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A Few Thoughts on Superheroes

Darn!! I can't stand SuperGirl. I know there are a lot Supergirl fans out there, but I don't care.. She's basically a female clone of Superman. It's so unfortunate that they aren't some REAL superheroes out there. You know heroes who don't have to rely on corny superpowers to save the day. Then again we secretly wish that there was a superhero out there to save of from the world's misery......if only.


Top Most annoying superheroes: 1. Superman 2. Spiderman 3. Jean Grey 4. Catwoman 5. Wonder Woman 6. Supergirl 7. Captain America 8. Fantastic Four 9. Batman 10. Green Lantern


Another Day in the Life of Me pt 2

Yeah so anyways I'm strolling down Canal St. at about 7 pm, when I see a bunch of low level punks beating on up on this more defenseless dweeb. I knew I had to act quick so I changed into my outfit and confronted the criminals. Out of nowhere this buff-looking blonde chick in a biker jacket and fishnet stockings comes alonmg and beats the crap out of those guys. I stood there amazed-I didn't know what to do. The punks ran off wailing like babies.

"That'll teach ya not to mess with people weaker than YOUUUUU!!!," she says.

I was just about to thank her for apprehending the criminals, instead she turns around swiftly and gives me this cold stare. She looks me up from head to toe and says,

"This is MY territory.......STAY OUT!!!"

Once again I stood there amaze with my mouth open. I mean come on she comes out of nowhere beats up MY victims and tells me to stay out her territory?

"Excuse me?" I said."Is your head gear on too tight? Or are you just deaf?"

Ugh, I couldn't believe this total stranger/bimbo was talking to me as if I were some ignorant bum on the sidewalk. With that she walked away, hopped on her bike and was gone.


Another Day in the Life of Me

Well nothing special really happened today. Oh yeah, I did beat the crap out of some guy I saw running out of the jewelry store with a bundle of jewels. Did'nt know what hit him. I wonder if "The Bat" is ever gonna call me sometime to we can do some "real crime-fighting". Oh well, I'll be looking forward to hearing from him ;).