Comics That Deserve a Good Reading

Some of these titles are pretty commonsenseical that you should have read or be reading them, but some others are a bit more elusive. Tis why I have created this list; to make sure more are aware of the awesome range of win that's hovering about in the comic realm.

List items

  • An existential ride wrapped in dark misleading showered in crazy that will have you tripping out at one moment and flipping out in another, but when it’s all said and done it’s quite a remarkable tale of the things a being with the ability to warp reality will do to experience love.

  • What more need be said about this fantastic team that Rebooted my withered flame to a soothing encompassing fireplace that is my love for comics once again! What’s not to love about these guys, really!

    Start with original run first!

  • The hidden in the shadows child of Wolverine for the past 70 something odd years has come to the light. He’s fun to read and nasty to watch, but once you start it’s hard to turn away. Definitely not for the kids, but this gal just eats up his crazy antics and shenanigans every month! I was first introduced to Daken through this book and become fixated on the appeal that a true anti-villain has to offer.

  • If you have no interest in this title, it is because you haven't bothered to pick it up. Rite here my friends is the beginnings of an awesome hero. This boy is precioucless, and I can't wait to see him grow into his spidey boots and stand alongside the heroes he admires.

  • Trying to pick one title from there repertoire is quite a challenge due to the many changes that have happen through the course of the Authority. Not just in cast, but also in character portrayals throughout the issues. There could be quite a big deal of inconsistencies throughout different runs when relating them to the previous, but putting them together and reading all the in between is what makes the large picture. One thing that can be said though is that the books featuring this team featured a cast of characters who took absolutely no nonsense. You want to create rape camps, or be a tyrant suppressing your own people go right on ahead, but you will have to answer to a higher Authority and when they get to you, it won’t be pretty bc they don’t believe in a slap on the wrist for repeated offenders or those who do reaalll baaadd stuff. They just take you out. Not only that but this team literally sought to change the world in hopes of creating a better earth, Sure they may not have worked out all of the kinks, but they held down the fort (when they weren’t getting high or having sex parties’ haha) and whatever they dished out, they could take. Besides this team is the original home of The Apollo and Midnighter, Jennifer Sparks, The Engineer, and Jack Hawksmore, so if you’re enjoying the new Stormwatch title, you should check out there origins. It will be like watching your extremist rebellious phase all over again on an intergalactic scale and having superpowers while hanging with your super powered friends and lover.

  • Truly the new era of the dynamic duo was ushered in when Dick Grayson finally became Batman and took his newly acquainted broody little brother Damian Wayne as his Robin. The two exhibited a dynamic to the traditional duo that only their unique beings could bring. A Batman that still holds hope for the future that exuded a sunny disposition and a Robin who was raised to be a pure blooded killer with a darker mentality then the blackest of nights working together to protect Gotham all the while trying to work together. Things start off a little rocky, but once the rhythm is found, the team dynamic becomes incredibly efficient and a breath of fresh air for the usual dynamic of Batman & Robin. Though they are no longer together as Batman and Robin, you can still relive their adventures together and their unique rogue galleries from the comics run starting in 2009 to 2011.

  • Being that I am quite the fan of Daken, I came across this title as one of his crossover books. I was immediately attracted to the fact that it featured the horror story kickback characters of Morpheus, the Mummy, Missing Link fish dude, (don’t even ask how long it took me to figure out that it was the actual Punisher staring as Franken Castel and not a standalone character) and tons of gritty technical artwork. Everything from the battels between Frank and Daken to Franks time with the monster people (especially that creature child <3) below the city and beyond was incredibly enjoyable for the eyes and mind compiled in trade form. I truthfully wished that Frank would have stayed in his homage to Frankenstein form. It was incredibly fitting and a unique evolution of character. The only breaking flow point during the back story was when it switched to the past to talk about the blood stone and got all “it was a night before Christmas” art style on me. Besides that, you are in for a dark treat that has it’s surprisingly humorous bits thrown into the fryer.

  • A multidimensional view of Wolverine at his worst while doing his best. Gory, creepy, insane and just plain weird at times, The Best There Is definitely a title that’s not for everyone. But for those not offended by any of the above and believe that a hero who has been around for over century could have possibly learned a trick or two with his instruments of death that don’t involve *dun-duh-duhh killing* will surely find this to be an entertaining (and heart wrenching ride) as you explore the depths of Wolverine through a whole nother perspective where the claws aren’t the main focus.

  • A charismatic doctor with a scalpel called Excalibur that can cut through anything (once taught) on the hunt for supernatural beings and occurrences accompanied on his travels with a young protégée who is eager to assist but clueless to what's really going on, and a young (?) mysterious woman as the muscle you call when demonic possessions/creatures get rough, and you've got yourself and entertaining read. A four part miniseries executed in beautifully rendered gore-ific expertise riddled in dark humor with an interesting cast and fantastic creature designs will have you wanting more.

  • After the schism between what was left of the x-men after M-day, Wolverine takes the kids back to ground zero in Westchester where the dream of homo superior and sapiens coexisted started at the school Xavier started o so long ago. Though seeming like it would be a rehashing of what was already done, it is an original concept in that the cast of characters are an entirely new and unique experience to behold. Mutants of the earth kind and alien are welcome here and excitement and thrills can be found on every panel.

  • Oh just look at that cover.