My unofficial review: AoA Nightcrawler "betrays" Wolverine

So I heard how the X-termination ended, yeah yeah I know, pretty late. (and no I haven't read it yet but I heard about it over the geek wire) But I still can't think of why AoA Nightcrawler betraying the X-Force was such a big shock, and how did Wolverine not see it coming. I mean, Oh gee, i had no idea he was coming here to check off his hit list and not just to help us, he never said. Oh yeah, he did....

Yeah yeah yeah, I know still thinks its our loving, caring, Nightcrawler. Uh, yeah teleporting peoples head off (sorry, couldn't find the pic) and coming from a place called the Age of Apocalypse really is a mirror image of Kurt.

And what about all the other great, trustworthy people on your team. Deadpool's a great teammate to have, really want to put my life in his hands. Point being, you have a mercenary, a world- renown thief, and a chick, who has died and come back to life so many times you can't keep count, and your BFF from another dimension or whatever,wouldn't you kinda suspect maybe one of them is a loose cannon?

And what really got me thinking, is when they let him "interrogate" Mystique. Sorry, wasn't he raised by this one, called her mom a few times and whatever. If she told him something, or told him she could give him what he wanted, he would never do it. Right? Heck no!Let's face it, Kurt Darkholme is a mamma's boy.

Last thing, I promise, didn't Wolverine side with the Avengers in the whole Avengers vs X-men thing, Did Cyclops demand a man hunt for Wolverine or anything? No! I'm sorry, I think Wolverines gone a little soft in the head in his old age or something.

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April Fools!

Sad to say, my first day of April was a total bust. I could not think of one thing to do to anyone and there wasn't anyone to prank. Which begs the question, what was probably the best April Fools day joke you played on someone. (I need ideas! Otherwise I'm going to be stuck plastic wrapping the doorways.)


My Top 5 Dorkiest Looking Helmets

So, We were driving around town this afternoon, and my mom and I got into this conversation about the Judge Dredd movie. The more I got to thinking about it, the more I thought, that is one dorky looking helmet. So here is my top 5 list of dorky helmets in comic book, and movie history.

1. You know, it's bad enough that Karl Urban didn't take his shirt off, but not even his helmet??? What's up with that?? Plus the helmet looked pretty bad.

2. First off, this helmet-wearer is a total plagiarist. Looks almost exactly like Judge Dredd. That is none other than Phoenix Cyclops.

3. Number three, Magneto. In my opinion, his helmet wasn't so bad in the original X men trilogy, but pretty dorky in the First Class.

2. The last two were kinda of hard to choose between the two but I finally choose that Loki's helmet was dorkier than my no. 1

1. This helmet is probably the worst The winner of my dorkiest helmets of comic and movie history is none other than Ant Man's


2012 Catastrophe??

So the worlds supposed to end the 21 of this month. Who many of you people believe that? (and also, how many of you have a doomsday stock pile in you basement? )


What is the Best Horror Movie of All Time?

First off, I'd like to all you people of Comicvine a Happy Haloween. Also, I,d to ask what do you think is the best horror movie of all time. I've personally never watched a horror movie before( unless you count Eight Legged Freaks a horror movie). What are your thoughts?


Star Trek Diffies Physics

So, I was watching the Star Trek a couple of weeks ago with my mom. it got me thinking about the whole warp speed thingy. In the physics world, when an object stops another object will stay in motion. Like when you're in a bus. when the bus is going really fast, then suddenly stops, you lurch forward. So, why is it, when the Enterprise, going hundreds of miles an hour, suddenly stops, Captain Kirk doesn't go flying out the window? It's only logic. Any thoughts?


Elektra vs Catwoman

Elektra and Catwoman, two of the most fearsome female fighters in comics. Who do you think would win if these two got into a cat-fight?


Is There a Doctor in Hollywood???

So, rumor has it that Marvel is making a Doctor Strange movie. The problem is that they don't know what actor should play the Sorcerer Supreme. They think either Patrick Dempsey or Liam Neeson. Personally, I think that Patrick Dempsey is to prissy for the part and Liam Neeson is too old. also think that that they should the smart thing and put Karl Urban in.So my question is, what do the people think is the best actor to play Doctor Strange?


Is There a Doctor in Hollywood??

So, rumor has it that Marvel is making a Doctor Strange movie. They're trying to decide which actor should the play the Sorcerer Supreme. They want to either Patrick Dempsey or Liam Neeson. Personally, I think Patrick Dempsey is too girly to do that part and Liam Neeson is too old. I also think that Marvel should do the smart thing and use Karl Urban for the role. So my question is, who do the people think should play Doctor Strange?

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