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Real Name: Kate Powers

Current Alias: Lady Power

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 180

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 24

Species: Titan - Demi-god -Human hybrid

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Melbourne, Florida

Base of Operations: Mobile

Relationship: Single

Relatives: Jason of Thessaly (actual father) Medea of Colchis (actual mother) Helena Upton (human mother) Wayne Upton (human father)

Other Relatives - according to lore: Hermes (Olympian) Circe (aunt-sorceress) Helios (Titan) Hyperion (Titan)

Occupation: Model, CEO of Power Girl Inc.

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HISTORY: Kate is the biological daughter of Jason of the Argonauts and Medea, the sorceress as appears in the Greek tales of Theogony and Argonautica. As in the tale, Jason vowed to wed another when already married to Medea. Not in antiquity, is that Medea was pregnant with another child when she left Jason. As a Priestess of Hecate, Medea cried to take away the child for she would be a child of Titan, Olympian, magic, and human blood. Hecate obliged, blessing the seed with all the powers of Titan and magic while taking the seed and secretly sending it to the future to be born when all would be equal.

Kate became aware of her powers in her teens, though certain aspects were quite evident in retrospect as a toddler. She eventually became a model, while also moonlighting as a hero in her free time. With her apparent public recognition, she became a public figure as a hero and model, molding the two with TV interviews and vlogs. She eventually opened up Power Girl - a clothing and cosmetic line for woman and young girls


  • divine empowerment Hecate 'blessed' divine powers from the Titans and other deities of old. Though the Titans were considered weaker than the Olympian Gods, Hecate was still only to syphon a fraction of the Titan power sets as to not cause suspicion
  • divine attunement (cosmic senses) linked to the Titan of Wisdom (Metis) and Titan of Intelligence (Coeus), she able to analyze structure of events happening before her both mystical, mechanical, physical, and mentally. It also extends to linguistics, both ancient, dead, and foreign as well as animal communication
  • density manipulation through mystical means she is able to interface with the Crossroads, an inter-dimensional roadway between dimensions, Lady Power is able to shunt or accrue unknown mass. Thus, she is able to control her density and solidify, become weightless, transparent, or intangible
  • divine aura a mystical enhancement, her body is able to adapt to the conditions of the environment, such as breathing in water as if it was her natural physical state. It is able to adapt to time freeze, outside possession, weather, radiation, poisons and forced removal
  • supernatural strength able to lift 50 tons
  • supernatural durability
  • supernatural stamina
  • teleportation using the Crossroads, she is able to teleport immense distances
  • supernatural speed able to achieve Mach 10
  • supernatural flight being able to shunt mass, she can became weightless and control her flight
  • supernatural healing is able to heal from intense injury

PERSONALITY: Energetic yet focused. Very public with her emotions and thoughts.

Weakness: Kate relies on her sheer might and power set, blending her powers for attack using sheer determination and awareness in battle. She has no formal fight training

NOTE: Kate does not know she is the daughter of Jason of the Argonauts and Medea the sorceress. She believes the parents that raised her are her actual parents, though she looks totally different than her siblings.