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Lady Bombshell's
Lady Bombshell's "high-profile" ensemble.
Shelly in civvies.
Shelly in civvies.
  • Name: "Shelly"
  • Aliases: Bombshell, Lady Bombshell
  • Origin: Genetic Tampering
  • Species: Enhanced Human
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 145lbs.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Black
  • Age: 24
  • Transportation: Vehicular
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

How She Looks:

"Just because I like to let my boobs breathe doesn't make me responsible for your pansy-ass nosebleeds."

Graceful, curvaceous, and powerful, Shelly resembles a great cat in her musculature and most of her mannerisms. Due to the majority of her muscle mass being the result of implants rather than exercise, Shelly is considerably more full-figured than her level of athleticism would generally allow. Her thick, straight black hair is cut short, and her fiery green eyes speak volumes of the dark, playful secrets that they hide.

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The way she dresses, as well, speaks quite a bit about the girl, as she tends to vary between two distinct ensembles. The first is a decidedly "provocative" number that she wears during official missions and appearances, consisting of the equivalent of a full-body thong, accompanied by a durable visor and heavy gloves containing numerous small or collapsible weapons. This outfit has a stupendous level of destructibility and rarely survives even the mildest of encounters, yet she insists on making it a part of her persona. The second ensemble is more pragmatic and military, and she insists on going by "just Shelly" when she wears it. It makes more frequent appearances on long-haul missions or jobs in which she needs to remain anonymous, utilizing her more traditional skills with demolition.

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How She Acts:

"And everyone still has their clothes on? Ugh. This party sucks balls. Not in the good way."

"Loose cannon" does not begin to describe Lady Bombshell, who is all at once hedonistic, destructive, irresponsible, and unpredictable. Working primarily as a mercenary for the truly misanthropic, Shelly prefers a stacked deck and has little concern for playing fair. She fights hard and plays harder, but prefers to demolish a building and make a run for it when faced with any kind of superhuman threat.

Blatantly sexual and playful, Shelly is a terrible flirt but very rarely a tease. Unlike most psychopaths, however, she prefers to keep business and pleasure separate, getting no thrill from bloody battlefields or charred corpses besides that of victory. Beyond her casual association with various shadowy corporations, Shelly has little recorded history, including seared fingertips and a doctored dental signature. While her arrogance and love of showboating makes her difficult to use as a deniable asset, she knows how to disappear when it's absolutely necessary.

How She Kills:

"Playing fair gets you dead. As you can see, I'm still alive."

Bombshell outwardly appears to have no non-human abilities, and physically, that would be correct. It was her mind that was tampered with during her creation, giving her extremely advanced mathematical skills. Radii, geometric arcs, physical pressure, and other such algorithms are child's play to her, despite very little formal training in mathematics. Coupled with her training with modern weaponry (specifically explosives), this mathematic intelligence gives her what appears to be savant-like control over throwing arcs and blast sizes. She always appears to be one step ahead of herself, exhibiting flawless execution of the application of explosives.

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