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Back Story: The Origin of Lady Loveless's Name and Powers

Left to cry alone
Left to cry alone

As a child Lorna was nicknamed Loveless, because of her mutant abilities she was shunned from all. She at a young age would project astral projections of her imaginary friends. This eventually grew into more psychic/telepathic powers, when her parents didn't know what to do with her they listed the help of a man that said he had worked on plenty of cases like hers. They entered the astral plane together, sadly though the man was being controlled by Shadow King. A horrible entity of darkness that Lorna would eventually grow familiar with as they would meet several times in her life. He made a deal with her, if she agreed to serve him on the astral plane he would make her stronger and able to wield her powers. This she had not care for, it was the protection of her friends and family that she really desired. He promised to never harm them also as part of the deal. Little did she know that she would be forced to do battle for the Shadow king against some of the hardest enemies she would ever have to encounter.

Lorna as the Shadow Queen
Lorna as the Shadow Queen

She had to battle the likes of Professor Xaiver and Mesphisto for Shadow King which left her at her end. To fuel her further and keep her going Shadow King took her soul, her heart out and replaced it with pure power. She gained full control of her abilities and at the age of 16 could best if the best psychics and spiritualists around. Shadow King had made bad on his promise and had no intention in setting her free, but it didn't matter anymore. With no soul and the brainwashing of Shadow King she had forgotten all about her friends and family she was now just a killing machine. Soon Shadow King took advantage of the young girl and made her his bride to be, engulfed in his shadows and darkness she became known by all the demons of the astral plane as the Shadow Queen. Losing her soul and mind it wasn't until she started to become curious by the heroes and heroines of the vine universe. Never interacting she would merely watch when Shadow King was away. Eventually she traveled out into vine city and stumbled upon a house that looked oddly familiar, her own home. Walking around the residence it all came back to her, she had been brainwashed by Shadow King, she had to get out and escape.

In the battle that proceeded against him her memory was wiped of all she had done and her soul gone too. She was back at square one...but with anew lease on life and hope that maybe one day she make up for her lost time. And do something for the world like the many heroes and heroines of vine city.


LL wanted a just life, but...things don't always go according to plan

Puppet past life...
Puppet past life...

Under the influence of the puppet master, Lady Loveless was transformed into a minion for his bidding. She was considered a great hero in her realm and the fact that the puppet master had her powers meant it would all go downhill for those she protected and loved. She made horrible mistakes as his minion and hated that he used her in such vile ways to rob, hurt, and even kill. Unable to live with her self she made a last ditch effort to runaway and never look back.

Shaman being overpowered by Shadowking's forces
Shaman being overpowered by Shadowking's forces

LL decided to go to a friend named Shaman to seal her powers away and revert her back to human form. Shaman could do very little so she went in search of her realm's Doctor Strange. In her world he was a crazed man do to his bouts with the dark magic and gmabling addiction. He eagerly agreed to help her, weeks later she discovered from Shaman that Doctor Strange had been kidnapped by Shadowking. He had made a deal with the astral devil and when the deal fell through Shadowking made him pay with his soul. Doctor Strange was a shady fellow (in her world), but he had saved her from her old life so she owed him that much. Shaman helped LL open a portal and they both traveled to rescue their friend. Shaman was mortally wounded however within the first level of the astral plane. He gripped LL's hand as his soul passed onto the next life. His spirit followed her for a bit, and guided her to where Doctor Strange was, and her from another dimension, Mz P!NK.

Astral Plane

Traveling to Shadowking's world in order to find Doctor Strange's soul she came across her counterpart Mz P!NK. Although they had differing views and couldn't stand the other they decided to work together to accomplish their goals. With LL searching for Doctor Strange's soul & Mz PINK's searching for her dear friend Nahero's soul the search was on. However the whole thing was clearly a trap setup by Shadowking, just as the duo figured it out he appeared with their friends' souls in their darkest of forms. "What have you done?!" LL yelled at Shadowking. "Just showed them their true potential, now if you ladies would join me I can show you the true power your souls have as well. Before the two could respond the two demonic shadows of their dear friends attacked. The girl's looked at each other and knew exactly what to do.

Mz P!NK on left, Lady Loveless on right
Mz P!NK on left, Lady Loveless on right

"I've had enough of this LL lets combine our powers, use probability against him to win!"

"Alright P!NK! Lets do this so we can get outta this creepy place!"

There powers reacted in a dazzling barrage of colors, it was took much for the shadow forms and quickly their friends were reverted back to themselves. The girls then set their sites on Shadowking, they had to end his tyranny for all worlds and all dimensions to be safe once more.

A Combining of Powers & Parting Ways

Working together for two common goals, 1) rescuing their friends' souls, and 2) putting Shadowking in his place. Mz P!NK & LL put everything they had into one final blow against Shadowking. Sealing him away into a two piece talisman they each take one part and swear to never release him. The talisman needs both parts to work, so to make sure one would never be tempted to release him they vow to never meet again. As they part ways they hug one another, because even though they differed on too many levels to count. They had a strange sisterly bond that would always hold them together. Finally recovering Doctor Strange's soul LL follows DS's longtime student Wong, which in LL's realm has become a master of sorcery, far surpassing his master in his absence. Doctor Strange & Wong convince LL to keep some of her powers just incase, so she decides to keep her powers of probability, just incase anyone like Shadowking ever hope to rear their ugly heads into her life ever again.

Fire Within~Awakening of the INNER FLAME:

Inner Flame Beginning to Emerge
Inner Flame Beginning to Emerge

Lady Loveless has felt the pressure of the world simply pile up with no stopping in the future. "I've had it!" She screamed this to her empty apartment, as the emptiness of her life seemed to echo back to her soul. She grabbed all of her belongings and grappled onto her motorcycle and drove up to the X-Viners base outside of NYC. She beat down robot after robot in the danger room until her knuckles were bloody. Tears streamed down her face and she tasted the bitterness of regret and failing she had already had in her young life. She knew her alter ego had give into the Sahdow-King and was now possed, she knew she hadn't pulled her weight with the VT: west and was losing touch. All she had left was her dead end job in the city and this team she had become a part of. Honestly though this school for metahumans had brought to her a place of zen. Something she could be proud of.

LL escaped the endless barrage of lasers and saw blades and scurried off to the locker room. A hot shower couldn't stop the tears. "Damn! What is this? Why can I never be happy?" She retreated by to the comatose state she had during the VT:west tower raid. "I can help make you....better. More improved, all it takes is trust." LL could not ignore this offer, "alright, I don't know who you are but I oddly trust you...whats your name where did you come from?" "Child, I am you...I came from your desperation for life, I am your spirit. I am your inner fire so to speak. With me on your side nothing will stop me..I mean us."

The New Era of Loveless, the Emergence of Willow

New Evil Taking Over, Lady Loveless is WILLOW
New Evil Taking Over, Lady Loveless is WILLOW

With the inner flame fully taking over of Lady Loveless she loses all ideals of self and must start from scratch. The inner flame being her moral compas it causes great confusion for the young heroine, as this once would-be hero turns to a life of crime. The flame eggs her on to be evil and follow it's wishes, can Lady Loveless break this cycle...or will she stay forever as her new alter ego. THE WILLOW?!

Willow has taken full control of Lady Loveless...can Mz P!NK turn this around from inside LL's mind?! What does Willow have planned? Will Inner Flame make an appearance? All this and more in my most recent RP featuring Willow: Savage Fight to Survive RP


Lady Loveless and Willow both have gotten what they wanted their own bodies. But what will this mean now that Willow is no longer a mere personality of LL but a fully functioning being?! Also, what will happen to LL since Willow left her to fend for her self in a crumbling temple? And Innner Flame & P!NK do they still exist inside LL? More to come and possibly new powers and allies on the way!!!!

Separated bodies in: All out Assault RP

New found Strength, New found Struggle, and Newly found love

After the split with Willow from her mind Lady Loveless wanted a new fresh start again, she picked up her stuff from New York and moved to

New Start in Champion City
New Start in Champion City

Champion City. Home of some of the greatest heroes and villains alike, also home of the Champions of Peace. She wanted to do good with this new start, and actually take her heroism serious again, so she dawned a new costume and became comfortable with the streak of white left after Willow's departure. Things have started to look up, and she was excited to start training again and understand her new abilities. Nervous and anxious she started her new path in life, hopeful for what was to come.

LL and Mz P!NK, partners in crime fighting!
LL and Mz P!NK, partners in crime fighting!

Her new powers has provided extremely useful, she can now summon Mz P!NK in an astral form and they tag team all sorts of danger. She can summon delusions to stun her foes with fear or traps. Her super strength was put to the test when she saved a bus full of kids that nearly went over the local CC bridge.

She also has started to use and understand her flight ability to get to places quickly to "save the day" and such.

AoA RP~ Teaming up w/ WALies

Lady Loveless was one of many countless heroes and villains to make a stand against the ensuing Ninjan forces and Final Arrow's onslaught. She made her stand in California after escaping the savage land where Willow had left her to die. With her some of her new powers of flight and super strength she flew to California to help where she could. She found survivors and her and her astral projected personality Mz P!NK lead them to medics and shelters. While saving a man she discovered she had to heal, even the most impossible of wounds or scars. The flip side of this was she also discovered she had the new horrifying ability to cause things to wither and decay. She quickly took care of some Ninjan terrorists that had needlessly murdered countless Californians for their own sick pleasure. Her wither ability caused her to panic, she didn't understand what was happening and hoped to God she would be able to control these new found abilities, or curses she had not yet decided.

She sensed the mighty We Are Legend member Feral Nova battling the Ninjan general Ziccarra Liafador not to far off. Loveless quickly flew to aid the heroine. She tried to take on Ziccarra head on while Nova was ensnared in Ziccarra's trap. To no avail ,luckily Nova quickly reacted and sprung into action. Ziccarra retaliated, but a new heroine a member of WAL as well joined the fight, Wvyrn. The green skinned woman was strong, and had a beast-like power inside her that made Loveless grateful they were on the same side now. 3 vs 1 the odds were most definitely in their favor now.

Wvyrn ready to fight with everything she's got to avenge Nova and protect the world.
Wvyrn ready to fight with everything she's got to avenge Nova and protect the world.

Feral Nova blocks the attack from Ziccarra taking the brunt of the damage. Protecting both the women, she then had Wvyrn teleport her to Washington DC to deal with the threat there. The two women were left to deal with the general of the Ninjans. A fearsome race comprised of female warriors with great strength. Loveless knew that even though her and Wvyrn had never fought together they could take her. They had to...or what was all this flying around punching bad guys for if you can't take down one of their major players?

Loveless using her healing powers to put energy back into Wvyrn.
Loveless using her healing powers to put energy back into Wvyrn.

Wvyrn broke down beside Loveless as she contemplated the sacrifice Nova had made by helping them, and how much she has had to do for the world. Loveless used her new found healing powers to bring energy back into her ally so she take Ziccarra on at full strength. Wvyrn's tears of pain quickly grew into a rage as she flew head on at Ziccarra to avenge Nova, the world, everything. The two women knew this would be no walk in the park, and with Nova gone things were left up in the air.


The Fates (Fictional Team): Shortly after the battle with Shadowking LL decided to work on her only power. She then found that she

The Fates costume
The Fates costume

started to have a stronger connection to her spiritual self and the dead. In an odd turn of events she ended up being enlisted with a sleu of other heroes and villains alike to fight other wordly beings. Each member had some sort of supernatural power, they decided on the code team name of The Fates.

The Roster Included:

  1. Lady Loveless
  2. Martian Manhunter
  3. Emma Frost
  4. Destiny
  5. Doctor Fate
  6. Raven
  7. Doctor Strange
New Leader of the X-Viners
New Leader of the X-Viners


Lady Loveless was lost and confused. Long thought a great heroine in her realm she had been used time and time again for the great potential she never saw in herself. After teaming up with her alter ego Mz P!NK to defeat Shadow-King,she joined a team of mystics from both the DC realm and Marvel realm afterwards. These great beings tried their best to protect but soon disbanded from internal conflict. LL was then thrown into working for an evil man who wanted her to make it so there were no meta humans. Tired and alone she was approached by a man named Charles D. Blue that had a dream to create a great team on the vine. With team work of Charles, LL, and Michael the Fly they began recruiting heroes to join their cause. And thus the X-Viners story begins...

RPs on this team:

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The Unknowns

Unknown Alias: Agent 5683

Lady Loveless was the 2nd member to join. Using her powers of probaility she uses it to raise hers and the teams overal accuracy and chance of landing a critical hit in battle. On this team she appears to be hard headed and brash with the choices she makes. Her skimpy leather outfit is light weight and helps her move quickly in battle. She is skilled in a wide variety of weaponry while on this team, everything from a pistol, to a staff, to a bow and arrows.

She also uses her Astral projection to stay back at base when need be to help lead missions, and also to better communicate while on missions. She ability to connect to others and sense them from far away helps to complete missions too.

Vine Titans:West look
Vine Titans:West look

VT: West

Lady Loveless appears in the Foundations RPG as a member of the Vine Titans: West. Not much is known yet of the VT: West version, only that she has spirits she can control utilising her life energy to track whomever she so chooses. If her spirits do not return her body begins to decay at a rapid rate. Eventually the shell of her body will awaken and go savage absorbing whatever energy lies ahead. However, she does retain her memories of who is friend and foe to give her some moral heroics still. After using this just once LL is never the same, she still must absob life energy to stay alive, but will there be a hope to cure this new vampirish ability?

**Other abilities apply to this version too.**

RPs as part of this team:

We Are Legend look
We Are Legend look

We Are Legend

After teaming up with Feral Nova and Wyvrn in the battle against Ziccarra (check out All Out Assault RP), Loveless knew this was the team she had long searched for. She wanted to repay the dept to society she owed for herself, but also for the fallen heroine Feral Nova. Nova is now helping the team in cleaning up California after the events of AoA.

RPs as part of this team:

X-Viners Assemble!!!
X-Viners Assemble!!!

Uncanny X-Viners

With the return of Lady Loveless once again to the world of heroism she has decided to revitalize the "X-Viners". This time instead of just including mutants she wished to include a wide variety of heroes from different worlds with different powers. They would be the "Uncanny X-Viners!"

RPs part of this team:

Powers and Abilities:

Lady Loveless's Core SuperPowers:

  • Astral Projection
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Hand to hand Combat
  • Psychic Spore (Connectivity to others)
  • Connection to the Afterlife
  • Can handle weaponry (guns, explosives, machinery etc)
  • Empathy Manipulation & Can read peoples' emotions

New Powers:

  • Super Strength
  • Enhanced Durability/Stamina
  • Flight
  • Can produce astral projections of different things
  • Can produce delusional clones of self
  • She can make a projection take solid form, takes up fair amount of energy though
  • To channel life energy, wither (to kill), regen (to heal) [loveless only uses her powers of healing though]


  • Mortal wounds (bec. human)-Inner Flame Mode can regenerate and has increased resistance
  • Love (back story of her code name will be revealed at a later date)

LL has a personality disorder that contains four identities:

  1. Lady Loveless (herself)
  2. Inner Flame (Dark Side)
  3. Willow (Wild Side/Extreme Side)Now has own body
  4. Mz P!NK (Passionate Side, during their merge part of her was left) Now can pop out as an astral form