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Always Ready
Always Ready

✪ Real Name: Jacob "Obi" Grayson

✪ Aliases: Last Guardian, Lightforce Warrior, American Alpha, New Avenger, Modern-Day Patriot, Shieldbearer, Star-Spangled Hero, The Ghost

✪ Alignment: Heroic

✪ Height: 6'1"

✪ Age: 24

✪ Weight: 203 lbs

✪ Hair Color: Light Brown

✪ Eye Color: "Azure Pools of Ethereal Beauty" - Izaiah

✪ Affiliation: We Are Legend, The Order of Guardians

✪ Species: Human

✪ Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

✪ Orientation: Heterosexual

✪ Identity: Public

✪ Relationship Status: In a Relationship with Zoe Olisnicky (Feral Nova)

✪ Gender: Male

✪ Family: Noah Addams (cousin), Troy Addams (nephew), Joseph Abraham Grayson (father, deceased), Rosa Helena Grayson (mother, deceased), Lucas Grayson (older brother, deceased), Alessandra Grayson (younger sister, deceased)

✪ Occupation: Professional Superhero


✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ BIOGRAPHY ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪


- Early Heroics -

"Beginning are always messy"

Jacob Grayson grew up in the sprawling urban decay of southern Los Angeles. Forced to defend himself day after day from the criminals infesting his city, he developed a strong sense of justice that would encourage his dream of one day becoming a superhero. Further bolstering this dream was the fact that at a very young age, Jacob began manifesting a unique set of powers that he would go on to hone during his formative years, chief among these powers was telekinesis and short-term precognition.

At the age of 15, soon after the Tierra Mia gang set up shop in his neighborhood, he decided that the time for action had come. Donning a makeshift costume, Jacob set out to make things right in his city by thwarting Tierra Mia in any way he could. This usually meant busting the crime syndicate's underlings such as their corner drug dealers, collectors, and runners, all while trying to uncover the complicated power structure of the gang.

As he worked at his heroics, both the people of Los Angeles and the secret leader of Tierra Mia, Efrain Cortez, began to take note. Thankful L.A. citizens christened the crime-fighting teen "The Ghost" for his air of mystery and his ability to evade capture from both Tierra Mia and the LAPD (which at the time was largely controlled by Cortez). As he began to make a name for himself, Tierra Mia leaders were hard at work to uncover the vigilante's identity.

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After months of arduous investigation, the Ghost was finally able to uncover Tierra Mia's primary headquarters where the gang stored a vast number of their drugs, weapons, and money. During his infiltration of this warehouse, the Ghost was intercepted by Raulo Cortez, younger brother of Efrain and second in command in the crime syndicate. With his life in the balance, Jacob manifested a new power, the ability to create and control electricity.

Using the newfound electrokinetic powers that he could barely control, the Ghost lashed out, accidentally starting a fire that would engulf the whole warehouse. Jacob narrowly escaped with his life while unintentionally destroying a huge chunk of Tierra Mia's vast inventory and claiming the life of the gang's second-in-command, Raulo Cortez.

Efrain was furious at the loss of his brother and much of his inventory and vowed to repay the Ghost in full. In his hasty escape, Jacob had revealed his face for a few seconds, an image that was captured by the array of security cameras that blanketed the warehouse, some of which survived the fire. Using these images, the hungry-for-vengeance head of crime boss managed to easily discover the Ghost's secret identity of Jacob Grayson, a fact that would change Jacob's life forever.

On a fateful March morning, after Jacob had left for school, Efrain Cortez entered the Grayson household and unceremoniously murdered his young enemy's family. This was only the beginning of his realized vengeance as he then ordered gunmen to Jacob's school where they staged the infamous Cesar Chavez High Massacre which claimed the lives of 34 students and faculty. Although Jacob tried to fight back in defense of his classmates, he himself was shot in the shoulder. With his strength waning, he escaped the campus, hoping to lure the gunmen away.

Blood gushing from his wounds at an alarming rate, the young wanna-be hero was cornered in an empty alley where Efrain Cortez revealed himself as the leader of Tierra Mia. As the murderous kingpin raised his gun to put the boy out of his misery, a blinding flash of light engulfed half of his face and upper body, incapacitating him. The last thing Jacob Grayson saw as he drifted into unconsciousness was a shadow wielding sword of light executing his would-be assassins one by one.

- A Guardian is Born -

Jacob would soon learn that the man with the sword of light who had saved his life was Paibok Slim, the last surviving remnant of the Order of Guardians. As Jacob would learn, the Guardians were intergalactic Order of knights that channeled the immense power of "The Force" in their mission to bring light to the galaxy. Little did the aspiring vigilante know that his own powers were derived from the Force and as such, Paibok Slim had sought him out to make Jacob him his apprentice.

After dealing with the initial shock of having lost his family, and having absolutely nowhere else to go, Jacob agreed to train with the Guardian master who taught him the secret of the Force.

(More to Come...)




(This is only a basic rundown of Last Guardian's main power-set, for a more in-depth look, including specific applications/interpretations for each power, click here.)

The Force

The Force is an energy field that connects all living things in the universe. It is thought to be one of the primordial underlying energies in the universe and has been described as "the spirit of the universe.” The power of the Force can be used by individuals who are sensitive to it.

The Force is said to be split into two halves, the Lightforce, used by the Guardians, and the Darkforce, used by the Aggressors. All of the Guardian Jacob Grayson’s powers are derived from The Force.

Powers gained from the Force can be comprehensibly be divided into Four Areas; Telekineses, Telepathy, Body Control, and Energy Manipulation.


"The power of energy over matter…and mind over both." ― Sol Verandin, the First Guardian

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Telekinesis (TK) is Jacob's most oft-used and most versatile power. "TK" allows Jacob to manipulate physical objects, air currents, air pressure and air pockets using the Force. Traditionally, TK was an ubiquitous ability for both Guardians and Aggressors, though mastering the power isn’t all that simple since the true limits of what one could do with TK are unknown. TK has a tremendous number of applications, both combative and utilitarian.


“We have come to be known by our physical feats and exhibitions of power. But our true might, young one, lies within.” Dagas, Guardian

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The Force allows Jacob to maximize his mental power to the point that he can use his mind as a powerful offensive and defensive tool, as well as to communicate. Jacob's skill in telepathy has grown exponentially over the years and he continues to push the boundaries of what he can do with his impressive mental abilities.


“Purified by the Light, bolstered by The Force, your body is one with the universe. You will strike with all the strength of those that came before you, and you will not be harmed by the ravages of this world.” ― Virizien Teras, Guardian

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The Force allows Jacob Grayson to control his own body down to the cellular level to prevent it to fall into the control of an enemy in any way. This means that he is heavily resistant to techniques such as bloodbending, transmutation, forced mutation, cellular manipulation, or forced transformation of any single part of the body.

Jacob has also exhibited extreme regenerative skills from external and internal physical harm as he is able to use the Force to heal injured body parts.


"We posses raw elemental power; we can unleash storms of lightning from our fingertips…" ― Duhamat, The First Aggressor and Grand General of the Drakonid Empire

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The Last Guardian is able to channel raw energy and turn it into an electricity that he can discharge from his body’s surface. This Force-generated electricity is called Force Lightning and although it has less applications than telekinesis or telepathy, it is nevertheless an invaluable energy-based attack which complements his other powers quite well.

Though mainly offensive in nature, there are a few unique applications to the Guardian’s Energy Manipulation.


✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ EQUIPMENT ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪



Doesn't Obey the Laws of Physics
Doesn't Obey the Laws of Physics

The Shield of Alarnos • Also known as the Philosopher's Shield is a shield forged from magically-imbued Orichalum by parties unknown (unknown number of eons ago).

  • The shield has been known to resist all kinds of energy-based, or physical attacks.
  • It can appear and disappear based on the user's will. If an unauthorized person were to attempt to pick it up, it would disappear, and thus be available for an authorized wielder to summon it back.
  • As with all Azurian Artifacts, the Shield of Alarnos can only be broken (and never irreparably destroyed) using a similar artifact. However, it can be repaired by its wielder through meditation.
  • To add to its durability and his ability to control it in flight, the Guardian meditates on his shield before every mission to imbue it with a measure of the Force's power.
  • Jacob has become incredibly proficient at using the Shield as a weapon. By combining throwing it with precision and his telekinesis, he can hit most targets, either directly or through wild and creative ricochets.


" But I have done it. Improvising the inner workings, I had to sacrifice the crystal within - something I deeply apologize for - but I replaced it with a working nucleus of particles that will allow for a devastating blend of energies - energies that are immune to the weaknesses of your previous blade; I mean no offense,"

"It took some time to perfect it, but the nucleus is compact and lined with a field of continued particles that disallow molecular destabilization, meaning outside sources of nuclear fusion or fission will not penetrate its core and cause a meltdown. You will probably notice that the handle it also somewhat heavier. That is because it is line with lead and an inward-facing conversion field, making the continued stability of the core a natural certainty. Nothing will break it outside of your own will, and I highly do not recommend that you try and disassemble it for whatever reason. But, the blade,"

"It is one of my finest works yet. It is a compiled field of particles assembled from the core's base components, derived from raw pulse, plasma, quark, and distortion energy sources. It is neither heat-based or photon-based, and is instead a unique combination of all four of its founding elements. I've tried all sorts of technologies that are normally capable of bending any of the four, but together they are capable of holding shape even in the case of one of my void bombs - basically a small black hole. It is...marvelous, and I can only offer this to you in the hopes that it will be of small recompense for taking apart your original piece."