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Codename: Lady Liberty

Name: Kelly Coltaine

Age: 70

Height: 6'0

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue


Kinetic-beam vision, sonic shout, ability to think at super-speeds, enhanced strength, speed and durability.

Fighting Style: Boxing, Wrestling, I.33.

Equipment: Adamantium Shield, Adamantium Hammer, Adamantium Helm and Breastplate.

Short Bio: The first nGoddess, leader of the pantheon, Liberty was born in the worlds first atomic explosion at Trinity. A powerhouse with flight, speed, strength and laser vision she served the government of the united states loyally until losing her powers in the Registration Civil War. As a nGoddess she adapted to this loss, transitioning from the nGoddess of Progress to the nGoddess of Evolution, termed nEvolution as shorthand for evolution that occurs inside a single life cycle without the need for reproduction. Her genes adapt and evolve constantly.

New Goddess of Evolution

While the old gods are static and set in their place the new gods have all the fluidity of the new world. As such the pantheon is capable of adapting to change, growing and evolving with the modern environment. An excellent example of this is Kelly Coltaine. Born in the Trinity nuclear test as the New Goddess of Progress and head of the new pantheon her powers were erased by the power nullification of Quintus Knightfall. Over time she adapted to the changes, literally evolving and becoming the New Goddess of Evolution.

In most humans physical growth ends with the teen years. In Liberty's case her powers as the goddess of evolution restarts the growth process and even alters her DNA. This is extraordinarily dangerous however thus far no negative side effects have been discovered save that her DNA has altered to the point were she can be considered a mutant.

Her bones have lengthened and thickened. Calcium deposits inside the bones generally end with the teen years however this process has been restarted. Kelly's bones are so dense with calcium they are roughly as hard as granite. Her osteons, microscopic blood vessels that carry nutrients to the interior of the bone, are much thicker than a humans. They are also made from a different set of amino acids than humans; fibroin. Fibroin is a protein that forms a substance known as silk when in textile form. In Ivana these fibroin capillaries form a mesh that run through the dense calcium of her bones and give them immense tensile and flex strength. This makes her bones significantly stronger than the bones of any human, no matter how well trained.

In addition her bones have changed in proportion. Specifically bones around her ankle and the bones of her upper legs, hips and forearms. In addition almost all of her bodies joints are thickened and the area between the joints is made narrower and thinner. This allow more space for muscles and tendons to attach to the various joints in Liberty's body as well as more space for the thick center of her muscles to be stored because the area between the joints is thinner. These bone changes have allowed Kelly's six foot frame to hold a great deal more muscle than a human frame. Even a male human of tremendous bulk could not hold as much functional muscle as Liberty because his bones are both too thick and too weak. It can be compared to an airplane with a frame built of iron vs an airplane built of titanium. Even though the frame of the titanium aircraft might be thinner it can support larger engines without giving way.

Several changes to her DNA have also occurred. Long ago humans stopped expressing the genome that gives primates the strength to bend metal bars and tear off human limbs. The metabolic requirements of the human brain were too high to maintain both high strength and high intelligence; early humans could not acquire that much food. Kelly on the other hand, can. As such she has begin expressing the genes that make a baseline chimpanzee five times as strong as the strongest human athlete. Her muscular tissues have thickened and both her cell count and cell size have swelled. ATP production and storage have grown exponentially. At her baseline Liberty would be stronger than a peak human. However Kelly is far from baseline; she is a brutally trained, finely honed machine of bone and blood. Each and every one of her skeletal muscles is far stronger than any human's could ever be due to her bone structure and the changes her DNA has wrought on her muscular tissues.

Her spine has been thickened and each of her vertebrae is a solid block of calcium as hard as granite. The entire spinal column is buried under thick layers of raw muscle, some of the thickest and strongest on Kelly's body. The thickness of her spine protects her spinal column and offers much more space for neural tissues. This space does not go to waste; a thick cord of neural tissue runs through her granite like spine and provides Liberty with a more control over her body than the greatest human athlete, superior to even a peak human because she can transmit more information. It is like the difference between broadband internet and dial-up.


Athleticism can be defined as functional strength. For example an Olympic power lifter might have more muscle tissue than any other athlete but not even a quarter of the athleticism of an elite NFL player. Many metahumans demonstrate incredible strength, shattering stones, bending iron and lifting cars but rarely do they show true athleticism.

Kelly, however, has both raw strength exceeding that of most metahumans and she is far, far, far more athletic. Her bone structure is optimized to support a maximum amount muscular tissue while minimizing weight and size. Every muscle fiber in her body is a throwback to previous eras of human evolution, much like apes who can bend steel bars at baseline and Liberty is far from a baseline. This gives her a raw, animistic strength and blinding acceleration that no human, even a peak human, can match.

This produces true athleticism, something which is more than the sum of its parts.


Her heart has been both enlarged and strengthened by the changes nEvolution wrought in her body. Both the atrium and ventricles are much larger and thicker than an ordinary humans. The pericardium, which is double layer of protective tissues and shock absorbing jel that wraps around the heart, is dramatically enhanced. This also has the effect of providing another layer of protection for the heart.

Respiratory muscles have also been strengthened and the lungs have been enlarged. Ordinary human lungs have from between three hundred to five hundred alveolus. Kelly has over a thousand. This means she can absorb oxygen and remove carbon dioxide twice as fast as a peak human.

The tissues of her blood vessels and arteries have been enlarged and strengthened. Because of this she can pump more blood with every beat of her heart. This delivers far more oxygen to every muscle and more nutrients to her brain.

Even her blood has been improved. Erythrocyte count has been dramatically increased and each erythrocyte cell has been enlarged to allow it to carry more oxygen and nutrients.

These changes give her an almost endless endurance. Her body must be almost completely drained of calories before she begins to fatigue. As humans descend from endurance hunters who ran down wild animals by chasing them for hours humans have more natural endurance than almost any animal. Liberty manages to exceed this by a dramatic margin, passing by even the theoretical peak of human performance.

Her anaerobic conditioning is no less impressive. Each muscle has been modified to store more adenosine triphosphate, phosphocreatine and anaerobic glycolysis. This means when her energy needs exceed what her aerobic conditioning can deliver she can tap into these enhanced reservoirs to supply her with tremendous energy.


Agility is the ability of an athlete to change position efficiently. It is governed by several mechanisms. Equilibrioception, the vestibular system, spatial orientation and proprioception.

The vestibular system is part of the inner ear. It gathers information by a system of fluid filled tubes and small hairs which detect the position of the fluids, much like a carpenters level. In most humans the vestibular system is vulnerable to sudden shocks, such as a blow to the head or a shockwave from an explosion. In Liberty's case the vestibular system is encased inside a shock absorbing gel which reduces the effect of such traumas. In addition the tiny hairs which detect the location of the fluids are thinner and longer which provides much more sensitivity. The fluids themselves are a thinner, lighter mixture which is more sensitive to sudden changes and recovers from trauma much quicker.

Her proprioception is equally enhanced. Because the bundles of nerves which run through her body and up her spinal column are enlarged and thickened her joint position sense is both more accurate and quicker. Kelly knows more about the exact position of her body than any human, no matter how well trained, could know and she knows it much faster than any human could know it. Thick bundles of semiotic module neurons inside her cerebrum interpret this input and direct all of it to the unconscious mind. This is different than in normal humans which direct some information to the conscious mind and some to the unconscious. This reduces the cognitive load her conscious mind must process. This might seem like a minor change however the conscious mind must process the position of the body thousands of times a second, every single second. Removing this burden allows Kelly to cognate with greater speed and clarity while her unconscious mind handles her bodies exact positioning.

When Liberty needs to command her body she has the benefit of an enlarged spinal cord which carries several times more nervous tissue than a human spine. While a human has a total of thirty one spinal nerves Kelly has four times that number. One hundred and twenty four spinal nerves project from her brain stem down into her spine. As a result the legendary heroine has far more control of her body than a human does. No matter how well trained they may be a human's agility is always limited by the number of nerves it has. This provides a 'hard cap' to human agility, one Kelly soars past with ease as she has four times the connective tissues.

The end result is balance and agility that is vastly superior to any humans.


Strength is measured by the maximum weight an athlete can move. Speed, the maximum speed. Explosiveness is how quickly she delivers the force that allows her to move weight or accelerate. Generally there are three components to explosiveness; the weight of the athlete, the fast twitch skeletal muscles and the energy that tendons can store.

At one hundred and seventy pounds the warrior heroine is much lighter than the average combat oriented metahuman, who is generally upwards of two hundred and fifty pounds. As a result it takes far less force for Liberty to accelerate, change directions or stop.

Her skeletal muscle system is capable of generating tremendous amounts of force because roughly half of her muscle fibers are fast twitch fibers. As the name implies these fibers contract quicker than any other type of fiber. In addition the American warrior's skeletal muscles are of a type the human genome no longer expresses, making them significantly stronger than human muscle tissues.

Lastly and most importantly is Kelly's skeletal tendons. These are both longer and thicker than a normal human's tendons. This allows them to store more energy during plyometric movements. This is the same mechanism flightless birds like the ostrich uses to reach speeds of fifty miles per hour while running and baseball pitchers use to throw a fastball at over a hundred miles per hour with just a short motion.

In the end Liberty is more explosive than any human, even a peak human because she is lighter than almost any other peak human, she has more muscle powerful skeletal muscles and most of all because she has thick, long tendons which can store energy transfer it into kinetic energy in the blink of an eye.


The warrior heroine's entire body has been restructured to adapt to the kind of damage she endures in her many battles. The first major change is her skull. Each plate has thickened and is almost solid calcium and is filled with a mesh of fibroin. In addition she has a bone in her skull that protects the vulnerable soft location at the base of the skull. This means the entirety of her skull is protected by a thick bone as strong as granite with silk fibers run through it to help absorb impact and prevent it from deforming even in the unlikely event of a fracture. Another layer of bone lays behind her eyes. Thick, sturdy and wielded to her skull it separates her eye cavities from her brain. The optical nerves are dispersed, running through the bone as tiny fibers rather than one thick cord, to prevent creating a structural weakness.

Her spine has been thickened and each of her vertebrae is a solid block of calcium as hard as granite. The entire spinal column is buried under thick layers of raw muscle, some of the thickest and strongest on Kelly's body. The thickness of her spine protects her spinal column and offers much more space for neural tissues. A set of segmented plates grow around her entire spine from the dorsal horn up to the brain stem. These provide her spine with yet another layer of protection and certain critical blood vessels and arteries have been re-routed to run along the spine, under this segmented layer of bone to prevent a chokehold from depriving her brain of oxygen.

Even her rib cage has evolved. Every rib has fused to its neighboring rib, creating a carapace like shell of thick, granite like, bone that protects all of her internal organs. Aside form making her internal organs neigh unassailable her ribs are next to impossible to break because the force is absorbed by the rest of the rib carapace instead of being focused on one or two slender ribs.

All the bones in her body have nEvolved into more advanced forms, granite like strength brought about by dense calcium and a fibroin weave. The striking surfaces of her body have been further enhanced and thickened, giving her hands that can dent steel without fracturing and feet which can endure massive trauma without deforming and causing a sprain.

Many of her vital organs are now protected by layers of fibroin weave intermixed with tiny bone growths, creating dense, but flexible, shells around them. The patriotic science heroine's major arteries and blood vessels are also well protected by slender layers of these bone/fibroin meshes. This means that weapons which do manage to penetrate her skin will often fail to penetrate any vital organ or cause serious bleeding.

In addition every cell in her body is abnormally large to accommodate high levels of adenosine triphosphate, phosphocreatine and anaerobic glycolysis. These are extremely high energy fuels that that the normal human body does not store many of, simply because they are not efficient. It would be like trying to run a car on gunpowder; fast, but short. However in Liberty's case she can acquire enough of the right foods to build up vast reserves. These reserves are used when she is injured, causing explosive cellular growth to heal the injury in record time. She can heal from a through and through stab wound in a few hours and a broken bone in a day or less.


Eyesight: Liberty's eyes have roughly ten times as many cone cells as a normal human. In addition they have a rare but not unheard of condition where four types of cones are present giving the scientific warrior Tetrachromacy, or the ability to see into the ultraviolet spectrum. She also possesses roughly ten times as many rod cells. Each rod cell is sensitive enough to detect a single photon, allowing Liberty to pierce see clearly by nothing but the light of the stars, even if obstructed by clouds. The lens and iris of her eyes have been thickened and strengthened, allowing Kelly to focus on distant objects much like a telescope might.

Hearing: Normal humans have ossicles, small bones with amplify sound thirty times louder than it really is, to allow humans to hear whispers and other quiet sounds. The evolved american patriot has modified ossicles to make them significantly more effective and she also sports nine additional ossicle bones in each ear. These work together synergisticlly, giving Kelly hearing keen enough to hear the human heartbeat at a fair distance. In addition modifications to the hairs of her inner ear allow her to hear sounds that would normally be too high or low in pitch for a human to detect.

Echolocation: Thick bundles of neurons in her inferior colliculus gives Kelly the ability to detect tiny differences in the time she receives stimuli. This and the sensitivity of her ears provides the foundation for a 'sonar' like hearing known as echolocation. Generally this is found in some birds, bats and sea creatures however some humans who are blind from birth have this ability as well. However it is the massive buildup of connective neurons in her auditory cortex that separates the warrior heroine from the pack. She is capable of interpreting the data with far more clarity than any other natural possessor of bio sonar, creating full 3D maps inside her head, detecting the hardness and composition of objects and even perceiving the internal layers of objects.

Science Heroine

Lady Liberty has traveled across the galaxy, fought alien invaders and tangled with super-genius's her entire life. In addition she is a very well educated woman with a great deal of experience dealing with the practical aspects of technology. Over the years she has captured a great many devices and modified them to assist her in her duties. Additionally she has built a good number of devices from scratch. Below are some of the devices that she carries with her.

Adamantium Shield

This shield is forged from secondary adamantium. Extraordinarily costly to create it was crafted by Kelly's allies in the Avalon Corporation, which often supports heroes with money and technology.

Adamantium is a heavy, dense metal. The shield would be to heavy to wield proficiently without Kelly's enhanced strength. However thanks to both her enhanced physical power and her years of experience she can wield the shield freely and quickly, though not as quickly as she could a shield from a lighter metal or alloy. As it is secondary adamantium it is much cheaper than 'true' or primary adamantium but it is not completely unbreakable.

The mass of the shield does have its advantages. Namely it is heavy enough to be a dangerous projectile weapon when thrown by Kelly's multi-ton strength and it is equally dangerous when swung in melee combat. By using her bio-electric field to impart spin, acceleration and changes in momentum Kelly can make otherwise impossible throws. For example she could hit an enemy with her shield, rebound it off the wall and cause the shield to strike another enemy on the way back to her arm.

Adamantium Hammer

Also made from secondary adamantium, the hammer is a thick, heavy blunt force weapon. Hammers are generally considered antiquated weapons among melee weapon specialists but Kelly uses the hammer because it gives her the striking power to bring down foes with superhuman durability without causing lethal wounds.

Adamantium Helm and Breastplate

After her encounter with the supervillain known as Satar she knew she needed more protection against powerhouses with that degree of offensive power. So she invested in a helm and breastplate made from secondary adamantium. While secondary adamantium isn't completely invulnerable it is extremely dense and offers tremendous protection, though its weight does slightly slow Kelly down.

Gravity Boots

The warrior heroine looted several Imperium Gravity Maces from the robotic guards on board a supply ship that she captured. Because of the size of the robots the maces themselves were too unwieldy for her grip, however the patriot was able to remove the gravitational circuitry and reassemble them in the form of a gauntlet. Later she would reforge the circuitry and install it inside her boots.

The Imperium has learned to harness Newtonian Gravity, which is 'Gravitational Force'. The boots are powered by the acceleration of the graviton circuit. This acceleration's energy is channeled through the gauntlet's gravitation circuit that runs along the rim of the soles and generates gravitational force proportional do the amount of acceleration; doubling the power of the motion.

Thus far the science heroine has calibrated them to have two separate modes

'Impact Mode': On impact the gravitonic induction circuits developed by the Imperium double the force of the blow, turning her multiton kicks into double digit ton sledge hammers. This is especially deadly in the clench because it means knees that do not have time to accelerate can still strike with great force.

'Acceleration Mode': In this mode the gravitonic induction circuits project their stored gravitational energy two microns ahead of the boot itself. This provides an explosive acceleration that roughly doubles the speed of the motion. Liberty often uses this when shooting for takedowns and using her footwork to acquire angles in striking.

Avalon Tech

EMP Grenades: Small, lightweight grenades that carry powerful charges buried within their circuitry. When triggered they emit an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP. The grenades are designed to favor strength of pulse over range, making them fairly close ranged but powerful enough to overwhelm most shielding.


Her altered DNA also included an X-Gene, which has gifted her with several mutant powers.

Kinetic Blasts

Among the modifications her nDivinity has made to her DNA is the power to direct Newtonian kinetic force from her eyes. This manifests as a brilliant blue beam as the energy excites the molecules in the air and blueshifts the excited photons.

Kelly has learned to control the intensity, width and height of the beams. She has made the beams small enough and thin enough to target the Brahma Bull's ACL as well as disabling grenades by punching holes through the detonator. The beam can also be made wide enough to use as an area of effect attack.

She is capable of generating up to one gigawatts of energy and her striking range is only limited by the curvature of the earth, though distance does reduce the power of the beam.

Sonic Shout

Her secondary mutation is the ability impart raw kinetic force through her voice. This allows her to create vibrations of sound that can shatter concrete, snap steel and cave in titanium. Through extended practice she has learned to control the scope, size and intensity of the sonic shout. She can target small objects a reasonable distance away or blast an entire street.

The range of the attack is limited because the energy is expended quickly as the sonic waves travel and expand. However the amount of energy that she can generate is roughly the same as her kinetic blasts; one gigawatt.