haii again

if anyone does actually find a comic store in hull i would appreciate it. I dont really get enough time on here to sort stuff out .. 
will be soon though ^_^ now i have to go concor photoshop in CAD  ...fun XD well i need to learn it anyways so i guess its not that bad  
Lash Hex ..x
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been sat in reading comics all weekend, all my runaways volumes, young avengers and even the hood... XD  
in desperate need of a comic book store in hull ....any suggestions would awesome !! 
thanks  ...Lash hex

back again !!

gonna start comicvining again ... decided i want to be a comic book art ist and im gonna stick with it  this time lmao ....
I'm now in hull college or art, and at this moment in time should be painting a huge canvas ....XD 
bye ...lash hex undercover XD 


the joker

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Mystique 53%
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Dark Phoenix 41%
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Apocalypse 34%
Magneto 29%
Green Goblin 29%
Juggernaut 25%
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The Clown Prince of Crime. You are a brilliant mastermind but are criminally insane. You love to joke around while accomplishing the task at hand.
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Slaughtered. After informing the police of this unfortunate women he finally managed to rest his head. Plaugued by dreams of death and mortality he tossed and turned. After what seemed like hours of torture he finally awoke in a cold sweat, starring straight into the deepest of blue eyes. "What beautiful eyes youve got there," she said nothing, and didnt seem to notice he was awake. "Hello?". She ran away. "What a cute cat." Days after the event Dustin forgot all about the cat, with its deep blue eyes and bright white fur. He forgot all about how it sat there waiting for him to wake, when he stopped. There she was again, sat there, starring. "Here puss puss" he called. she didnt move. catiously looking him up and down.

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Midnight tower start . . .what dya think?

Journey to Midnight Tower

The stone floor eased his aching bones as he sat pondering on what his next move should be. You see Dustin

was thrown out after keaving school by his ever loving parents. Two weeks down the road he was still there,

down on his luck, as ever. "How could this possibly get worse" he muttered under his breath. As if the sky

had heard him its silver linig toar, soaking him instantly. Reminding him of the well missed power shower.


At least it was refreshing, he thought while trudging down the litter strewn streets of Manchester, finally

taking shelter underneath an old bridge. Trying to shake off the chill he lay down. What had he got himself

into. Why? he rolled over. The ground was lumpy as youd expect but its was dry unlike his old jacket saturated

from the rain it comforted him. He soon fell into a deep slumber only to be rudely awoken.

"what was that!" a blood curdeling scream echoed in his ears.

"Get away from me!" it sounded like a women, a women in trouble. He shot to his feet darting toward the source

of comotion. Adrenaln pumping he took a sharp left tripping himself. "stupid laces" quickly dusting him self

down he set off again cursing. The screams stopped, he took another left there she was lay upright against the

dumpster. "Oh ..." he knelt next to her lifless body, observing the slit throat he felt nautious



right theres a comic conventiony thing this weekend in manchester its round the corner from aflecks palace and along the road from the travelling man ....just ot sure where exactly i think the eaflet said a square sooo....any ideas it said sasha hotel down the roud from aflecks palace if you know wher i mean its a comic markety thing only on for 4 hours but it isnt coming again soo its up to you lot

wait it is coming again but i think November 17th

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scanner needed

i have the starting of a new comic right here in my lap right now....im stumped though i cant get it on the godam computer in need of a scanner in glossop area. erm .....either that or i just buy one why did i not think of that before ok then....any suggestions?