Ten things I hate about summer :
1 . It's hot as hell
2.It is impossible to leave home with more than a bikini
3.I will leave because of the heat
4 . Sweat is disgusting !
5 . I can not really sleep blanket TT .
6 . Because of the holidays I get bored most of the time
7 . It is not nice to eat chocolate in the summer
8 . Everyone spends the day at the beach and I hate beach
9 . Many people also are on holiday which means crowded mall
10 . It is really hot !       
Ten things I love about summer :
1 . Cicadas do not stop singing and it's so beautiful
2 . The flowers are open
3 . It lychee
4 . Ice cream every day
5 . Able to take cold shower
6 . Holiday ! Travel ! No school !
7 . Everyone in the street were dressed in happy colors (not as Restart ¬ ¬ ) and seem happier
8 . It means my birthday is near
9 . Can I spend all day watching TV on the air conditioner without worrying about studies
10 . Lychee !    

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