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Brining Back The Memories.

There's always something whether a certain smell or taste that gives us either flashbacks or the memory you recall along with a certain feeling. Whether the smell of new bed sheets you put in your bed, or the newly fresh scent and taste of hot bread. It's just that certain thing that makes you remember a certain instance in your life. But, how about cartoons? Well, they do..for me at least, every time I see looney toons I get that nice feeling.
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Help wanted.

Okay...This account (My main one) has been on a suckfest in the RPG forum, all I did with this account has been unintentional godmodding. And despite my best efforts to make its stand once again in the RPG seems I got no ideas for appearances and bio for this account. Nor does the older RPG'er take this account seriously. I would like your help on maybe how to make this account stand on two feet again. Thanks!

F@#$ing Pissed off!!

This guy has been talking trash for the last three months. He's been accusing me of being scared of him? When it took 5 weeks and his manager almost begging to his knees to convince him to sign the contract. Now he reported an "Injury"  just 5 days before the f#$%ing fight!
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Save Your Bumps!!

O.k as i come to think of it. We should save our bumps until good battles run out. I mean seriously, the battle forum will be like a tree helplessly dying if we won't save our bumps for the famine of battles.


Hi there! I am currently reading Dr.Mcninja after hearing about him for months, I finally gave in on the urge to see what was the hype all about. And as i read the first 4-5 chapters I am hooked! This Webcomic has almost everything, Comedy, action, randomness, and a good continuing plot. And pages are always updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which makes this series very consistent. So far i don't have any regrets on reading Dr.Mcninja. It's violence is fairly balanced. As its cussing words are always censored (By being overlapped by another speech bubble which i love by the way, not like common censored ones I.e   !@#$)

Machete 2010

Are you kidding me? No offense to the Producers, Writers and Directors...but IMHO the Trailer looked Very 70'sh ? I mean a Priest/elite assassin?  Come on...Even the Script which the Narrators read, Its horrible....I can't believe it...Do they really think that kind of Movie gets a lot of Viewers, i mean...Man!  The only thing Exciting was the Two Nude Girls in Springs which was suppose to be the Daughter and Mother of his Arch-nemeses, But again it looked like an Advertisement, how can his Arch-nemeses Wife and Daughter be Nude with him making out willingly? not even a kidnap victim? Geez.....
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