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The Lance of Liberty

Positron Spear

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A weapon build by Liberty after many months of study and effort. Finding a need for a weapon scaled to her level of power she begin working on the design in secret, and eventually built the weapon itself while isolated in the shadow of Saturn. Even a single stray electron could irrevocably damage the entire opperation, so she used a 'quiet' area of space, and used her electromagnetic field to re-direct any stray particles.

Positron: A positron is the antimatter counterpart to the electron. It has the same mass as an electron, the opposite charge, and the same spin. Antimatter is quite costly, for example a single gram of antihydrogen would be roughly 60 trillion dollars, however Liberty's electromagnetic control and powerful laser vision enabled her to create a relatively vast amount of particles herself. This renders the weapon system cost effective.

Spear: The internal half of the spear is one single fullerene mollecule, shaped as a buckytube. As it exists as one solid mollecule this gives it an unprecedented degree of strength, allowing it to stand up to adamantium weaponry, as well as resist the nuclear forces Liberty often finds herself subjected to in battle.

It is also carefully designed to act as a penning trap. A combination of homogenious magnetic field and inhomogenius electric field, which together can store the positrons, by preventing them from coming into contact with any matter.

Quantum Runes: The spear also incorporates a very basic Q-Computer, which is designed to keep the entire system stable when not in Liberty's hands, and make the process of using the spear simpler when she is in combat.

Function: Its an exceptionally simple weapon. The penning trap holds the positron antimatter. The spear tip is a mass of antimatter held into place by the quantum computers control over the spears electrical field, and seperated from the air by a thin sheet of plasma also seperated from the antimatter. When the spear tip comes into contact with something the plasma is pushed aside and the antimatter colides with the matter of the object.

Some of the antimatter in the spear is used up, and the matter it contacts is destroyed. This produces an explosion which dwarfs smaller nuclear weaponry.

[[ Work in progress. ]]