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You Can Stop Reading Now 0

Just a heads up to anyone like me who is trolling back issues and might be interested in checking out this old volume of Superboy: don't bother reading this issue or anything past it.Joe Kelly's run ended prematurely in the previous issue, and his meta-narrative made that pretty clear. His last couple issues served as a way of commenting on the plots he had to drop (the mysterious Doctor Sin, in particular), the crossovers he was forced to take part in which derailed his stories, and his lack o...

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A Half-Hearted Wave Goodbye 1

It's pretty clear this conclusion isn't something that had been in the cards for a long time. This isn't a case of "Everything's been building up to this!" In fact, in the preceding issues they had to rush through all the storylines that had been building just to get Sara in place for this conclusion. So maybe it's best to put aside expectations of a grand finale, and think of it more as a simple goodbye.Split into two parts, the first chapter (written by Ron Marz) sets up that it's time for Sar...

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Stjepan Sejic's Guide to Rebooting With Style 0

The Witchblade series is without a doubt Top Cow's flagship franchise, but a variety of factors have led to it being in a pretty sorry state lately. It's set to be cancelled before the year is out, and it being gone will leave a massive hole in the heart of Top Cow's line of books. How could Top Cow possibly themselves together after this? Enter Witchblade alumnus Stjepan Sejic.Sejic, who has a massive following on popular online art site DeviantArt, had been posting little webcomics of a series...

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The Most Underwhelming Death Of A Flagship Character In Comic History? 0

Let's get a bit of history out of the way here first. "Darkness Falls" was supposed to be the concluding arc of writer David Hine's run on The Darkness, to be published in the fall of 2013, but ultimately it never happened. "Darkness Falls" would have begun in The Darkness #117, but the series was cancelled at #116. "Darkness Falls" was still always "coming down the pipeline", as a mini-series or OGN, but there was never any conclusive news on it.Meanwhile, the rest of Top Cow's universe had to ...

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Shaky Grounds To Build A Franchise On 0

This is not a "#1" issue. It may say #1 on the cover, but this is nowhere near a fresh start. When Top Cow wanted to revitalize Aphrodite IX after years of languishing in limbo, they launched a new series that required absolutely no prior knowledge of the character in order to follow along. Whether you had read AIX's original series or not was basically irrelevant. IXth Generation's launch does not take the same approach. IXth Generation #1 feels like it was written under the assumption that re...

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A Quality "One And Done" Issue 1

James Tynion hops onto Amazing X-Men for a single issue and, let's face it, it's just filler. Yost and Kyle will be back on the book next issue, and its not likely that anything that happened in this issue will carry over into their ongoing run, so why bother picking up this random single issue? Well to put it simply, it's just that well-executed. In "Charm School", we find Anole (who has just backed out of a date for fear of being rejected over his physical mutation) being psychologically torm...

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"Mystery" Is An Apt Title 0

Within the first two pages of the issue, the reader will notice that the story is opening far from where we last left off. Batwoman is in space with her own team of heroes, and they're all fighting Morgan Le Fey for control of some kind of magic gem. The reader is given no clue as to how the story reached this point... and that's kinda the point.Andreyko makes a very risky move here by choosing to open in the middle of such a radically different scene. People don't like to be left wondering what...

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Gorgeous To See, Awkward To Read 0

Without a doubt, the star of this book isn't Klarion; It's Trevor McCarthy. He's firing on all cylinders and giving us probably the best art of his career so far. The influence of J.H. Williams III (who McCarthy worked with during his run on Batwoman) is quite obvious with these elaborate and creative page layouts. It's the perfect match for what is supposed to be a quirky, off-kilter book about otherworldly characters. I might have recommended this just for the art alone, but there is a major ...

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Such A Fun Book! And "New Reader-Friendly" To Boot! 0

I picked up this OGN on a whim, and I absolutely love it. Its pretty much perfect. Dini's putting in some top-notch storytelling here. Despite jumping around multiple time periods, the story flows at a perfect pace. Each flashback serves a purpose and fleshes out the relationship between our leads. Speaking of our fleshed out leads, Black Canary and Zatanna both feel like real fleshed out people. Too often with "buddy cop" style team ups (and especially when its two women), the characters get p...

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Just Some Bad Filler 0

So I'll just start by saying I've never watched Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends so I can't come at this issue with the perspective of it being a nostalgia trip. I also can't tell if attempts are being made to replicate the tone of the show or the way the characters interacted on the show. With that said WHOAH this issue is badly written.The plot makes absolutely no sense. And I don't mean that its a goofy/nonsensical story, I mean that the plot does not hang together at all. Events don't foll...

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Good Series, Questionable Collection. 0

"House of Secrets" is a decent little series. It takes a while to warm up to the lead character (since she's initially portrayed as an unrepentant asshole) and the exact nature of some key elements is left more vague than I'd prefer (I know the whole theme of the series is secrets and half-truths, but the lack of some important details is a bit of a detriment in places), but overall its well put-together and is the kind of series that benefits from re-readings.My main problem here is actually th...

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