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Lady T's pull list

What I'm following at the moment :).

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  • Who isn't reading this really...

  • Dont knock him till youv'e tried him. You'll fall hard.

  • The art style gets to me, but this team is comprised of some of the core members of my favorite league of super powered folks.


    There was a reboot inside of a Reboot, and everything is as it should be. I can totally say you should be on this title now!

  • I love that this book focuses on the kids and letting them be kids for just a little while in the school environment with all sorts of shenanigans to be had.

  • Talk about a team full of fierceness. I'm totally digging how power is balanced on the team between dudes and ladies to boot. Good ol fashioned magic and mayhem.

    (Being Cancelled this summer)Check it out before it's gone... you should have been doing that anayway...

  • I was into Legacy before when it was Rogue, but I am so over that. It's all about David and Blindfold. If these amazing covers don't get you, wait till you look inside.

  • Oh baby why isn't this a monthly like really. Each issue is lively and not just a carbon copy of Finn and Jake's stories either. So much independent action and the art is gorgeous!

  • Always and forever ma babus. Seriously though Teen choices at there best right here, I tell ya what.

  • I a love non atypical cast, and you don't get more non atypical then the two leads in Dial H.

    (being CANCELLED THIS SUMMER TOO) I just can't have nice things. Give this series a chance. It's not your usual read and I love it. Who knows where the future leads, so pick it up!

  • Gail Simone and a team book is magic in the air.

  • I didn't know I needed this book in my life as much as i did and then I read it!

    I flippan love everything about this book. The art, the characters, the concept (surprisingly), and all. I'm sure if you give Calvin Rose a chance, you'll be quite surprised. Especially this last arc. Woeza!

  • Super Teen adventures with a really cool line up of youngins!

  • Respect

  • I was on the fence about this title for a while before i quit perpetrating and caved in. Outcasts with superpowers fighting to be free.

    oh and Faith, yes.

  • I love me some fairy tales and the art is gorgeous!

  • Pshaw, you had me when you fell off a building. Now Kate Bishop is on the team so wahoo!!

  • Just wow. This series has been really amazing and though true not for the faint at heart, it's really been great so far. I love reading a hero and family on a quest together. This quest is truly a what the hey-hey woah one at that, but it truly makes for an interesting story.

  • You can not be curious to see where this leads haha.

  • Seriously glad I stuck around with this one bc Selena is really getting a chance to tell a good story with lots of action.


    Limbo world right now. Started off with amazing momentum and has slowed down some...

  • My most anticipated book of the month!

    Not so much anymore. I'm still reading it, but the dynamic is nowhere what it used to be, and it's not even a team book right now :/

  • I was only picking this up at first because of a friends, but then fell in love with the style, and now im truly a fan of his adventures. Im looking forward to when he actually gets friends though, bc dude could use a hand in Africa.


    David is no longer the lead of this book. It's the son of Luscious Fox...I think...I'm gonna give him a few issue to see where he goes, but I miss David already.