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Do you guys think that Circe and the Upside Down Man could lead into an even bigger event? I was under the impression that Scott Snyder said that the witch marked thing would play a role later on.

Thivillains are extremely powerful and dangerous, it would be cool to see Diana and Zatanna leading everyone against them in a huge crossover.

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Tom King just hates superheroes :D

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edgething is an obvious troll, just ignore it. It is not worth the time, you will never convince him of anything, he will not change is mind.

Do not engage and do not feed the troll.

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The tortoise comparison is deeply flawed, evolution and civilization advancement are completely different.

Tortoises "think" that the world is limited to their island, they can not imagine that there are threats out there that might land on their shores.

Amazons know very well that it might happen.

Besides just because their society is stable does not mean that they can not improve some of their technologies, for example in the recent Rucka run, we can see them doing some astronomy, the telescop they are using may be very good, but they can create new ones that would be better, just because they like to study the stars. And to create these new devices, they would need to upgrade their knowledge, abilities, tools and so on...

And that's just one example, I could give more.

In short, I don't see any reasons for the Amazon's tech to get stuck in the same state for centuries, improving on what they already have would make more sense.

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@the_kidd said:
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Themyscira might not have the "epicNess" of Atlantis but it doesn't look bad either. Krypton looked worse imo .

They all look generic to me. That Atlantis aesthetic, aside from the earthly wildlife, you put that in lets say Valerian, no one will notice. I see no personnality, no uniqueness.

I think it's an Hollywood problem (Marvel included), when was the last time were you guys amazed by the aesthetical choises (architecture, costumes, props...)? When was the last time you had that feeling of wonder that stayed with you? I can't remember when I was. I think that video games right now are doing it better, they take more risks and end up with more soulful designs imho.

Aside from that problem, WW also suffered from a clear lack of commitement from WB, they went for the bare minimum. They needed a Themyscira, so they asked a for a common CGI city that you could find in any fantasy settings, same with the costumes.

There's also the fact that Patty Jnekins is not a visual director, I think she is more interested in characters and their interactions than anything else.

I wish the WW cinematic universe was more playfull and creative in it's visuals and overall inventive in it's concepts. But for that you need people who have the drive to be visually adventurous, you need people that can and want to write a story in which these concepts and visuals would fit, and obviously you need people that can bring that vision to life.

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The forty feet thing is not supposed to be an accurate analysis of Diana's abilities, it's just Mayfly s**t-talking her.

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Yeah, they clearly want to give Aquaman a more epic feel, but I found everything about the trailer bland : the production design, the characterization, the action...

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I'd say that Wonder Woman in Justice League Action is the toughest, she got Superman and Luthor outside of a black hole.

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@lannister said:

I generally agree with what you said TrueThemyscira. But just because she is not the "perfect feminist" ideal, doesn't mean that she is not feminist, it could/should be better.

I wish the studio could read posts such as yours (and others) to improve their depiction of WW and the Amazons.

Does DC bother to even listen to WW fans? I mean the only time they do listen is when she has a costume change other then that she has been neglected by practically all branches at DC. The state of her ONLY title, no animated series, only one animated movie. Even in the new animated "Death of Superman" story both she and Martian Manhunter jobbed and got thrashed by Doomsday (I almost want to say I'm glad she got the last stand for the league before Superman showed up but then her sword just shattered against Doomsdays fist, mean while Batman's batarangs did more damage to him). I get Superman and Batman are popular but, for the love of God DC doesn't even try with her.

I want to start a twitter account just to point someone/anyone with any say in DC comics to this forum, just to show them the state of the fan base. Even though I doubt anyone would listen.

Its like they're killing Diana and they either don't even care or don't know.

After the success of the movie, I was sure that DC/WB would have gone all capitalist on WW and try to make as much money as possible. But they don't, they clearly don't see WW as valuable enough, they canno't imagine her as a successful IP.

Also, they do not seem concerned with her ridiculous situation in her own comics, or in others (looking at you Tom King, and Chris Priest).

Obviously, DC does not listen to us, but have we done enough to be heard? Do they even know that we are pissed? And we demand change, improvement, and new materials (animated stuff, video games...)?

How could we, WW fans organize ourselves and force DC's hands a little? They are not going to change their way anytime soon, we better take some control.

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@lannister said:

I don't know if you guys are aware, but Ares in the film was massively nerfed, the guy was supposed to crack spacetime. I don't why they chose to have him weaker, but ultimately, nerfing him means nerfing Diana.

Here's a link to the concept artist who explains it:

You can check his other Ares concept here:

These ideas are not that bad.

If it was for me, the soldiers in the village would have been enhanced with Maru's gas, WW would have faced a bigger challenge. Then Luddendorf would have benefited from a stronger version of the gas and the fight would have happened in an open setting, not in a small space. All of that with better hand to hand choreography.

Then Ares appears in his intangible form, they fight, she unleashes her full godly powers, she attacks him by flying and so on, but Diana comes to realizes that he is a concept, an idea, brute force won't work. So she defeats him by opposing him her ideas.

Of course you need exceptionnal CGI for this to work and we all know that CGI was not that good in this movie.

We know that. We are eagerly waiting to see how much Patty is going to nerf Cheetah ,Diana and other villains in the WW84. Patty does not seem to be comfortable with CGI and is shooting in Real location with practical effects. That is the reason I think Diana ,Amazons and her villains are nerfed .

Well, I don't think it's Patty's doing. The concepts show that she wanted a powerful Ares, I'm sure it's the studio who told her to tone it down.

Wait and see for WW84, we can not be sure of anything because of a few leaked infos, besides, she did say that she wanted to go all out on WW powers. I remain (very) cautiously optimistic.