Confrontational Society

*Continued from Gods and Monsters

Safi, Morocco

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Having finally made it to summer break, Lebreau took the time to finally test out her brand new "Catalina Black" C class Mercedes Benz, a gift from her aunt, The Spanish Prime Minister Ziccarra Liafador. Much had changed since her trip to Madrid, she got a chance to meet her father’s side of the Family—the Liafadors, an iconic brand forged primarily on the Iberian Peninsula, she got to experience what it was like being a celebrity for a few days, but most of all she got a chance to meet her long lost sister Zeon, and learn about the existence of another sister.

In truth they were only half-sisters, but Chance’s direct family didn’t place such labels. Pushing 80 down the freeway, the young Journalism major road a euphoric high, feeling like for the first time in her young life everything was the way she wanted.

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As she veered off the exit ramp toward her home atop a hill, her caramel eyes dart from the tinted windows of her vehicle to the thick black bolts of lightning bellowing erratically in the atmosphere. Gradually drifting to the shoulder of the road, the young Liafador exit her vehicle in curiosity, what came next was something out of a sci-fi movie.

A massive machine parted the heavens, followed by several smaller vessels; she could feel the tremors in the ground as its massive tendrils penetrate the Earth. “Christ…” she murmured, before her ears perked at the sound of insects buzzing.

Guided by her instincts the young Lebreau hopped back in her car, and pushed it towards her home. One by one cars begin to collide with one another; her windshield became tainted with the synthetic fluids of the insects she hit at high velocity. Was this some sort of Alien Invasion?

Hitting the edge of the curb, her luxury car spun out of control into the panic filled streets; she found relief that she managed not to hit anyone, but now there was a severe feeling of worry. Was her family ok?

Hitting the gas again, she pushed up the hill towards her community, speeding recklessly through the community; she almost didn’t notice how tranquil this place was compared to the rest of the city—that is until she got out of the car.

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They were dead, all the people of her quaint little cul-de-sac, gone, impaled through spikes like savages. Or at least she thought them to be dead, until their eyes began to animate with a devilish cerulean hue; their skin begin to illuminate with otherworldly lights, they weren’t dead they became something else entirely…machines.

“OMGOMGOMGOMG” She screamed repeatedly, before opening the car door and dashing into her home. She screamed for her mother, no answer. She screamed for her grandmother, no answer. She saw similar results when calling for her great grandmother too (Which is Ziccarra’s grandmother on her mother’s side).

“There is no one here child.” A voice called out, it wasn’t in the home; rather embedded deep within her mind.

“H-How are you doing that!” She screamed, holding her head in pain. “One who knows nothing, can understand nothing.” The voice said again, using its powerful telepathic allure to induce a migraine on the young Liafador.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!” She scream, her face now an ornate purple laced with pulsating veins penetrating her skin.

“I want revenge” A woman said, finally stepping into view, only she was part machine. She had thick globs of skin falling from her frame—almost completely cybernetic. Behind her stood husk, all dressed in clothes that her family once wore.

“You wanted to be a REAL Liafador Chance…now you are.” Zedora, the 3rd Society Matriarch, the leader of the machine empire; opened her hands and sent the potent nano-swarm spiraling towards the young girl.

Chance’s body fell atop the slaughtered remains of her sister’s protective Cardinals, flailing in apparent pain. The tether to this world was lost, her mind was no longer hers, she entered the black void that many of her family members fell too.

Rising to her feet, her lips curled at the end. “Not really the physical condition I wanted it in, but it’ll do” Zedora murmured having successfully completed a transfer.

“Of what relation are you to this girl?” She asked, startling a man that entered in the middle of the process.

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"I'm her father...and I can train you"