I like to see this guy take on a new host

  • I like to see how this guys got to be this way and who did this to them

  • I'm really wishing this guy can show up more often as one of the few vampires in DC universe

  • Either the most bizarre idea for ghost or the best ever done

  • I wonder if we ever see this Just Imagine guys somewhere else again

  • Like female Lex Luthor added some of Superman and OMAC quite interesting mix

  • Greatest foe of the Metal Men you think he come back to fight others too

  • Just about each member of the Ravers was an oddball because none them ever were seen again

  • A very obscure guy who I would love to see back maybe fighting Doctor Fate

  • This guy is quite interesting with the reality power and being junky could do great for character

  • I'm quite interested in this character while other heroes have hopes this one actually truly believes in doing something about it sort like Salvation Army avatar if you ask me

  • While only an enemy of Wonder Woman I would go as far to say he could particularity be an enemy of anyone

  • While not old character this oddball could use the speedforce through wicked looking suit that if you ask me should come in the hands of someone else, perhaps Rogues or even a superhero

  • This guy got more destructive power in one hand than most character ever had, he destroy his planet with one hand!

  • He can negate just about anything with his mind which make incredible dangerous

  • You probably have never heard of this incredible powerful robot who also happens to looks very much like human and has powers like Firestorm

  • While Grant Morrison wrote himself into a story I wish someone say the writer was more than that, that he was the manifestation of writing and history

  • Aside from incredible time manipulation power and quite unique look this small villain in the Authority now property of DC could easily had made his way into our universe during Final Crisis and we didn't notice after lot of things when on that time

  • I like to see several character that been erase from reality by the crisis remake by Billy along with him coming back using his incredible power

  • Another of those incredible powerful characters who only show up for few minutes

  • Just about every character from the original Metal Men series is oddball not for fighting the incredible awesome Metal Men (which is what they are) but for only showing up once having very little backstory

  • Another of those forgotten guffballs who probably has enough power to destroy several heroes but never before shown his true potential

  • While quite powerful and interesting in someways

  • We get many unknown faces from the Swamp Thing but been the first to destroy this original body marks him as possible candidates for return

  • This entire team are oddballs while they are Wildstorm they are now own by DC

  • Magnus and his Metal Men have always been oddballs but who can remember David Magnus, Will Magnus brother? No one I say


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Posted By thechessclub

I saw your list a week or so ago and the Moon Maiden character caught my eye so I read her page and procured the JLA 80 pager that she debuted in and was very pleased by the story there in. So I guess I have to say 'Thank You'=]

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@thechessclub: well thank you, I'm glad someone got something from this list
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Good list, but what exactly was "28" supposed to be?