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General Information: Name: Lady Lyn Death (Before the English translation Lady Lyn Trancedigaeth) Aliases: LD or Lady Death Age: Unknown to all Place of Birth: Also Unknown Height: 5’9” Weight: 150lbs Skin: White Eye color: pure White Hair: White Parents: Mother was feather winged Blizzard dragon named Tiferia Hystorm, who could take on human form//Father was human mage named Alexander Trancedigaeth


Energy manipulation - She can ignite a flame or create electricity by using her powers to control the very kinetic bindings’. Or she can stop the flow of energy at its basic level. Easily absorbing, dispersing, and releasing many forms of energy. Lightening, fire, and wind can be created using this gift. Controlling where lightening goes taxes her body since lightening is so unpredictable.

Energy Sensory - Being able to sense the presence of power and energy ratings. Using this ability at her touch can draw out information from the brain. Drawing information requires her touch to flesh, clothing would block the delicate procedure. Her ability to touch someone and draw out information using her energy manipulation is easy, but requires flesh to flesh touch. It takes seconds to do it and decipher energy pulses in the brain into information.

Fast Healing - A minor cut heals in seconds and a full body injury would heal in 24 hours.

Death Abilities - An abyss resides within her and from it manifest the deaths ability to summon the undead or to kill. Can be used in a wave of an energy blast or touch. Does not require eating or drinking due to the abyss swallowing the food or drink and dispersing it among the abyss. Her own dragon soul is strong enough to control the abyss and keep it check. Without it the abyss would grow and absorb everything. Killing all. With the summoning of the undead she controls them without trouble. They obey only her commands. In wave form it not so powerful it would kill a normal human, but would only cause pain to a higher class. When she touches a person to kill them, their memories go into her as well as the general make up of the person. Giving her the perfect ability to morph into them.

Morphing -Using magic Lyn can take on any form she chooses.

Blizzard creation and control -a gift from her bloodline. Her mother could control the very worst of ice storms and fly with ease and through genetics, so can LD. Without the flying part.

Magic Abilities -has the ability to use magic due to her father and her dragon bloodline. She knows many spells, but rarely uses them due to it taking time to use. She has yet to train hard enough to get good enough to use magic without a spell, but eventually she will learn the gifts required to use it without spells.

Immunity to mind control/probing: Within her mind lies the secrets to life over death and the Apocalypse. To protect that knowledge her mind is sealed shut to prevent that information from becoming known or used against the World.

Weakness: Color blindness except for the shades of red. Kain is the only one she sees in color due to him being the last one she saw before the abyss set into motion in her body. While under a lot of emotional or physical stress her alter form can come to fruition. It is a combination of her dragon half and the angel of death. It gives her a boost in her powers plus ability to fly. Draw back is her emotional control. She is faster to get angry and less rational. Plus after she changes back after this form her body is very weak and prone to damage faster until it reclaims the health after a day or so. No more that 24 hours of weakness.

Weapons: Dragon's tail-A 5 foot long bladed sword that can cut up most metals easily. Also whips out into a 16 foot bladed whip. The whip form can be used to bounce off hard objects to reflect attacks elsewhere.

Knives-A quick kill and usually her option for torturing people to death. She always has one on her person at all times.

Guns-she can use guns of various calibers and uses them when needed.