Recently reading all those old UK Marvel comics that I so long neglected and forgotten

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Agents of S.T.O.R.M. Watch

As fan of the both Wildstorm and DC universe. With the pleasant addition of the Wildstorm universe to the larger DC universe. I believe that here in unlimited potential for great set of characters trust me some of this guys don't want to play in teams but I'm sure they will if the multiverse was in danger.

List items

  • Here is wisdom of ages along with the skill to still undetected and work through the shadows. With his leadership I'm sure the team could conquer anything

  • Working under the Undead Division and task with monitoring the after-life

  • Acting as second in Command of the Undead Division who can interact between the world of the living and the dead

  • Acts as one of the main Transporter Unit for the team and been the largest and most well protected one

  • Acts as second Transport Unit with smaller scale and easier to hide but lack defenses must have Defense Unit with him and Offense too

  • Act as Communicator for the large group, individually they are not strong but together they have quite impressive powers

  • Working as part of the Warper Unit. Charlie incredible power would allow to take down incredible powerful enemies

  • Second in Command of the Warper Unit allowing for control of incredible difficult enemies

  • Is part of the espionage group that compose the Detect and Conquer branch. John acts as guiding figure for the other members of the branch.

  • Main 'listener' of the Detect and Conquer branch of Agents of S.T.O.R.M. Watch. He acts as a team with other members of the magic division as he able to utilize their magic

  • Attached to the Detect and Conquer branch as genius behind the multiverse scanning machine, he knows exactly what each universes holds.

  • The newest recruit of the Detect and Conquer branch responsibility falls high on him to maintain the teams 'cover' by manipulating the media to believe other heroes have done the acts

  • Field operator of the Detect and Conquer branch with fast acting power over media

  • Chimera acts as the tree-piece unit belonging to sub-branch of Detect and Conquer, the Magic Division and Transport Unit. Chimera's power allow him to bring forth thing from the dream world if this are real thing they can even be teleported to the world, he also has access to some of the Doctor powers

  • Head of the Invent and Terminate unit which seeks to end threats as fast possible without need of magic or super-powers only using science

  • Second in Command of the Invent and Terminate unit, she has higher capacity than any other members but her intelligence still remains human level slowing down the creation of weapons and gadgets

  • Field agent of Invent and Terminate she primary focus is on attacks on enemies head on and acting as decoy for her team to learn the enemy weakness

  • Leader of the Voice and Control unit which is known to be one the most powerful branches of S.T.O.R.M. Watch as they can easily control anyone who listen to their words

  • Second in Command of the Voice and Control unit, she particular as she shears her position with Tao acting as field leader when he is not available

  • Field agent of the Voice and Control, he shares his position with Vox Populi and acts a replacement member for the Magic Division do to his powers that allow him to control magic

  • Acts as leader of the Magic Division protecting, located magic threats and even doubling as teacher for other magicians, he also acts as field agent when the cause is too great

  • Cytologist of the Magic Division and Mentor in the way of the Old Magic and how the world existed before it great change or leap in magic

  • Works as Mentor for the Old Ways a practice of calmer magic he works along side Manitou Raven and Dawn

  • Field agent of the Magic Division he occasionally switches with the more expert Doctor and Surgeon for larger threats

  • Field agent of the Magic Division he hopes to one day obtain the position of the Doctor meanwhile he train with every possible adversary he encounters

  • Not an official member but Fate works with the Doctor in order to keep magic under control, he has been offer position as Director of Magic Division

  • Newest member of the Magic Division which capability for becoming either the replace of the Doctor or Fate, he has little interest in either one and prefer to serve his team as direct assault

  • Weapon Expert and helps with combat techniques. He occasionally join as field agent

  • Weapon Expert and full time field agents he is requested to participate in all battles as his power could always come to great use

  • Acts as the head of the Deadly Activities a group which only purpose is to kill the target regardless of powers or abilities, she is also the main field agent

  • Member of the Deadly Activities and use for wide scale destruction

  • Newest member of the Deadly Activities and one the more versatile ones, she is currently been tutor by Rose Tattoo