Thoughts on the Raw Hide Kid and his icon status for lgbt themes

I actually picked up the last two Rawhide Kid titles bc I found them for cheaps at a shop I happened upon during my travels. I had been hearing so much about how terribly portrayed the character was made to be I had to read for myself since he is listed as being a iconic for lgbt themes in comics being that he had a solo series.

From reading Slap leather and the Sensational Seven I was able to infer a lot first hand. He is INCREDIBLY camp to the max. That is most definitely accurate. I don't think being camp is a bad thing, but considering the team of dudes who put it together, it's easy to see where the ugh comes from when reading the Kids dialogue at times because he was a rarity for comics and thus a big generalization by the creators to be absorbed for/by the masses.

Anywho this dude created the play book on how to use pseudonyms. My goodness. I had to re-read quite a few conversations just to get the actual gist of what he was talking about at times. He could easily become a cryptics specialist for sending tips and secrets around because some decoding is needed when he gets on a tangent.

I totally forgot that Explicit Content was put on anything that had mentions of gay relations before a few years ago, so I read the book thinking that with every turn page I was gonna stumble upon actual leather slappin', but that never happened. He didn't even kiss a guy through either minis ...come to think of it, there were way more lady bits then dude bits by a long shot. There was also a very trigger happy big woman of color who at first made me glee bc she was quite deadly, but then made me not so much glee since she was just as bad as her company of dude rapist and criminals (at least until the end I suppose when she settled down with one of the tavern whores). *Ahem* The Kid didn't even get a feasible romantic interest until The Sensational Seven and that kinda just fizzled within like two panels. Something about Kid being to self-centric ._.. Now if the series had continued maybe something could have happened between them, but we will probably never know.

I'm not opposed to seeing the series revived...again, and given some hella better treatment bc I totally think that the getting together of the sensational seven has plenty of room for some good stories and developments. Old westerns with a twist can still get some love. I heart me some Jonah Hex, heck he's been shown on panel bathing with another dude in a tiny tub come to think about it.

In any case, one positive I got from the series was he's actually really strong which was pretty cool to see a campy (albeit heavily stereotyped with the language and gestures) guy in a comic who was pretty darned fierce with a gun and could put up them dukes too.

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Comic Crafts!? Blasphomey you say? Naaayyyy I say.

So the comic shop I usually attend is a little but awesome one located at the local flea market and is the only one within an hour's drive from my place. I wish they were located in a store with A/C, but it's all good and I love how personable the crew is. Anyhow, That Guy who usually pulls my comics has a habit of sticking duplicate comics in my stack and I (admittedly) usually over look this until I bag and boarded at the end of the month. Needless to say, I have ended up with quite a few extras (along with the quarter bin comics I've duplicated too >_>) that I've been wondering what to do with.

I could sell them (not worth it because they are really common and random issues), keep them (taken up precious space in my tiny place), or give them away ( not to the neighborhood kids because I'd never hear the end of it and my buds already do comic swaps). Sure I could leave them in random places, and I probably will settle on doing that because that's a neat idea and may get another fan in the circle (I really want to do this with Aquaman. Just waiting for when the new 52 hits the quarter bins...

One of the series I had duplicates in that I wouldn't leave on random corners for fear of children reading them are my Daken dupes. Since I love reading him and he is a pretty entertaining character, I've always wanted some swag with him on it, but can't even find a t-shirt of him (or anything besides his figurine [which I already have] that has his face on it), let alone anything that would be really neat to show my heart for the Dark Wolverine.

So I had this pair of golden pumps I used for a ball at an anime convention that were gold and never wore again just chillin in my room and went "hrrmm...." stroking my chin and then "ah-HA!" wishing I could snap my fingers (just doesn't work with me). I would combine these two elements and make me some custom Dark Wolverine pumps! I looked up a neat method to adhere the paper to the pumps and went one step further with the shimmer modpodge and coated them in a sealant and VIOLA!

I can ware this scene wherever I go haha.
I can ware this scene wherever I go haha.
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Super Folks Workout Vids

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I would pay some cash to get a video of super peoples working out like foreals.

I would say I don't care who, but I know I would love to have Cap telling me to do one more, I'd do like 10 more before I passed out. Talk about motivated.

Any super peoples that would get you to keep going that extra mile or inspire the heck out of you?

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Excited for new comic announced by Image!

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Just got my issue of preview from my comic shop and when you flip it around you get this awesome pic above! The story is called SAGA and will feature these two and their new born daughter trying to live as normal a life as possible with a galactic war going on.

It's going to be a new ongoing comic from Image Comics and I'm already excited about it (and I've only read a three page preview mind you). The art looks awesome and the couple trying to raise there baby just look omega awesome! It always thrills my heart to see diversity in comics, but even more so when it looks and sounds this epic!! At the start of the preview for the comic I was having a good laugh while also acknowledging the impact of what was going on, so I am on my tiptoes with anticipation to see where this comic leads.

I can't wait to get my hands on the first issues in March 2 days before my birthday!! You should totally go check out the preview and become in-swooned with it and wait with me patiently for this awesome series to hit print (you may have to put an order for it specifically to come to your local comic shop, but i'm sure it'll be worth it)!


Drugs are Bad M'kay

Father Flip a Heat Pill!
Father Flip a Heat Pill!

I'm allready feeling the sadness approaching due to Daken's series being canceled. His lifestyle was just to hardcore rock n roll for Marvel to handle, so I he's going to be given the ultimate send off thanks to a terminal disease thus erasing him from the marvel scape.

Sigh, your shenanigans rebooted my interest in comics, but alas my dark misguided, egotistical, snazzily dressed, manipulative, Daken faced, depraved bisexual, agent of chaos, anti-villain Daken aka Akihiro, your time will be coming to an end during the month of my birthday. Oh woe is me, what a bitter present I will receive come this March, sighhh...


Hottest husbands and Stormwatch talk

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How many of you knew Apollo was an artist? Well he is and he's so freaking amazing that he can paint with tints, shades, AND different colors using only a number two pencil.

Haha, yeah!

Though I am enjoying the reboot of Stormwatch, I'm still finding it hard to get down with Apollo's (aka Andrew which I think is just a dealing name) buzz cut. I'm not even going to start harping on that chin spike of Midnighter's... nope, not gonna harp on it's pointyness just snatching my attention from the plot to stare at it and go "Why!?"

Anywho, I read last issue in a flash and highlights were: Sooner then expected caressing from Midnighter and week in the knees Apollo (ha, I was totally expecting to take the prudish tart pace and not have elbows even brush till around issue# 10), Apollo still has maintained the ability to loose his clothing during battle (one of the few super-dudes I have seen who's costume takes more battle damage then he does), Angie stepping up and being all "I am the authority so do as I say," and the possibility that the useless "leader" that is Adam may be going away. I'm not saying he should die for it, but please go away sir....

I'm aslo trying to recall if there is a Doctor on this team? I know Jenny, but the other young one on the team I'm guessing is the Doctor? Those powers always , made the best and funniest results, but the job done.


Thoughts on the new X-Kids on the block and then some

Smells like young and the Restless up in here.

Only two books in and I’m already drawing crack (and a lot at that. Been too busy to do original stuff, but apparently my hands had time to do some crack-tastic fanart).

I would say let me explain, but there is really no point besides the main point that canonically it may be nonsensicle, but aesthetically I am pleased. I believe that I am immensely attracted to the ideas that opposites attract and I can’t help but feel (based off the slythern of info that I know on Shi’arns and Kid Gladiator) that they’d be a dynamic contrast. Then there is the flirtatious and kick butt Warbird who has a pretty rockin’ design to. She was all up in Iceman clone junk and my mind instantly went to how she and Rockslide need to meet. Best Double Date company ever. My mind is reeling with the hilarity, fun, and general awesomeness that is the potential between these four.

In all honesty though, I would be surprised if all four of them get any screen time with the way new peps get introduced to the x-folks. I’m hoping since Wolverine and the X-Men is a new title it will be a new opportunity to use the already established characters alongside the new ones. I’m also already cooing at Broo and Idie so precious.

I will say that the inspiration for a lot of the pics I’ve been doodling on Kid Gladiator and Anole came from reading the course catalogue listing for the new institute. When I saw Sex Ed. being taught by Gambit my mind started tripping lols, it is like 9 types of win (and possibly counterproductive if were promoting abstinence) but it certainly put me in the mood for classroom mischief… Speaking of Kid Gladiator being a Strontian and having his strength levels measured by how high his confidence is had me thinking that these dudes must have Namor level egos over 9000 back at Shi’ar, but I don’t see that being the case with a teenager due to all the hormones and what not…we shall see!

I’m definitely happy to see a return to the school room atmosphere for this title; it gives much needed room for development and shenanigans with the younger mutants; that’s been missing for a while now, what made following the X-Men so great for me was seeing them go from spastic noob fazes to cruising and in charge when they got started mastering those abilities. Anyhow the whole school set up is already jamming with adventures to be had and relationships to explore; I just hope the Young X-Men class gets a lot more exploring.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to continue riding this inspiration phase as I create bi-polar teens due to the fact that I’m running off of 6 panels of screen time per character and already paring folks up ha. With that said, any thoughts on young mutants and the relations and shenanigans to possibly be explored in this new title?


The Good ol' days

Nightcrawler n Wolverine
Nightcrawler n Wolverine

In an alternate reality where Wolverne is as tall as you thought he was before standing next to everyone else or Nightcrawler is a small pixies of sorts...

Anywho, I miss their awesome adventures. Kurt and Logan's Less than Epic Roadtrip would have been an awesome series (I'd have bought it). Heck, Colossus could have joined in and made it tripple the lols. Doesn't seem like many X-Men have room for many lols these days :/.

I miss Kurt...


Some thoughts on Zero and his capacity for affection staring Oya

Techno meat man says smile
Techno meat man says smile

High octane nightmare fuel or incredibly sweet…?

A Pic I drew of Tetsuo trying to cheer up Idie.

I have just been exposed to Generation Hope through Schism and boy are there some pretty nifty characters in the bunch. My favorites are Zero (I could read a comic on just his inner monologues and be entertained, Oya (just want to hug her and see that smile) and Transoinic (I truly know little about her but her design is neat and she’s sassy). The rest of the team I have seen very little action of and I truthfully don’t have any strong feelings either way about Hope :/. Hopefully I will get my hands on Gen. Hope Vol. 1 to put me up to speed on more of the team and their personalities.

Anywho from what I have gathered, Idie is a seriously disturbed little girl with a self destructive mindset that just made me go aawwwww... and then I found out about her history and went double aawww… I Seeing Wolverine try his darndest to show that young girl some childlike wonder is what made me curious about her since everyone knows every couple years Wolverine “adopts” a girl and becomes a fatherly figure/ big brother (what a squishy regenerator) and I always find that out reach to be an incredibly endearing part of his character to know he’s got a soft spot for the kids (I will leave his own child out of this because true that’s a rocky-road if I have ever seen one, but you can’t say he doesn’t try…a lot so I’m not going to site him for neglect just yet).

Zero on the other hand had me at enigmatic presence and “is that Tetsuo? Bout time he found the X-Men, that boy needed some assistance with control”. Then he spoke and I was like “how dubiously cryptic you are sir” and there’s never a dull visual moment when he’s on panel. Sure he’s snarky sarcastic (did you just say you were making burgers of your flesh sir?) and pretty reclusive, but I noticed through Schism that he does care at least somewhat for a few people on his team. Well enough to talk to Transonic over their disdain for Hope. Then again when trying to comfort Idie with his tentacles (no matter how you word anything descriptive with Kenji it’s going to sound like a horror flick, awkward, or incredibly lewd…leaning towards lewd but beside the point, he was trying). I thought it was an incredibly sweet attempt and started thinking about him secretly trying to get Idie to smile and Viola! Meat bouquet was born. I don’t know how exactly idie would act in this situation, but I think she’d be able to appreciate the thought.

I probably would have thought they would make an incredibly cool and visually neat pairing to contrast upon, but I’ve just recently realized that people can’t decide if she is 12 or 14 and I’m pretty sure he is 18 and I’m not trying to think about anyone getting put in Pedo court bc of mistaken age *comics and anime making freaking predator bait for years*. True this is all fictional and yada-yada it still makes my eyes scrunch up when thinking about it. For my mental morality time skips for all yay!!

Any who incredibly sweet, crude, weird, WTF, whatever, any thoughts on these two?

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