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Motor City Comic Con 2010

Went to the Motor City Comic Con yesterday. Saw some pretty cool costumes that I regret not taking pictures of now. A little kid Joker and Robin were the standouts along with the 501st Legion who are always amazing looking.  Bought some prints from Greg Horn (Yellow Lantern Scarecrow), Matt Busch (Zombie Wars) & some other guys who weren't as nice as those two were. Max Brooks was there signing World War Z, Zombie Survival Guide & Zombie Survival Guide Recorded Attacks. He signed Recorded Attacks for me and I may have fan girled a little. lol  Also picked a hilarious low budget horror movie called The Landlord, super nice guys & highly entertaining movie. 

Trades/Comics I picked up:

  • The Walking Dead - Book One
  • The Walking Dead - Book Two
  • Incredible Hercules - Smash of the Titans
  • Zombie Survival Guide Recorded Attacks by Max Brooks
  • Annihilation Conquest - Book One
  • Annihilation - Book Two
  • Annihilation - Book Three 
  • Executive Assistant Iris #1
  • Tapping the Vein - Book Three
  • Tapping the Vein - Book Four
  • Alias

Updating my Pull List.....

I'm updating my pull list since alot of whatt I used to read has turned to crap (X-Men) or been canceled(Guardians of the Galaxy). Already being add is Green Lantern, X-Factor, Flash, Fables & Jack of Fables.  So I'm looking for suggestions of comics that are currently being issued please. 


My Avengers Heroic Line up..........

I would love it if the team was composed of newer or lesser known Heroes. Get rid of Spidey, Wolverine & all the other big names. Just use the Young Avengers, with the Runaways being horrible there needs to be a young team in the Marvel Universe. Isn't the whole of point of the Y.A. to be the next generation of Avengers anyways? 

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Bye Bye Bye!!!!

 I'm going to make this short, sweet and to the point. It's just not fun anymore.  I can't just relax and have fun anymore without having to worry about offending someone. If you think I'm refering to you there's a 99.5% chance that I'm not so please relax. Yes I have had life issues interfering lately but when I have been able to visit I just haven't wanted to. So I'm taking a break from the site, I'll probably be back but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Sorry if I inconvenienced anyone you can yell at me on MSN I'll still be on that.



Beast finds a way to revive the mutant race.
No more crossovers for at least a year. 
Consistent writers/artists on titles. Changing them constantly is annoying.
Never hire greg land again.
Bring Marvel Knights back & make it like it used to be. 
Focus on characters other then Deadpool, Wolverine & Captain America. 
Promote Guardians of the Galaxy more, it's an amazing & consistently good comic that is always overlooked.


There's only one crossover I want....

I want to see Marvel merchandise in Disney stores, like the Warner Bros stores used have DC merchandise. I need Marvel dishes & glasses to match the DC ones I already have. 
 If Disney had to get further into comics they should focus on comics for children. It would be a good way to get kids reading & grow future comic nerds.


High Horses, etc.

This follwoing blog was copied from DC.

Drags in a podium and attaches a microphone to it

"This on? Alright"

Clears his throat

Whats on my mind? Hmmmm a few things one that is more of an annoyance than anything so ill shout it out here. And before i continue read my battlecry because what im about to say is going to piss people off no doubt about it. And if in effect I get banned for my words, Ill plead the fifth and ill come back but im making my point right here an now. State your mind i dont care really just dont anymore.


I find even on a comic site a person cannot attempt at being funny for fear of the dreaded Staff membber of Death catching wind. Today I was told that a thread created by someone a newbie to my knowledge i dont care right now but, it was created out of having a rpg go up and things were going good. And another person posted a picture saying "I Hate Cops" and on pure coincidence (or pure lazyness on his part, we all know he is lazy just admit it) he posted the pic and it was of a black person saying I hate cops.

Now most people would find this hilarious, Im not even most people and i found this hilarious. As would anyone else (Hell im sure Vance our own resident Instigator and debator would laugh his ass off). But a staff member took GREAT offense to this said picture saying the viner did it intentionally and subsequently locked the thread. Now i for one know the viner, if it had been me yes it would have been done to mock and make fun but he is not a trouble maker. He does not go around like me and poke at sores, Ill admit it i can be a comeplete an utter Dbag.

Its not only a irritating offense to the viner but also the viner who created the thread for a rpg in hopes he and his buddies would get it up an started, if i came in and found MY thread locked because someone couldnt take a joke I would be PISSED.

I just dont understand why SO many people are so high on their horses, and cant take the saddle out their bum that they cant see things ARE REALLY DONE TO BE FUNNY. Not to make offense or out of racism.

I know for example what its like to be mocked for my race or hell for being the minority, and its never happened to such a degree on this site or to the point it pisses me off. I make fun of my own kind all the time on the site, and when i can look at a picture of a old Luke Cage saying "I HATE COPS" and laugh my a$$ off its alright. But when a WHITE person calls "RACISM!!" its just plain stupid and annoying.

Alright Im done

As i said before look at my battlecry and then if ur still angry yell at me, i will take it into consideration and then laugh. Thank you and have a good night.

To the guy who made the thread I am sorry, even tho I was no part altho i cant lie if i was on at the time i would have said something funny as well. Make another thread just like it and we shall be golden. I know i wont be around for a while after this gets seen by everyone i will be IPed and ill accept it because i voiced my opnion.



When I'm working I'm usually on in the afternoon/evening. Since I'm still on medical leave I'm on pretty much whenever I get bored or can;t sleep. Which is alot. lol

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