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Name: Stephanie Ardor

Occupation: Herbal Toxicologist

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Lady Ardor of Dark CVnU is the daughter of Robert Ardor who is a known toxicologist mostly throughout Italy. Growing up, Stephanie helped her father with the plants, but not without consequence. Lady Ardor grew accustomed to the plants to the point that she, herself, became poisonous. It got the point that she almost killed her father after he gave her a kiss on the forehead. Her father worked on a cure for her but every time she attempted to take it, it would make her gravely ill. In fear of killing his daughter, Sir Ardor kept his daughter locked away in his garden, away from wandering eyes, or he tried.

A young man found the gardens and made his way to Lady Ardor. The two became friends, even after warnings from Sir Ardor and even from Lady Ardor herself. But the young man refused and was persistent. He would visit her every day, for hours at a time, speaking about anything and everything. Stephanie tried to keep herself from falling for the man, but it was in vain. Stephanie was still a young woman, a woman who craved the love of another. Who longed for the love of another. To be looked upon as a real woman rather than her father's eyes who only expressed sorrow and regret every time he saw her. Then… one day… it happened. She couldn’t resist anymore.

The two kissed, and it was… magical, it was what she was yearning for. Or it was… for a moment. Before their lips parted, the young man dropped to the ground, gasping for air as his lips turned blue and his skin pale. Foaming at the mouth his hands wrapped around his neck as his final breath left his lungs. Crying out for her father, Sir Ardor found Stephanie kneeling over the young man, sobbing into her hands as she cried out it was an accident. Her father quickly gathered their things, and moved from Padua, Italy to London, England.

There the two opened up a shop in downtown London. Her father works with the local government as a Horticulture scientist, studying the plants and figuring out how to better the crops for the harsh seasons while Stephanie continued tending to her father's plants and consistently working on a cure for herself at the Ardor Gardens. The two, for the most part, have been able to keep a rather low profile in England, not drawing any attention to herself.