159 Southside Lane (A Personal Prelude to Return of the Renegades)

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Los Angeles, California

I can still remember the moment I first returned to my home after Dos Caras and his Tierra Mia men murdered my family.

I'm not too sure what it was I was hoping to find walking through that doorway again. Perhaps I hoped to see my mom at the stove, humming a happy song to herself as she cooked one of her delicious meals, or my brother and father debating who the greatest boxer of all time was (Lucas would undoubtedly argue Muhammad Ali, dad would stubbornly maintain that Sugar Ray Robinson was the best there ever was). Maybe I hoped to see my little sister, stretched out on the linoleum floor, playing with her Barbie Dolls like a typical nine-year-old girl.

Instead, what I found was a charred husk of a house, empty, my family's bodies having been taken to the morgue hours before. I didn't even get to say goodbye.

Now, as I step through the doorway, my eyes fall to a spot on the living room floor with just a little less dust on its surface. That's where fifteen-year-old me had curled up that night as he cried for hours, overwhelmed by the ruination of everything that he had ever held near and dear.


Just as it had done back then, the gruff voice of Officer Nicholas O'Shea catches me off guard. Even with no powers, the middle-aged cop has an unmistakable knack for sneaking up on me.

"Officer O'Shea," I greet, turning to the orange-haired lawman. "Or, I should say, Commissioner O'Shea. Congrats on your promotion. It was a long time coming."

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"Thanks, Jacob, and thanks for coming back to L.A. for me. I know you're risking a lot sneaking back into the country like this."

"You've risked a lot for me over the years, I'm only returning the favor."

A momentary hush rises between us as we simultaneously run through our many shared memories. Like the time we foiled the Fear Monger's plot to poison the entire city with his fear toxins, or the time we stormed a Tierra Mia compound to rescue Senator Kelley's wife.

Finally, the decorated veteran officer breaks the silence, an unmistakable anxiety apparent in his beleaguered voice.

"I called you here because I don't know who else to turn to, kid. My daughter, Haven," he says, handing me a thick folder, "she was in Gothic City when the U.S. took it back. I know there was lots of chaos there, lots of baddies coming out of the woodwork."

"I've been calling her, and calling her, and calling her, and there's been no answer. I've talked to a few of her friends, some of her coworkers, and they said they never even saw her board any of the evac buses. That girl, she's as stubborn as a mule, just like her mother was. I'm willing to bet she stuck around even when the cops told her she needed to get out."

"I'm worried to death about her, Jacob. I..I need you to try and find her for me. I'd go myself but I doubt I could even get through the heightened security. I just--"

"Nicholas," I interject, my right hand now on his shoulder. "I'll go, I'll find her. Sneaking around's never been much of a problem for me."

Taking a step back, I open the folder and flip through the pages.

Haven O'Shea
  • 22, college student.
  • Dark brown hair like her mother, green eyes like her father.
  • Heavily involved in several social movements across the country.
  • Last seen volunteering at a home for disenfranchised Gothic City youths on the West Side.
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"You raised a saint, Nick."

"A real giver, that one. I mostly credit her mother for that, though," he happily informs, an ear-to-ear grin bringing life to his weathered face before quickly fading away. "Thank you, Jacob. This means so much to--."

<"BZZTT. Sir,"> the communicator at the commissioner's side comes alive with a staticky sizzle. <"Your meeting with the mayor is in ten minutes.">

"Duty Calls?"

"Duty Calls," he confirms. Stepping forward, the grateful police chief wraps me up in a tight bearhug, yet another callback to the day I first met him. After a few seconds, he releases me and begins walking towards the door before turning back one last time.

"You know. It's been almost ten years since your family's murder. You've kept this place this way like it's some sort of shrine to your failures, to your guilt. But I'm willing to bet that you had a lot of good times here too, made a lot of great memories."

"You can't keep beating yourself up for the mistakes you made when you were just a kid, Grayson. Fix this place up a bit. Help it heal. Your parents would've wanted it that way, I'm sure."

"Yeah, you're right," I whisper, accepting his words as the truth they are. "You got a good contractor you could recommend me?" I add jokingly, trying to lighten the mood one more time before the commissioner makes his final exit.

"I'll send some names your way," he smiles, his expression much different than the one he walked in with, as if a huge weight's been lifted from his shoulders. "Thanks for your help, kid. Keep me posted."

I remain in my empty childhood home for a few more minutes before I make my own retreat through the open door. Bringing my WAL Ring up my lips I hold on tight to the folder in my other hand, knowing that the information contained within may be the key to locating Haven O'Shea. My newest mission paramount in my mind, I utter two words into the ring, triggering a near-instantaneous teleportation.



Freedom, Part 2

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A familiar BREAKING NEWS graphic plays on television screens across the nation. As millions rush to huddle up by their TV's, a familiar face greets them. Gone is the cocky demeanor he sported four days ago, replaced by the no-nonsense expression of someone on a mission of grave importance. He stares into the camera for a few seconds, before speaking.

“Hello. By now, I’m sure most of you know my name. On July 4th, I shocked the world by erasing the vast majority of 1.3 trillion dollars of student loan debt owed in the United States. The immediate reaction was swift. Those that directly, benefited in the short term couldn't be happier. However, those that ignored the immediate swell of joy and looked beyond the short-term effects were terrified. Rightfully so. In a perfect world, no one has to pay for all that lost money, but this is far from a perfect world, isn’t it?”

“My personal disagreements with your leaders shouldn’t affect you in a negative way, my fellow Americans. Sincerest apologies if up to this point, they have. Tonight, I will make it right, and I will begin by letting you in on a big secret, one that has managed to stay hidden for millions of years.”

“It is my honor and my pleasure to introduce the world to Meison Calidus, sovereign King of the Nations of the Atlantean Empire. For millennia, the Atlanteans have watched us from the depths, collecting large sums of currency with the hopes of one day being able join us, as equals, on the world stage. King Calidus has pledged to pay for the full 1.3 trillion dollars owed to the lending companies of America. By the time this video reaches the news stations, that money will have already been wired to those companies. No economic collapse, no closing of schools. Just a clean slate and a gut check to those who seek to profit from the misfortune of others.”

“Now, on behalf of Atlantis, King Calidus has a message for you all.”

The video pans to the side as a new face appears on screen. King Calidus' ethnically indiscernible features can be only generally associated as something of a mixture between a modern North African and an East Asian. He looks to the American patriot, confused at this awkward style of introduction, but accepting of the surface world's ways in hopes of the kindness being returned to his own people. His pale green eyes stare through the lense of the small camera,as he prepares to deliver an address that could change the course of his people forever.

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"My fellow men and women of Earth. I am Meison Calidus, King of Atlantis and her neighboring nations. Until now you did not know we existed. This was done consciously and with good reason. My people are a stoic one. We watched generation after generation as you blossomed from mere cave dwelling beings, into thinking..." He presses two fingers to his prominent left temple "...feeling..." His fingers move over his bare shining chest. "...beings, of great ingenuity, innovation, compassion, and understanding. Your very existence is a humbling reminder that change is inevitable, and often for the better. With that in mind I deem it time on my peoples behalf to join our two great worlds, to become one. A unified Earth. Sea, and Land. As a gesture of good faith and good will, I have emptied our storas of gold and willingly acted to donate them to the causes of the United States of the Northern American nation. May this investment of Atlantis in the education of your people, equate to the better understanding of ours. Please, do not deem us as sea people, we will not view you as surfacers, not any longer. From this day forward, we are humans first....one and all."

His gaze continues to pierce the camera for a long moment after he stops speaking, looking back at his new associate, and surface delegate, Jacob Grayson.

“Thank you, King Calidus."

"Our partnership is proof that two distinct races, having diverged in genealogy millions of years ago, can happily coexist. Let this be a lesson to the leaders of Mutantkind who seem to believe that their glory only comes at the expense of humanity, and to the humans who have let fear and prejudice cloud their perception of the changing world around them. We can work together for a better tomorrow, together."

"In addition to our friends in Atlantis. I’d like to thank Jurassic World CEO Gale Xanders. Immediately after my initial message, she contacted me and told me that she wanted to help. Ms. Xanders has pledged one billion dollars of her own money with no strings attached, 500 million from her own accounts, 500 million from Jurassic World."

"With debts paid, I wondered how to best put that money to use. And so, I’ve taken the liberty of establishing the Hero Fund, a nonprofit organization aimed at paying for the educations of tens of thousands of exceptional students. In time, this may prove to be the first step in providing free college tuition to all residents of the United States."

"In closing, I want to once again thank our generous benefactors and welcome Atlantis once more to the surface world. May your relationship with us be fruitful and peaceful, always."

"Thank you, America. Have a good night."

The recording ends abruptly, no patriotic or iconic imagery flashing on the screen. Just black, and soon the broadcast transitions to the anchors sitting at their desks, stupefied looks on their made-for-TV faces.

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With a heavy sigh, the Guardian looks back to the many monitors lining the We Are Legend situation room. Social media feeds are again coming alive in praise of his actions. A few days ago, he’d sit here, stroking his ego, watching himself become a figurehead for change. But today, he steps back from the desk he's sitting at and shuts down the monitors. Somewhere in the world at this very moment, someone is is in need of help and it’s his job to be there. Gathering his gear and walking out of the dark room, Jacob remembers one last person to thank, one content with working from the shadows but responsible for today’s victory all the same. Bringing his WAL communicator to his lips, Grayson speaks sincerely.

“Send text to Mad-Eye Moody

<Sending text.>

“Thanks for everything, boss.”

<Text sent.>


Freedom, Part 1

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A disc marked "Freedom" lands on the doorstep of CNN's corporate office. In a matter of minutes, the network big wigs have convened to discuss the contents of the controversial footage found on the disc. Some of the older members of the staff are staunchly opposed to even entertaining the idea of playing this to the American public. They fear of backlash from their billionaire backers and sponsors, always they live in fear of their owners.

But the more idealistic in the room don't plan to give this up without a fight. "It doesn't matter if you agree with what he did," they say. "This is a monumental moment in American history. It's our duty to play this; to show the people exactly how this happened."

Little do the people in this room know that similar meetings are occurring at every major news station in America. In most, the decision to go ahead and roll the footage has won the day.

"Breaking News" banners interrupt the broadcasts on the TVs of millions of households, countless Americans drawn to the announcement by the colorful and familiar flashes of bright colors on their screens.

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The footage begins abruptly, showing a room filled wall-to-wall with heavy duty computer servers. Unconscious security guards line the floors of both sides of the humongous room, some victims of the Guardian Mind Trick, others put to sleep through more conventional means. In the foreground a man dressed in red, white, and blue stands with his back to the camera. He turns slowly to reveal his face, a showman through and through. Even with his helmet on, many superhero enthusiasts, especially those in his hometown of Los Angeles, will instantly recognize him.

"Hello, America. This is Jacob Grayson, your friendly neighborhood Last Guardian coming at you from Newark, Delaware. These are the headquarters of the Sallie- Mae Consumer Banking Company."

"Why am I here? Well, like in many other areas, the United States of America leads the world in student debt. Last I checked, the number was something like 1.3 Trillion Dollars that U.S. students owe, imposed to them by a system rigged to keep the majority down, and exalt the elite minority. That's a lot of money. When such a large percentage of the population has such a heavy cloud of debt hanging over their head, suffocating them, not letting them live the life that they've earned through time, patience, and hard work...Is that truly freedom? I don't think so."

"So, with the help of some very gifted friends, I decided to do something about that." The Star-Spangled Hero steps aside to show one of the access points to the server system. Attached to it is a series of small memory sticks, tethered together by a translucent cable.

"Corporations controlling government citizens through debt and poverty is an injustice that I will not stand for. This is part of the solution. Contained in this device is a virus that will instantly seek out and destroy every record of every piece of student loan debt held by this company. Every server, hard or remotely linked, will be wiped clean, along with their backups, and the backups to their backups. The result? A ZERO debt balance for millions of Americans, a fresh start for so many that need it. This is only one of hundreds of stops that I've made tonight. I had some doubt that we could do it, but we've calculated that about 97% of that 1.3 trillion is now gone."

"I know the talking heads in big media will get on their pedestals and immediately condemn my actions. That is, of course, after benefiting from the huge ratings this footage will net them (you're welcome, by the way). 'Terrorist attack,' 'declaration of war,' a 'modern age Boston Tea Party,' let them call this whatever they want, I DON'T CARE. I don't fight for them, I fight for you, my fellow compatriot."

"Thank you for your time, America. Happy Independence Day. Enjoy your Freedom."

The footage stops as abruptly as it started before fading into a still picture of the Guardian posing with an American flag. The words, "Happy Fourth of July" flash on-screen before the footage cuts off, the news feed ending with the patriotic image that will soon become iconic.

Happy 4th of July from the Last Guardian.
Happy 4th of July from the Last Guardian.


The Eye of Duhamat (Force Wars Concept)

This is a concept for the Force Wars series of stories. I will be tightening up the science behind it as much as possible in the days to come.

The Eye of Duhamat

When the skies become the color of blood, you will know that the Eye of Duhamat is upon you. That day, abandon all hope, for there is not escaping its gaze
When the skies become the color of blood, you will know that the Eye of Duhamat is upon you. That day, abandon all hope, for there is not escaping its gaze

Tens of thousands of years ago, when the Drakonid Empire was in its initial rise, the Drakonids built a massive superweapon that would harness the power of their Tahenium crystals and direct it in an unstoppable plasma beam to destroy a planets atmosphere. This weapon was called the Eye of Duhamat in homage to the Drakonids' ancient ruler and first Aggressor. A perfect amalgam of Darkforce sorcery/technological innovation, the EoD was a huge asset for the warring species who believed that those planets that would not submit deserved to be destroyed.

At some point, the Drakonids engaged a planet called Ariosto. It was a secluded planet, its technology still somewhat primitive, their ships able to break orbit and travel to nearby planets but nowhere near as advanced as the Drakonids. What the Ariostans lacked in technology, they more than made up for in fighting spirit.

It is said that an Ariostan is born with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Centuries of warring among themselves had made the people strong and tough. When the Drakonids arrived, the Ariostans put their differences aside and united against the common enemy. The Grand Ariostan Army was powerful, and their most decorated group was called the Wolf Squadron, named after the giant canine creatures who roamed the northern continent in massive packs.

The Crimson Dawn
The Crimson Dawn

When the ground war became to bothersome for the Drakonids to maintain, they decided to concede the planet, and instead destroy it with the EoD.

As the EoD began its charging phase, the skies of Ariosto became blood red. The Crimson Dawn had arrived, something that had been foretold by the Oracles of Ariosto hundreds of years before. When all hope seemed lost, the Wolf Squadron enacted a daring mission to once and for all incapacitate the EoD before it could destroy the planet.

Arriving just as the EoD finished charging up and just after its beam was activated, the Wolf Squadron were able to somehow dismantle the weapon's core from within, causing a portion of the gigantic sphere to explode, rendering the weapon useless.

The EoD still, however, left its mark on Ariosto, as its brief contact with the planet caused the Eastern continent to break apart into thousands of smaller islands in a cataclysmic event that killed millions. Even so, Ariosto had endured its darkest day. The Drakonids, reeling from their very first defeat but somewhat content with the destruction they had created, left the system forever.

Current Times

Sigil of the Legendary Wold Squadron, and later, the Force Wolves.
Sigil of the Legendary Wold Squadron, and later, the Force Wolves.

The story of Arisoto and the Wolf Squadron became a legend and eventually a myth both on Ariosto and in the galactic community.

Thousands of years later, the sigil of Wolf Squadron would endure as an all-encompassing symbol of Rebellion against the Drakonids and Aggressors. When the Revenant broke off from the Guardian Order, it was this same symbol he adopted for his new order, the Force Wolves.

The broken EoD, now locked in orbit with Ariosto, is considered just another moon, and has been named "Iris" by Ariostan scientist's that are confounded by its sometimes unnatural behavior.

During his visit to the First Aggressor Temple on Drak, Dark Lord Ransolm Lothal learned the truth of the Drakonid's very first defeat and their massive, once invincible superweapon. Armed with this knowledge, he set in motion an insidious plan. He would learn from the Drakonid's failures and instead of trying to take Arisoto over outright, he'd infiltrate it, using the young Force-sensitive Alistar.

Once the planet was under his thumb, he'd begin repairing and rebuilding the massive EoD in order to harness its dark power once more.

The Brotherhood of the Wolf knows the truth about the second "moon," having kept the records of the Crimson Dawn in their sacred texts. With the Drakonids appearing on their planet once more, they're on a mission to sabotage the EoD's reactivation in whatever way they can.

How it Works

The set of twenty red tahenium crystals that power the EoD do not only expel a great amount of plasma energy, they also carry inside them Darkforce energy that is harnessed via Aggressor sorcery. In the past, it has taken the weapon about a full day to fully charge and prepare its physical attack.

While it charges, the EoD bombards the planet with Darkforce energy, causing the residents of the planet bouts of fear, anger, aggression, and outright delirium. For example, during the Crimson Dawn, there was rampant looting, rioting and outbreaks of in-fighting all over Ariosto. Why the members of the Wolf Squadron were immune to this is unknown but some believe that they were Force-sensitives and thus able to resist the effects as they planned their final attacks.

After the charging phase, the EoD expels one large miles-long beam of concentrated energy that pummels the planet's atmosphere and causes chaos on the land below. As an example of its extreme power, To illustrate its, during the War of the Crimson Dawn, the beam made contact with the planet for only twenty minutes but in that time, it was able to totally destroy one large continent. It could have possibly dismantled the planet within the first hour.


The Last Guardian - Powers and Abilities (FULL)




The Force

The Force is an energy field that connects all living things in the universe. It is thought to be one of the primordial underlying energies in the universe and has been described as "the spirit of the universe.”The power of the Force can be used by individuals who are sensitive to it.

The Force is said to be split into two halves, the Lightforce, used by the Guardians, and the Darkforce, used by the Aggressors. All of the Guardian Jacob Grayson’s powers are derived from The Force.

⇜Force Powers⇝

The powers gained from the Force can be comprehensibly be divided into Four Areas; Telekineses, Telepathy, Body Control, and Energy Manipulation


"The power of energy over matter…and mind over both." ― Sol Verandin, the First Guardian

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Telekinesis (TK) is a Force sensitive's most oft-used and versatile power. TK allows Force-sensitives to manipulate physical objects, air currents, air pressure and air pockets using the Force. Traditionally, TK was an ubiquitous ability for both Guardians and Aggressors, though mastering the power isn’t easy since the true limits of what one could do with TK are not known. TK has a tremendous number of applications, both combative and utilitarian.



The most basic application of TK is to influence and manipulate objects by lifting them, pulling them, and pushing them. According to ancient Guardian teachings, physical size and weight should not matter when using Force-based telekinesis but this is an ideal that some experts believed maybe meant more figuratively than literally.

Telekinetic Blasts

force-sensities can release blasts of telekinetic energy of varying intensities, speeds, shapes, and sizes in any direction. These blasts come with the potential for extreme might. Telekinetic blast force has has been seen to disintegrate smaller objects and shatter larger, stronger objects.

Telekinetic Armor/Tactile Telekinesis

One of the many ways that a Force-sensitive may use TK is to create a layer of invisible armor around themselves that protects them to some degree from most forms of physical attacks.

This armor can also help to bolster the a Force-sensities striking power by enveloping the user's fists and feet inside a layer of hardened TK energy in order to hit an object with much more force than normal.

Force Barrier

“Trust in the Force, for it will be your shield.” ― Milos Vestige, Guardian

Another potential defensive application of TK is to create a protecting barrier of Force/TK energy around an object or individual(s). These barriers are typically similar to telekinetic armor but where the TK armor excels at absorbing physical hits, a Force Barrier can do the same with energy-based attacks

Force Wave

The Force Wave is a combination between a temporary Force Barrier and a TK blast. A wave of telekinetic energy is sent outward from a Force user's body, able to both push back and defend against energy-based and physical attacks. A common move among Force sensitives is to create a Force Barrier to defend oneself against an attack and then transition it into a Force Wave, which will powerfully push back the source of the attack, giving one the necessary time to neutralize said source.

Force Repulse

A Force Repulse is a much more powerful variant of a Force Wave. Where a Force wave may push an object that is coming toward a Force user, a Force Repulse has enough telekinetic energy to not only push the object away, but disintegrate or neutralize it entirely. A Force Repulse can also be described as a gigantic telekinetic explosion propelled outward from the a Force user's body.

Lock On

A very powerful, if a bit less flashy application to telekinesis is the Lock On ability. A rarely used but extremely useful power, Lock On captures an opponent in an unshakable grip of Force energy that acts as something of a boundary. While Locked On, an individual may move with conventional means but any attempt at escaping via teleportation or any sort of portal will be denied.

Force Wind

“The elements bend to the will of the Force just as any small object does. Nature is your ally.” ― Sol Verandin, The First Guardian

Force Wind is an attack in which the a Force-sensitive manipulates and channels air currents to form a destructive tornado that is able to lift and fling targets. A Force Wind is especially effective against airborne targets and can help to disorient incoming enemies.

Force Wind originated as a Dark Side/Aggressor-only technique which focused a lot more on thrashing and literally tearing opponents apart with heavy, violent winds. The Guardians, specifically Guardian Trenance Sado, developed a variant that was more focused on defending against and disorienting attacking enemies.


“We have come to be known by our physical feats and exhibitions of power. But our true might, young one, lies within.” ― Dagas, Guardian

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The Force allows the a Force user to maximize his/her mental power to the point that he/she can use his/her mind as a powerful offensive and defensive tool, as well to communicate.



Using telepathy, a Force-user can communicate through vast distances, using only his/her mind. Depending how adept at telepathy the Force-user is, he/she can make words and ideal as clear or vague as possible.

Telepathic Defenses

The Force renders the Force users impervious to any kind of mental intrusion or telepathic attack. In addition, a Force user may be able to feel when a telepath is trying to read his/her mind and could present false thoughts or false intentions to them, in an attempt to trick them.

This ability extends to any illusions that enemies may try to present to the a Force-sensitive as a Force-sensitive can see through the vast majority of these illusions and even break them for the benefit of his others. Illusions created via Force manipulation, however, may still affect Force users. Depending on the degree of telepathic power, a Force user can even stave off attempts at mind control or magical enchantment.

Short-Term Precognition

Perhaps a Force-sensitive's most oft-used telepathic ability is their precognition. Precognition is, in essence, the ability to see , or sense, events before they actually happen. In battle, this precognition can be used to anticipate an opponent’s moves and plans, allowing the a Force user to always be one step ahead.

Long-Term Precognition (Force Visions)

"There was a time when all Guardians could see the future, now only a few alone have the skill. These visions, they are a gift....and a curse." ― Dagas, Guardian

Long-term precognition is an ability much, much harder to master than its shorter term variant. Episodes of long-term precognition are called Force Visions and a Force-sensitive may experience these seemingly at random or when under extreme duress. Ancient Guardian literature speaks of ways to experience Force Visions via intense meditation in the Force, though even this is incrredibly difficult to achieve,


“I sense your deception. Do you not understand that I can read you as plainly as one reads a scroll?” ― Lorimat, Aggressor

Empathy is the ability to fully understand and interpret the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others. A Force sensitive can use empathy to surmise an individual’s true intentions and detect any lies or attempts at deception.


One of the most mysterious abilities that the Force provides its users is the ability to intuitively understand all spoken languages and dialects. Beyond this, the many Force users are also able to communicate in those languages themselves, regardless of if he/she has any knowledge of these languages at all.

Guardian literature theorizes that this may be done with a complex combination of mental suggestion and empathy through the Force. In short, the Force acts like an automatic and super accurate translator to a Force user..

Telepathic Suggestion (Mind Trick)

Telepathic suggestion, sometimes called “The Guardian Mind Trick” is the supernatural ability to persuade or convince an individual or group of individuals to do something. This ability usually only work on those that may be weak-willed or, conversely, someone who may not be intelligent enough to discern that an implanted suggestion may not be his/her own. A Mind Trick works for only a limited time and its effect may be broken with distance.

Guardian Jacob Grayson has been known to use this ability as a form of short-term memory wipe by literally telling someone something akin to, “you will walk away and forget that this ever happened.”

Animal Alliance

Animal Alliance is a force ability that allows the Force users to mentally influence or “mind trick” non-sentient creatures. With this ability, the a Force user may be able to calm, enrange, or otherwise lead a creature or group of creatures to assist them.

This technique was deemed forbidden by the Order of Guardians for a short period of time because of an incident in which a group of apprentices were seduced to the Dark Side after they attempted to control an unusually strong-willed Malkavian Shadow Beast.

Mental Restoration

This ability originates from a technique that was forbidden by the Order of Guardians. Via Mental Restoration, a Guardian or Aggressor can “fix” an insane or disturbed person’s mind, restoring them to sanity. Because of the uniqueness of every individual’s mind, however, this technique is very difficult to perform and may even lead to further fracturing of the target’s mind (which is why it was forbidden).

This ability only works on those that were of sound mind at some point in the past and does not work on those that were born with severe mental disorders..

Force Sense

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force… as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced." ― Dark Lord Ransolm Lothal, after the Battle of Krillik.

Force sense is the a Force user's natural ability to be in-sync with the Force. If the Force is a vast ocean, Force Sense is the ability to feel the movement of each creature in the sea.

The Force binds all living things together, and Force Sense allows a Force user to literally see these bonds and how they interact. This can work in a similar way as sonar technology and enable him to feel changes in the environment, detect danger, and even sense the presence of hidden enemies.

A Force user can also feel “disturbances” in the Force. This could be considered a form of precognition but on a much wider, and vaguer scale. When feeling a disturbance, the a Force user may feel unusually uneasy and even physically sick.


"I sometimes can see the weak places in an opponent—shatterpoints where the unbreakable can be broken." ― Paibok Slim, Guardian and master of Jacob Grayson

Perhaps related to Force Sense, is the rare ability to see what ancient guardian teachings call “Shatterpoints.” Shatterpoints are a complex Force phenomenon, perceivable only by an immense focus and concentration. Shatterpoints are akin to fault lines or pressure points in an object or an individual.

Force users can target these shatterpoints in attacks for maximum efficiency. For example, when faced with an enemy that boasts extreme durability,a force user may be able to focus all of his/her attacks on the enemy’s shatterpoint(s), radically boosting the effectiveness..

Skilled Force users in the past, such as Paibok Slim and his master Liam Sur were able to down whole tanks with just one strike targeted at the machine's Shatterpoint.

Force Stealth

"You blend in with the universe. Think of it as Force camouflage. The trick is to become so comfortable with it that you can slip into this state of being… dissolved, yet still carry on functioning, fully aware." ― Synth Saturnlee, Last Grandmaster of the Guardian Order

Force stealth, is a power that the Force-sensitives may use to mask their presence from any type of detection, be it magical, technological, or even physical (sight, seeing, smelling) in nature. Using Force Stealth, a Force user can sneak up on unsuspecting targets, striking when the time is right.


“Purified by the Light, bolstered by The Force, your body is one with the universe. You will strike with all the strength of those that came before you, and you will not be harmed by the ravages of this world.” ― Virizien Teras, Guardian

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The Force allows Force users to control their own body down to the cellular level to prevent it to fall into the control of an enemy in any way. This means that a Force user is heavily resistant to techniques such as bloodbending, transmutation, forced mutation, cellular manipulation, or forced transformation of any single part of the body.

Depending on their adeptness, Force users may also exhibit extreme regenerative skills from external or internal physical harm as they are able to use the Force to heal.


Breathing, Eating, Sleeping

"The Force can sustain you... listen to it." ― Guardian Glinda Tollera

By using Breath Control, the a Force user can stretch out trace amounts of oxygen in his/her lungs to delay the effect of oxygen deprivation. In layman’s terms, with the use of the Force, the a Force user can hold his/her breath for a very long time. Breath Control does not mean that a Force user can live without oxygen.

The Force can also sustain the a Force user's body in a similar way to how food can. As a result, experienced Force user's may not feel the need to eat nearly as much as a regular human does.

The Force can also supplement one's sleep. Because of the Force’s heavy regenerative capabilities, sleep may be redundant. As a result, a Force user, at times, has been shown to go without sleeping for long periods of time, with the effects of sleep deprivation taking hold much more slowly than with normal people.

Pain Control

"'Tis but a scratch." ― Unknown

Pain Control is used to suppress the effects of pain-inflicting injuries and to continue to function as if there is no injury at all. Together with a Force user's considerable defensive capabilities, this means that a Force user may be able to take extreme amounts of punishment.

However, even though this ability allows the pain to be reduced, injuries may remain and will still need to somehow be treated, either through the use of Force healing or through medical methods.

Body Temperature Control

Force users can use the Force to regulate their body’s core temperature, staving off the effects of prolonged extreme heat or cold exposure.for an unusually long period of time,

Force Speed

"You can use the Force to speed up, both physically and mentally, allowing you more time to make decisions." ― The Revenant, Leader of the Force Wolves.

Force speed is consider a core Force power in both the Guardian and Aggressor Order. This allows a Force user to see the world in slow motion for short periods of time. In concert with precognition, this allows skilled Fore users to have insane reaction times.

Force Speed also speeds up a Force-sensities physical functions such as running. Force Speed may allow a Force user to run up vertical surfaces as well.

Force Jump

Force Jump is used by the Force user's to augment their natural leaping ability. Using Force Jump, a Force user can leap great distances both straight up and forward.


"We posses raw elemental power; we can unleash storms of lightning from our fingertips…" ― Duhamat, The First Aggressor and Grand General of the Drakonid Empire

No Caption Provided

A Force user is able to channel raw Force energy and turn it into an electricity that he/she can discharge from his/her body’s surface. This Force-generated electricity is called Force Lightning and although it has less applications than telekinesis or telepathy, it is nevertheless an invaluable energy-based attack which complements other powers quite well.

In the past, Force Lightning was the signature ability of the Aggressors and considered a forbidden technique by the Order of Guardians. However, when Synth Saturnlee ascended to the position of Grandmaster during the Guardian/Aggressor war, she removed it from the list of forbidden techniques, noting that the power of Force Lightning was much too great to be ignored and should be used for good, just as it was being used for evil.

Though mainly offensive in nature, there are a few unique applications to the Guardian’s Force Lightning.


Force Stun

Force Stun is a more subtle application of Force lightning with the aim to temporarily shock an individual by overloading his or her body with electricity. A Force Stun is painless and instead numbs an individual's body, rendering it paralyzed for a period of time.

While developing this technique, Guardian Jacob Grayson discovered that he could also use a very weak Force Stun to lessen pain for both himself and his allies.


"There is no need for that. A gentle tug of the Force can short-circuit their internal mechanisms." ― Arcamat, Aggressor

Ionization is basically a Force Stun for enemies that are mechanical or electronic in nature. An Ionization attack is a modified Force lightning that is targeted to electronics systems with the aim to short-circuit those systems. Ionization streams appear to be purple as opposed to the regular blue of Force Lightning.

Force Storm

The force storm is a more powerful variant of Force Lightning.To create a Force Storm, a (very) skilled Force user creates an explosion of electrical energy directed at all foes in the vicinity. Used In combination with Force Wind, a powerful Force user can create a destructive torrent of electric and telekinetic energy. This is among the most devastating attacks known to a Force user and one that is especially useful when dealing with several powerful enemies at once.

Force Flash

Similarly to Force Stun, Force flash aims to be a more pacifistic application of the Force Lightning. In order to produce a Force Flash, a Force user will begin a Force Lightning attack, but instead of discharging the electricity, he/she will instead let it gather at some point in his/her body. Once enough electrical energy is gathered, he/she will allow it to dissipate into the environment in an incredibly bright flash. This technique will temporarily blind anyone in the vicinity.

A Force Flash has the added benefit of short circuiting camera and recording equipment.

Energy Absorption and Redirection

One of the most useful defensive energy-based techniques in a Force user's repertoire is Energy Absorption and Redirection. A Force user can absorb the full force of energy-based attacks, receiving minimal harm, and then redirecting the energy from the attack as a very powerful variant of Force Lightning.


Last Guardian Timeline

I've been working out my canon almost exclusively in my head so I'd figure it'd be a good idea to organize what I've got so far in this neat and orderly timeline. This can also be seen as a quick synopsis of the Guardian's bio/canon history (which I hope to flesh out much more via blog entries/RPG posts).

I'd like to connect some of my canon to others' (if such a connection makes sense), so if anyone has any ideas for our characters, just shoot me a PM.

Last Guardian Timeline

  • 2006-2007, Ages 15-16: Discovers his powers and begins fighting crime as “The Ghost.”
  • 2008: Age 17: Is shot and almost killed by the Black Skull Gang during the Cesar Chavez High School Massacre. Loses most of his friends and all of his family that day.
  • 2008, Age 17: Is rescued from the mayor of LA, Andrew Romero (who was secretly the leader of the Black Mask Gang), and is made a “Guardian” by Paibok Slim. He becomes the Last Guardian of the Living Lightforce after Slim’s death.
  • 2008, Age 17: Gains national prominence by defeating The Freak in downtown LA on live television. His identity is made public after this confrontation and he instantly becomes something of a super-powered celebrity.
  • 2008-2011, Ages 17-20: Joins We Are Legend and fights alongside them for years, forging deep friendships with his teammates, particularly, Angelic Reaper, Feral Nova, NeVann Uchiha, and Izaiah.
  • 2011, Age 20: Is taken off-world by the intergalactic trophy hunter, Quintus Kreelan. Escapes from Kreelan’s clutches and causes the ship they are on to crash land on the planet Tyrakk in Xantraon space.
  • 2011, Age 20: Meets Ace the super dog and is rescued from the planet Tyrakk by the Lightbringers.
  • 2011-2014, Ages 20-23: Joins the Lightbringers and fights alongside them during the Lightbringer/Xantroan War.
  • 2014, Age 23: Azurian Ambition RPG (COMING SOON!)
  • 2014, Age 23: After 4 years in outer space, he returns to Earth and at the new LA mayor’s behest, he once again becomes the Guardian of Los Angeles.
  • 2015, Age 24: Takes on Dreamer and the Babydolls (COMING SOON!)
  • 2015, Age 24: Receives a warning from his future self about the Third Society (Beyond 2033, 1st post on Page 2)
  • 2015, Age 24: Sets out to look for Cassius Knightfall, Y-Intercept, Animus, and Bastian Klemens in hopes of finding out more about the Third Society. Meets Mark Anthony Knightfall during his investigation. (COMING SOON!)

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Just need a place to list all my alternate accounts so I don't lose track of them. Will list them in alphabetical order and will edit the list when I remember more. Also, if anyone remembers some not listed here, please let me know.

EDIT: The bolded alts are the ones I'm using at the moment

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