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Snow Day 0

Okay, I must admit...there's been a lot of times when I've disliked Spidey.  I've called him emo, cry-baby, girly...but I guess, like everyone else who hates Spider-Man, I've forgotten what he's supposed to be all about.  When Stan Lee and the other guy created Spidey, they intended him to be different from all the other heroes at the time.  How was he different? He was a teenager, just growing up, dealing with the same angst and inner anger all of today's teens have to deal with. Now, reading t...

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Meh... 0

Okay I DO like Cable and I DO think this series will be very important to the history of all mutants. However, I have one problem against this series so far and it's simply that time-traveling is such a major part of he story. Seriously can't they ease up on it a little?Well going I'm not his series I knew there was SOME time- traveling but not this much. If you like this kinda thing and you're a fan of series like Booster Gold and whatnot, then pick it up but if you want a real good story an...

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Secret Invasion is here! 2

Last month, New Avengers had the Secret Invasion cover tag on it. Excited and giddy as hell (yeah guys can get giddy too), I picked up it up and read it. Well, it was great story and all, but come on! It didn't deserve the tag on it! Well this week as I was picking up my comics I again saw the New Avengers complete with it's little Secret Invasion tag. I thought to myself, "Eh It's probably not gonna have anything to do with the damn Skrulls, but what the hell, it's got Wolverine." So I picked i...

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X-Men: Legacy 0

This issue is just what a lot of X-men books are lacking: it is very cerebral and has a very clear and evident story too it. While reading this story, I thought, "hey Magneto isn't really that bad of a guy." If you don't know what I'm talking about just know that Xaier is brain dead and Magneto is depowered because of M-Day. Throughout the whole issue, Magneto makes light of this situation, poking fun at the fact that he and Professor X have pretty much been the authority of the mutant world ...

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