The dream is over and the hurt sets in. Hope one day I will be whole again.

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Deeper into Lyn's story....

The mountain range was heavily burdened by blankets of ice and snow. Just like long ago, but then it had stains of crimson red. A battle long ago forgotten by the passing of time now lay dormant and free of strife. Efforts to reclaim the land had been made and completed with haste. A lone traveler traversed the mountain side climbing her way to an area unknown to man. She moved slowly feeling the weight of her burdened heart. The pale woman had not returned to this territory in so long and she still held regrets over what happened here. It was not his fault and she did not blame him.

Somehow the events of the past were meant to happen and nothing would have changed the writings fate had made. Fate was cruel that way. The woman was known to others as Lady Death, but to this domain high above the human dwellings she was just Lyn Trancedigaeth. This was once her home long long ago. Lyn took a deep breath as she climbed over the last piece of rock to reach her destination deep within the mountains.

A lone tomb sat. The stone was burned with name covered in ice. Lyn walked over the grave knowing she found what she was searching for. She bite her lower lip as she rubbed away the ice on the stone to reveal, Tiferia Hystorm’s name. It was odd seeing it for the first time ever. Kain did indeed create a type of memorial. Her body was cast into the sky to have her soul dance in the heavens. Lyn had sought to that long ago as well. No one would find her mother’s body to defile it.

Lyn layed her hand upon the stone and without a spoken word white roses were placed on the gravestone. She turned around and made her way back down the mountain. There was no use for words to be spoken. Tiferia was not in the ground. Often Lyn caught herself praying to her mother’s soul for guidance and support. Lyn was like any other daughter who loved her mother. It was a timeless ordeal that transcended through time. Kain did what he did for a reason just as her mother did the same. Neither was at fault.

Lyn’s guilt was from not making peace with the death overall. Now even that was claimed in a silent moment atop a mountain. The journey down the mountain was much easier to do. Nothing weighed her down. She looked to the stars and smiled. For the first time Lyn’s soul was at peace with her mother’s death. As she went down the mountain she passed her birth father’s grave. Without a single glance toward it she moved forward. Lyn hated him more than any other in the world. The man had no morals or conscience when he tried to kill her as a child.

Nothing made sense about him and the past was a mystery between her mother and her father before she was born. Kain would not speak of it. Lyn did not want to force him to talk even though it annoyed her. Kain was right in saying the information would not change anything that happened while she was alive or the current times. Her curiosity was something she could not change about herself.

The future of the dragons was still in question, even so Lyn would never step forward saying she was indeed one even though she was quite proud of being one. Even if she were only half of one and it was something even she could not explain. Lyn sighed heavily at the thoughts running in her head. In all of the years of life and being the Rider of Death for the Apocalypse has yet to teach her how to keep such thoughts quiet. Her mind was always working and strategizing different routes to take. Her massive curiosity did not help her either.

One thing that never changed was her promise to her mother. Her mother was a very avid supporter of all things living. Granted Lyn wanted humans to become extinct, but the only thing that stopped her so many times was her promise to Tiferia. Her mother always urged her daughter to welcome all forms of life no matter what they do unless it means your own demise then fight back. Lyn vowed to give humans a chance to redeem themselves by earning some form of respect. To that end the deals were created. Deals were made to give humans different gifts and Lyn would watch closely to see how each gift turned out.

Some humans had made an impact without a deal being made. Making the lust for the demise of all humans subside for the moment. Then humans would do something to create that lust to return to full fruition a moment later. It was strange form of balance within the universe. Something Kain did as well. Lyn in her own way created balance without going to another world to create.

Returning to her life with Kain as she arrived by his side once more.


Deals with Death

((An old post in a RP that never went past the first post, but I liked the post so much I had to blog it to keep it.))

As she lies back in her over-sized tub full of hot water and bath salts, she reflects upon each attempt of the past to find a human that had some useful qualities; loyalty, honor, or even a semblance of justice. Humans would gladly point at her and say she is evil, but in the end she was a scorned woman who's past is riddled in death. The white skin under the water twinkled with the moon light shining into the bathroom. Lyn watched as the light moved and flickered upon the water she rested in. Few humans have even come close to passing her tests. Two rang out in her memory. Not because she felt any love for them, but because they came close.

The first was Dorian, an aristocrat from the 1800's. She offered him a long life in return he not look upon an unfinished painting of himself. As long as he did not look upon the painting before completion the man would live an eternal youth of a life. Dorian broke his word and gazed into the eyes of the painting of himself. Lady Death appeared before him and claimed his life was doomed unless he alone could find a way to stop it. She left him to reflect on her words as she explained he had to stare at the painting for ten minutes a day to keep his youthful look. Dorian knew his life was now connected to the painting.

Each day he would look into the painting to be revolting more and more by the hideous man he saw. After many years the man in the painting became a corpse with maggots crawling from the skin's broken and frail appearance. Dorian went mad as he could not bare the horror he would become if he did not look at the painting. He found solstice in the eyes of a young woman who was quite beautiful. Death watched from the shadows as the love between these two unfolded. Her father/Dorian's friend found out of the affair and damned it. Dorian killed his friend to keep his beloved. Just as the young woman was pulling him from the brink of madness, he plummeted further into ruin. Dorian had gone completely insane with rage and lust for his new found love.

Lyn could not watch any longer and secretly told the father of the young maid of how to destroy Dorian. Before nightfall the next day, Dorian could not stop the destruction of the painting that held his life in the living realm. His corpse fell to the ground before he could kill his young lover along with him. In his last ditch effort he tried to strangle the girl so she too could join him in the afterlife. Lyn walked away discouraged once more. There was just a glimmer of hope and it was quickly extinguished by insanity and lust.

The second was yet another man. Unfortunately Lyn could not find any woman who came close to passing her tests. This man still lived without any knowledge of what she had put him through. Lyn had taken pity on him for once by removing all memories of the ordeal. It was rare occasion, but still happened.

Lady Lyn Death rose from the tub and stepped out from the serenity of the water. She wrapped herself in a silken robe as she moved through her home within Eternus Obscurum. Her hair laid flat to her back from being dripping wet. Water trailed itself from her flesh and rested onto the floor below her feet as she moved leaving behind puddles of feminine footsteps. Lyn made her way to the highest balcony to look out onto the world around her. "Perhaps Kain is right. I should stop reflecting on the past and look only to the future, but even the past can bite back.", Lyn thought to herself. A breeze made her wet hair sway and move within the moonlight. It made her look almost like a deity of the mythological legends. Some legends hold too many truths.

Lyn crossed her arms as she leaned her elbows onto the balcony's fencing and sighed heavily. Ever the strategists and thinker, Lyn still trailed her thoughts onto the upcoming events. There was word of someone searching for Death and that was something she could not have. Lyn held onto her secrets better than any government did. Right now all she could do was send out denizens of the night to search out the one who was searching for her. Hopefully she would find them fast and dispatch them from the realm of the living.


Creepy, but true!!!!

I have been trying to build up the courage to type this story out, because it creeps me out to this day......

Allow me to set the mood for those of you who are reading this. I lived in a house built in the 1930's. A French style home with a beautiful facade. In the early 1970's it was renovated to make more space. The original 1930's part was a living room, kitchen, one bedroom, and what we would consider a basement. The 1970's upgrade added two more bedrooms, the old kitchen turned dining room, a new kitchen, and two bathrooms. It made for a very beautiful home with lots of space and a homey feel.

Now that you know the household setting now to move onto the story itself. Believe in it or not it is entirely up to you!

My father and I were watching television when my mom came home late from work. She asked me to wash her uniform in the laundry room/basement for us. (she was Army by the way) Mom went straight to take a bath and then crashed in bed shortly after. I gathered up more dark clothes to wash with her uniform. Mom was asleep by the time I went into the basement to do laundry. Everything was normal as I put them in the washer with the soap and started the wash. I went back upstairs to watch some more television. After the show ended it was time to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Here is where it gets interesting. The normally warm basement grew very very cold. I began to shiver. I noticed something in the corner of my eye and looked to my left. The basement had a small area that led up under the house. In that area was a illuminated Indian standing sideways to me. As I stood frozen looking at him....HE turned and looked at me. He had a ghostly/blurry bluish white glow to him. On his head was the skin of a wolf. His eyes were sunk in and just empty. I could not see them. I yelped and ran upstairs so fast I tripped halfway up the stairs bruising my shin really bad. I hollered for my dad. He thought I was imagining things. We went down together after he coaxed me into it after awhile. The basement was the normally warm setting it had every other time I went down there.

I was upset, because my dad did not believe me. He just blew it off and made me finish the laundry as he went back upstairs to watch television. I threw the clothes as fast as I could into the dryer. I slammed the dryer door shut to get upstairs fast.

I walked downstairs after a half hour knowing the clothes would be dry. As I walked downstairs I called out, “Ok, Mr ghost I don't know what you want, but I don't want to hurt you, so please don't hurt me.” (I was a kid for crying out loud!) The basement was warm again, so I felt it was ok to go downstairs. I got the clothes out into the basket to carry them up as the cold freezing basement feeling came back. Again I scrambled upstairs to avoid it. Every since I saw the Indian in our basement doors on the older side of the house opened and closed. On several nights I had dreams of Indian dancing and singing. I asked a friend of the family who was Comanche. Tom (that was his name!) said the house was built on an Indian graveyard. Joy, I thought! I was freaky enough the ghost was there and then to find out the graveyard bit. In that house I slept with a night light on, because I found out in a book I read that ghost don't like lights. Yes I was that dorky as a kid. I was about 9 or 10 years old when I saw the Indian ghost. Believe it or not. I told my ghost story. ^_^ The whole ordeal sent a chill down my spine. I can watch or read ghost stories no worries, but to remember this one still creeps me out.


The Past...part 3 the finally.

((The last of a three part story of Lyn's past. Five years after the atrocity at her Colony.))

The day light travel went without any trouble. Lyn set up a new camp almost a half days walk from the last camp site that turned into a blood bath. She watched as the sun lowered in the sky as she made a small campfire. The sky drifted into a starless night. Even the moon was not shining as it did the night before. It sent chills down Lyn's spine. The shadows were very new to her. How they killed was even more bizarre. Bodies stripped down to the bone and blood on the ground was the only evidence the strange shadows left behind.

A cold night's wind blew through the land where Lyn now stayed. It was noticeably colder than the night before. Lyn kept seeing motion just out of line of site. It was just enough to make her aware something was moving, but go unseen. Lyn kept at the ready with her sword in grip. Her breathing slowed as she listened closely. The sounds of an animal like nature almost laughing or cackling could be heard softly among the wind. All of her warrior training came into play as she remained calm and ever watchful of her surroundings. She spoke in her native dragon tongue asking who was in the area. Just as she spoke a strange voice was loud and startling. “A woman of a different land graces my home.”, spoke a loud manly voice in her language. His voice was smooth and unwavering. Lyn spun around looking for the origin of the voice.

Shadows danced at the border of the light of the fire. “Put out the flame, so I may see you closer traveler.” The voice calm as before. Lyn was not about to give up her edge in this ordeal. The fire kept the creepy shadows at bay along with the wielder of the voice. Lyn spoke again in her dragon tongue,” Who are you?”

“I am but the shadow who graces your presence. Now relinquish the flame, so we may meet.”

“I shall not do so until I have good faith of your intentions.”

“Faith!?” He scoffed. “That died long ago.”

Lyn grew increasingly wary of the visitor to her campsite. Her eyes continued to scan the area only to reveal nothing.

Fine. I shall put out the fire only for a moment.” Lyn used her foot to kick dirt onto the small fire. Just as the fire went out her powers of death ignited on their own. Lyn's eyes glowed a brilliant blue as the power emanated off of her also causing her hands to glow the same blue. Lyn looked around to see the shadows move like small dogs into a larger form before her. As the man formed and twisted into what could be mistaken for very human features if Lyn had not seen this transformation.

The man opened his eyes to reveal deep red orbs instead of pupils or normal eyes for that matter. His skin was pale like a white marble and his pitch black hair flowed down his back. He extended claw like fingernails attached to his hand toward Lyn.

Lyn looked down at his hand and then looked back at him. “We meet and once again I ask who you are?”

“I am Sartifir. Keeper of the shadows.”

Lyn did not believe him for an instant. His actions and voice were too vampire like. She had come across many in her time and each had many guises and powers to use at their will. This one was no different, but why he left blood to rot on the ground puzzled her even more. Blood was believed to be their life's necessity. Lyn's caution grew with the thoughts of what stood before her became like a puzzle slowly being solved.

“Are you vampire?”

“To say I am just a vampire is insulting Lady of Death.”

Lyn was startled to hear that. Only Kain knew of her trial of becoming Death.

Your face speaks a thousand words and alas all is known to the shadows.”

Sartifir took a step toward her as he motioned his hand toward her face. His hand got close only to be burned by the power she emitted.

“So it is true you are the Death the fates spoke of”

Lyn's mind went into over drive. If Satifir had listened to the conversation between Kain and Lyn. Satifir would know who she was. Kain and Lyn traveled at night with plenty of shadows for this creature to follow and listen. How he escaped either detecting him sooner was a feat worth noting.

Now I shall try to take what should be mine. Since you have graciously brought it to me.”

“To gain it you will have to defeat and kill me.”, Lyn drew forth her sword and her powers of death ignited down the blade causing it to glow as well. Satifir's fangs drew out as his mouth opened to let a loud screeching sound. Lyn grabbed her ears at the pain it caused. In that moment he leaped to take her. She rose up her hand shooting a blast of power at him. The sound of sizzling and a strange yelp echoed in the void of light sky. As he cringed back, Lyn did not hesitate to strike back. The sword uncoiled into the whip like state. Satifir was far from ready for her strike as the blade wrapped around his neck.

Satifir split into his dog like shadow forms to make a varied attack on Lyn. Wave of power after wave pushed Satifir's attacks back. Each attack from Satifir got closer and closer. Somehow he was becoming immune to her power. Lyn had to come up with a plan to defeat him before he could get past her defenses.

The death scythe lunge itself from an unknown place into her hands. Its' power quickly ignited draining life from everything around it. Lyn plunged it into a shadow just before it could dodge the mighty blade. Satifir returned to his more human form begging for mercy.“Now be a good dog and kneel as I say this. I do not bow down or fall easily to those play with death for I own it for what it is. A power far greater than you will ever know.” Her voice spewed forth with a deathly echo.

Satifir begged for mercy trying anything he could to receive mercy. “I gave no mercy to those who try to kill me.” Her voice was loud and full of immense hatred as the Death scythe was turned upward. The blade ripped through the would be adversary. His soul ripped clean from the body was drawn into the blade itself. Lyn looked at the blade to see that the thing she was fighting was not a vampire, but a mid level demon. Lyn wondered what a higher level would be if this one was bad enough. Her powers were still developing. In time she too would be hard to rival against.

The Death scythe vanished upon the demons vanquish. Now time had to pass quickly for Kain to return to Lyn's side.

((Thank you for reading just this part or all three parts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did typing them! ^_^))


The past.....part 2

((A three part story of Lyn's past. Five years after the atrocity at her Colony))

The fire flickered and crackled into the night's sky. Lyn sat curled up staring into the flames as her eyes grew weary. The shadows had not returned for hours and the feeling of creepy vibes had become a distant memory. Just as Lyn slipt into a deep slumber a strange noise occurred that startled her into awareness. It was a very well known sound this time. A group of humans stumbling through the forest and laughing. Lyn did as her training as always led her to do. Snuff out the fire and seek a quick area to hide in case the need for a sneak attack happened. Lyn crept around a tree to get a better look. The group was a small faction of men, possibly hunters by their dress attire.

Lyn was as silent as the grave as she watched the men chuckle and speak in a language unfamiliar to her. She was far from home and all that she knew. She gripped her sword tightly not knowing what was being said. The group of men came upon her fire site and began to survey what was there. Lyn kept to her shadows and kept her wits about her. They chattered on and on, but just as Lyn began to step toward the men to learn what was being said by using her energy manipulation. The cold wind blew once again. Shadows moved around Lyn's position causing her to jump into the tree. The shadows came back from earlier in the night. Lyn tried to focus on what made the shadows.

The men were suddenly screaming and hollering something in their language. Before Lyn could get a good look the wind stopped and all was silent. It was as if nothing happened. She waited for a few minutes in the tree to be sure the coast was clear. Slowly she lowered to the ground and started a cautious walk toward where she last saw them. A giant pool of blood and bones spread across the ground. The animal skins the men wore were now swimming in blood. Lyn drew out her Dragon's Tail sword and scanned the area around her. Some of the bones had scratch marks deep into the marrow of the bones. Ten men killed and reduced to the remains in seconds it seemed. The cold wind vanished as quickly as it came and the warm night air blew once more.

The sun slowly crept over the horizon illuminating the dark sky. Lyn survived a long night of mystery and creepy events. She would have to move on to another site to await Kain's return in hopes the shadowy attackers would not follow her. Her curiosity was running wild as to what they were and how did they kill so quickly?! Part of her wanted to know while her cautious side did not. She packed up what little she had that was not covered in blood and searched for a new spot to wait for her beloved.

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Happy Halloween....story for the horror fans.

Puppet on a String...

Time and time again people are under threat of fear which was very true for a paranoid man named John Durvis, a safety representative for a plastic making factory. Poor ol' John lived with his mother until she died a few years back. It was then his paranoia got strange. John would do little rituals before leaving his home and at his job as well. John Durvis claimed if he did not do these strange rituals a demon would claim his soul or the soul of others around him. After those words were uttered to some guy pals at work, it was evident why his social life was now null and void. People at his job began to avoid John and make whispers in the shadows about how crazy he sounded. The head of the factory caught wind of the odd news and investigated himself. John being a truthful man gave nothing but the truth. The head of the factory could not believe his ears as the story was told of a demon claiming a soul if a ritual did not get done correctly.

The whole ordeal became a large concern with the safety guy being insane with his rituals running around. None trusted him even though he was a faithful worker for many years. It was decided a psychologist would be brought in to "talk" to John to determine his mental status. The psychologists, Doctor Marc Livara, went to John's home for an evaluation. Dr. Marc asked John to step outside to talk to him. John refused saying it was not a good idea the time was wrong. Dr. Marc inquired further. John explained in detail of the rituals and how to perform them. Each had a time and place to do them. Some were dances in the living room while others were more elaborate depending on the time of day or night.

John Durvis hit another string of bad luck and was fired from his job shortly after the Doctor's visit. He sat alone in his home stewing about the strife caused by the good doctor. John hears whispers and cackles urging him to get revenge. He steps out of the house with a knife in hand late that night. Revenge on his mind and in his heart. The honest man turned would be killer sought out the Doctor who condemned to a life of hardship without a job. John drove to the ritzy side of town to find the home of the Doctor. He scoped out the place like he had seen on several crime movies he loved to watch. Strangely for such a nice place there was little to be seen for security. No dogs, no security guards, and the gate was standing wide open as if to welcome people in. With further sight seeing a party of some sort was in affect at the home of Doctor Marc Livara.

John waited in his car for the party to retire as he waited his eyes became heavy. He fell asleep to be awakened by a tap on his car window. Dr. Marc smiled and offered John come inside to get out of the cold night air. The two men went inside the house as they went to the house John hid the knife he had inside his old coat. They entered the home and John was asked to sit in the living room as Marc went to get some thing for them to drink. John sat and waited for his prey to return, but as he waited he felt the house almost appeared to be getting darker. He kept questioning if he could really kill the man. Dr. Marc returned, handed John a drink, and then sat across from him. "You forgot something John.", Marc's voice was not as playful and light as it had been in the past as he spoke. "Forgot what?", John asked with a shaky tone. He felt fear grip him and an uncertainty of what to do next. Marc smiled revealing his teeth were little white daggers and John 's stomach sank. The ritual was never completed before leaving his home the demon had him now.


THE PAST........ part One!

((A three part story of Lyn's past five years after the atrocity at her Colony))
In the midst of all things dealing with life and death was a woman bound to it as tightly as a clock to time itself.  She could not bring back the dead to full life nor could she create new life.  In her hands rested the very end of life.  Her mother was one of respect and love for life, but somehow the daughter fell from that path.  It had nothing to do with her current and new lover.  Lyn Trancedigaeth had turned her back on her homeland to move forth into her own future never to look back.  The mountains covered in a pearliscent white snow.  It almost glittered in the sunlight.  Time evolved onward as it would.  Lyn still never went back home.  Her lover, Kain, always made a point to return to that fateful spot to pay his respects alone.  Lyn stood overlooking the mountains awaiting his return from such a journey this day.
It would be a five day ride on horseback to Lyn's old stomping grounds, but she remained where she stopped.  Setting up a make shift camping site and traveling around to check for any signs of danger or threats periodically.  Kain continued on after a few sweet words of parting.  As Lyn watched the sun fall behind the mountains in the distance the wind was much colder than normal.  The campfire nearby roared and crackled as any fire would with the wind blowing into it.  It did not affect her in the least, but she could still feel the ominous winds change in course and temperature.  The very feeling made her uneasy and anxious.  The white hair that flowed down her back was whipped upward as the wind grabbed it as it went by.  Strands fell into her face moving slowly around.  The tent nearby rattled by the wind had caught her attention quickly.  The sounds of the night became silenced in a moments notice.  The very life of the surroundings were silenced as well.  Strangely the wind that blew did not make the trees move as they should.   

Lyn stood tall as she listened for any noise.  Her eyes scanned the surrounding area for anything.  Her senses felt like they increased in sensitivity.  Lyn knew Kain had many enemies and they would love to use her as bait or revenge to get back at him for whatever reason they had.  The air suddenly grew still and the cold wind that once blew stopped.  The very heart of Death was pounding as she pondered what would happen next.  Her imagination was going wild with ideas and notions of what if.  Some shadows moved in the forest around her, but Lyn did not rush at them or move from her place of refuge.  Lyn moved closer to the fire in case she needed to use it as a way to fight back.  The shadows moved like creatures instead of men as they slinked and moved in the surrounding area.  A hissing sound could be heard that mimicked someone laughing echoed within the area.  Lyn took a hold of her sword the Dragon's Tail to get ready.  
Just as quickly as they came the shadows left.  Everything returned to normal as the wind began to blow again.  Lyn took a deep breath as she kicked a few more logs into the fire.  Perhaps the fire is what kept them at bay, but only time would tell.

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A what if storyline...part 2

What if Lyn never met Kain so long ago.....
Alexander Trancedigaeth had died and was long gone.  Tiferia and Lyn moved into the Dragon Kin colony.  Tiferia tried her best to teach her daughter her own values.  Life was precious, but Lyn had grown bitter over the years.  Humans and other creatures raided their peaceful home in search of treasure that never existed.  They came to pillage and plunder only to met with resistance from the guardian class of Dragon kin.  Lyn had worked hard against her mother's wishes to become what she is now.  In human terms Lyn would be considered a Colonel in the Army.  She only had to answer to Kreedus and his oldest son.  
Kreedus sought out a peaceful union between Lyn and Kiinok his son.  She saw no need in the union or desire to do so.  Tiferia urged her daughter into some compliance, but was met with a hard headed Lyn saying "no".  Kreedus grew impatient as time went by.   Tiferia had lost her warrior's edge for a more political stand point over time.  It annoyed Lyn to think her mother was favoring Kreedus or his master plan.  She wanted no part of it.
Lyn never faltered in her duty to protect the colony.  When it was her regiments time to patrol.  They did so with precision and precise execution of the strategies that were built up over time.  Lyn's regiment would hide away and strike when their prey was least expecting.  It gave the werewolves less time to change and mages less time to cast spells.  Every aspect of the mountain was Lyn's playground.  The snow gave camouflage, the winds kept their scent away from the enemy, and the trees were great  places to strike with arrows upon the enemy.   
Energy manipulation was indeed a gift she had, but it had to be concealed.  Only a few within her own regiment knew of her powers.  They never spoke of her power knowing it had saved their lives countless times.   They encouraged her to continue to practice the gifts.  Lyn would travel away from the colony to use her gifts in peace.  Her loyal regiment would cover for her while she was away.  
On one such occasion she happened to be followed by Kiinok.  He was a head strong Dragon Kin who was also the first and only son of Kreedus the King of the Colony.  Lyn sensed his energy behind her and did nothing to show off any power.  He confronted her about leaving and she remained silent.  Kiinok forced her to go before Kreedus for for further questioning.  Lyn remained silent even with the threat of losing her stature in the Colony.  She  had worked hard to get her ranking and even harder to protect her fellow Kin.  
Kreedus became volatile and dangerous.  He was easily enraged and always felt threatened being the King of the Colony.  Among his fellow dragons the leader was always challenged for control, but in the Colony most were happy to live in peace.  Kiinok was the union of Kreedus and a young nomadic woman.  Once his kind found out both were sent away from the dragon's homeland.  The nomadic woman was unknown to all.  It was said Kreedus killed her for making their son come to light and him losing his home.  Lyn believed that truth knowing how agressive the beast was.  Kiinok was calmer than his father, but he still had the 'I am better than anyone' attitude.  
Tiferia begged for Lyn's safety after over hearing the plans to torture her to speak.  Her regiment was forced to patrol without her and they did so unwillingly.  While their commander was being treated as a traitor.  Kreedus roared and growled as he tried to hold onto his human form.  Even he knew if a full dragon took form and attacked it would mean war upon the Colony.  The very essence of war echoed upon the Colony.  There were many laws in check to keep things peaceful.  Kreedus knew them all by heart and enforced them better than anyone by fear alone.  Lyn did not want war upon the Colony.  No one did.
Kreedus used that knowledge against her and offered a deal she would have to decide on quickly.  He spoke of bringing down the wrath of the full blooded dragons who set the laws in place if she did not comply to him.  She would have to marry Kiinok or leave the Colony forever.  Lyn hated being backed into a corner.  She took the only path that made her feel like she would be free of Kreedus and his unjust ruling.  Tiferia would be forced to remain , but Lyn had to leave without letting anyone know.  
Lyn traveled around the world and after a few years she heard the news of her Colony's fall.   People were talking about it in a tavern Lyn took refuge in.  She sighed as she took another swig of ale.  It was said there was no survivors.  Lyn did have a chance to say goodbye or to even help in the end.  Hearing there were no survivors, she decided to take a trip back home.  Traveling for days felt like years for her.  Every step meant another closer to the place she was exiled from.  Her steps brought her over the mountain over looking her old home.  It was a seer massacre that awaited her.  
Falling to her knees as she saw her mother's bones being picked at by scavengers.  Everyone she knew was murdered.  There was signs of Lycans and what appeared to be a vampire.  Lyn knew the Vampires and Lycans would not work together.  It was rumored the war between the two drove them apart years ago.  Lyn knew of a pack of Lycans nearby, but they alone came around when blood was in the air.  It sent them into a frenzy.  A vampire alone was no match for a Dragon Colony.  

Lyn walked around the Colony to see more and more evidence of a vampire assault.  Dragon Kin drained of blood and their remains left for dead.  Kreedus was ripped apart in the center of the Colony only to accompanied by his son not too far away.  Tiferia had fought the hardest it appeared.  Lyn could sense her energy in the very air around her body.  There was no sign of who did this, so Lyn left.  She covered her head with her cloak and walked off into the sunset.  
There was nothing more Lyn could do and nothing she could have done being so far away.  The thought of revenge was in the corner of her mind, but not knowing the who or what made it even harder to know who to go after.  All she knew was that it was indeed a vampire of great power.  Lyn used her knowledge of human greed to learn more and more.  Paying them off for information that would eventually lead her to the culprit.  
Vampires had a new enemy to worry about one that used energy manipulation and her speed to bring down her foes.
((Once again thank you for reading my 'what if...' story.  I will write more 'What if' stories.  ^_~ ))

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A what if story line.....

In the midst of battle the very energy felt within her core had vanished and with it she became cold inside.  His warm presence was no longer felt in her heart.  His voice inside her head silenced in an instant.  Lady Death had no idea what happened, but in the center of battle she did what she knew, fight.  She fought against every foe that came her way.  The battle around her waged on and the army that was her allies fought beside her.  One thing was missing in the moment, him.  The reason she still drew breath and kept living.  She kept her death powers from consuming her to live for him.
Somehow he was lost in the battle.  Lyn quickly found out the foes she faced grew in number and strength within minutes.  Overwhelming and out numbering her own army.  She summoned the dead to fight along side her to face the rising numbers.  It was as if every one she brought to life to fight, the enemy brought forth more.  Lyn made her way on the battle field to where she last saw Kain.  Her one and only love.  What she found was something she silently prayed not to.  Kain's bloody body silent and unmoving.  He had been wounded and the weapon that killed him still rose from his lifeless chest.  Lyn knew the sword all too well.  It was Perdition, Kain's own sword.  Lyn's eyes welled up in bloody tears as she looked at her loved one's body.  The mighty Kain had been struck down in battle.  Lyn scream of pain echoed in the battle field.  A blood curdling sound that even made the heaven's cry in tears.  The rain fell as it pounded onto the Earth below.  Lyn felt as though time stood still for her while the others fought around her.  
Lyn gripped her sword tighter as she summoned her horse of Death to her side.  Vantago rose from the depths of the Earth with an unholy mission to seek out his Mistress of Death.  Men screamed as they were trampled by the mighty beast.  Hooves pounded the ground creating the sound of thunder.  Lyn leaped onto his back as he ran by.  With her sword in one hand and Death's scythe on the other she made her way through the the battlefield.  The scythe swooshed through the air cleaving men in half as it moved through their bodies with ease.  Vantago picked up speed as he ran in and out of the enemy ranks.  Lyn sat tall on his back swinging both weapons to strike down as many as she could.  The rain pounded and stung as it hit her face causing the bloody tears to wash away.  
Unlike before when Lyn would not strike down a single animal this time was different.  Lyn had lost what made her whole and care.  Everyone was a victim to her massacre.  Even her own allies fell to her wild swings of the weapons she now held in her hands.  Suddenly Lyn heard a man cry out orders a top  a mountain.  He was the reason for this madness.  Recklessly she rode in his direction.  This man was far bigger than her and could easily out power her in strength.  Lyn was even more dangerous than before.  She had lost what she fought for and now she had nothing to lose.  The man's army quickly surrounded her as she went straight into a trap and it made her feel cornered.  Vantago rose up on his back hooves and kicked madly at the foes around them.  
The enemies' army flung ropes around Vantago dragging him down.  Lyn fought to the end as he went to the ground.  Both Lyn and Vantago hit the ground hard causing her to release the scythe and also to get pinned by her leg under Vantago's weight.  Now the leader of the army stood over Lyn laughing at his soon to be victory over War and Death.  War was first to fall and now she would follow him.  Lyn enraged at her ignorance to this plot against her used her powers to fight back.  The army around her began to fall into her powers of Death.  Gasping for air and struggling to live.  The leader however was wise to back up quickly to a safe distance.  He waited patiently for the right moment to strike.  
As the last man near Lyn died she lowered her powers to seek out the leader.  In that moment he struck a blow to her.  The spear he held and waited for this moment was now impaled into her shoulder.  Ever movement caused aching pain.  The leader took great delight as he walked up to her.  The leader moved the spear around, but Lyn would not cry out.  Only sound she made was a few grunts and deep breaths through gritted teeth.  Just as things looked bad they got worse.  The leader summoned for another spear.  He quickly impaled her other shoulder with the blade easily going through her flesh and bone.  The spears were used as a torture device and he relished every twist and move he made with them.  Lyn cried out when the leader twisted both spears at once.  Tears began to flow, but the pain she felt now was nothing compared to her loss of Kain.  The leader offered her a deal and she spat in his face.  Lyn never made deals with anyone who hurt Kain.  She looked over to see Vantago laying still.  His breath could not be felt against her leg locked under him.  The cool of his blood could be felt against her skin.  The enemy had killed Vantago leaving his body to keep her still.  Lyn had lost her most trusted ally and her lover in the battle.  
The pain wrecked havoc on her heart and soul.   Lyn's arms were useless ever since the spears severed the nerves to them.  All she could do was lay there and take the punishment.  Closing her eyes and focusing on what to do next.  Her options were running out.  In a flash of white she felt a quick release.  A few moments later Kain stood before her in an all white suite smiling at her.  Vantago was there too.  No wounds on any one of them.  Lyn looked baffled as she gazed upon them.  She looked down at her own body to see she too was wearing white.  An uncharacteristic thing for her.  She mainly wore red, black, or some kind of metal.  Lyn felt no pain, no cold feeling, and no remorse.  She took Kain's hand and he lead her into a whole new world free of all that tormented her.  Kain drew her in close and placed a kiss upon her sweet lips.  He apologized for letting her down, but he was indeed happy to see her in the afterlife. 
Even in the end Death can die, but she fights too hard to live to come close.  She had too many things to live for.   Without him she felt the emptiness the world offered her and now she stands in the afterlife with him.  The one who completed her soul and heart.
((Thank you for taking the time to read my little "What if.." story....I had fun writing it and hopefully I will write more later in time! ^_^ ))


On the down side of Death....

Lady Death stood leaning onto the balcony of the Ivory tower reflecting on what was and what was to be.  Her mind flirted with ideas of what if as well.  In an almost trance like state the inner workings of Death reflected on the past.  Something she rarely did to begin with.  The eyes of Death looked as though they starred out into her domain of Eternus Obscurum, but they were no where in this moment. 

A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she pondered further and further.  If her mom were alive would she be proud or frown upon what she had become.  Would her father be proud at the creation he planted into the world.  He was a sinister mage enough to smile at Lady Death killing so mercilessly at times.  Her stomach churned at the thought of pleasing the man.  Lady Death wished she was the cause of his untimely death and not some other means that were unknown.

Different thoughts came to her mind.  A swirling pool of unending ideas.  One thought did not cross her mind though.  The very thought of life without Kain.  She thought about what he would be like without her, but not the other way around.  Lady Death also tangled with the thought of her own demise.  Something that she wondered about.  Being the Horseman of Death and being able to die.  It amused her a little to think of the irony.  She had come close to death herself and was at the brink of her end a few times in her life.  One thing most did not know is that she is very much alive.  Lady Death had a heartbeat, had emotions, and breathed the air, but being the Rider of Death gave its' own advantages.  The power over death itself.  She was fast enough to save herself or Kain was fast enough to save her from extinction.  Being the last of the Dragon Kin was something that troubled her mind as well.  The God's made it impossible for any other Dragon Kin to be born unto the world.  Lady Death thought about the very few number of dragons in existence.  She could count them on one hand almost. 

The human soul that resided within her died long ago, but her dragon soul still lived.  Lady Death was thankful the human soul died.  She wanted no part in being human.  In her eyes they were greedy and quick to destroy things they did not understand.  Lady Death was also quick to destroy humans, but she gave few a chance to prove themselves.  In doing so she allowed them to be their own judge and jury.  She was just the executioner of the punishment or the one to walk away to let them live. 

The inner mind of Death went deeper and deeper into thought only to be startled by a riot within the Colosseum walls.  An untimely escape was in affect.  Lady Death watched as the men from below the arena busted their way out.  The Ivory tower over looked the arena, so she could watch without having to be up close to the action and blood spray.  Not that it bothered her, but sometimes she wanted quiet and solitude with Kain away from others.  Kain was no where to be seen this night.  Lady Death looked on as the men were feeling their confidence rise as their plan came to fruition.  The men who escaped did well in the arena and survived many fights in the past month, but the escape would be something entirely different.  The men gave an interesting fight only to fail by the Soulfeeder's hands or claws as you might say. 

Another heavy sigh escaped her lips after the men fell to their own death.  Good fighters wasted for an attempt to freedom.  Lady Death did not sympathize with their blight.  It was over before much could be said about it.  Lady Death did wonder if they had any regrets other than trying to escape the arena.  Her mind drifted to her own regrets.  Looking to a full moon that glowed in the night.  The stars paled in comparison to the moonlight. 

Lady Death stood tall as she retreated to her quarters for a good night's rest and some relief from her idle wandering mind.  Kain would worry if he saw how deep in thought she was.  He would probably wonder what she was thinking and if she told him.  Lady Death had no idea the outcome of that discussion.  Except he would comfort her and reassure her her mind is just going too deep into the "What if.." theory. 

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