anymore ideas for new quests

the seas 
the seas 
this was being talked about in keepin it str8t (with the extra t) that there should b a new quests on     
@The Dark Huntress said: 
@Gylan Thomas: There already is a quest for first appearances. There are plenty of people overseas. "
I'd have to sit down and give it soem real thought to come up with a few good quest idea's.  Plenty of people over seas eh? So you think this dating thread might be a good idea then?  How about in the English lake district? :) "
what do you think and do you have any more ideas and which quests should they have more of?
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i enjoy the quests they are madd fun. It added made comicvine more fun and which made it more interesting than other sites and it gets comic viners involved with a variety of different comic book related topics. :P I LOVE COmICViNE :)



Helll NOOOO, Helll Noooo

Just thinking about how the whole thing went down makes me mad because it seems as if principles these days don't even matter. Superheroes were meant to wear masks or w/e they prefer. The government should not get involved with people personal lives or their business for that matter and it should not matter if the people trust them or not. People who  have superpowers can either use them for either one of two things. Good and Evil. For every good doer their is going to be someone who is going to do bad. For those who protect the people and believe in the system and have morals and ethics should not have to suffer for the wrong doings of others who doesn't have values. The government should have a gave the superheroes a chance to prove themselves to the people that they are on their side and even then they probably shouldn't have to even explain themselves because any person human or not who are willing to risk their own life for the protection of another is commendable and shouldn't have to be asked to do something that will violate their rights. Heroes have their own lives to live and they want to be as safe just as the next person so that when they go home at night they can feel safe and also feel good knowing that they also helped to protect others out there. the type of people who can't defend for themselves and sticking up for the little guy.

Also another thing that was said was the fact that its the government and not the public who are knowing their secret identities. First off it's called a secret identity for a reason. Apparently because they want their personal identity to be a secret. And if the government was doing the right thing so much they wouldn't have sent anybody to go and attack Spider-man who apparently put his secret identity out their and who's life was basically screwed after that and also considering the fact that he could have almost died. The government isn't all that innocent either and for people to give up their own natural born rights to benefit the government is just wrong

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