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During the assassination attempt on the former President, beat cop Lance West was working the gate of the White house. It was his last shift before he started his life as a detective for the great district of Columbia.

Until a high powered bullet ripped through his lower body, completely removing his legs from from the knee down.

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The attack, it turned out, was the work of mutant liberals from South America. People born with abilities that they didn't earn using them to perform terrorist acts. The desire for justice against those like them was all the motivation he needed. H began tirelessly working his way back into the world, making it a point to prove that his handicap didn't make him any less of a man.

Physical therapy was rigorous and exhausting, both physically and mentally. But eventually Lance recuperated and was allowed to return to the force as a detective, working in the Major Mutant and Meta Crimes Division or the triple MCD.