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Tiny Titans! 0

This is one of my favorite comics. Me and my dad have been watching the Teen Titans cartoon but this is different.   What I Liked: I really liked the cover. It's funny that the big guy is pushing the baby in the purple stroller and Raven is yelling "Dad!" It's neat on the first page they show all the people and the Teen Titans' heads are are close to each other. Raven's dad kept calling Kid Devil a baby and it was funny when he got his fingers bit. The bats were cute here but not as cute ...

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I Didn't Like The Ending 0

I wanted to save this comic for last. I like the Donald comics where he's a spy. He uses some cool gizmos here to catch the bad guys. I really laughed at a part where Donald and two other agents were driving in his car. He said, "It's an economy car, not a rocket." Dad explained the part about the economy car but I laughed about it not being a rocket. I also liked that Uncle Scrooge was on a page.   I didn't like the ending. It was too confusing. One spy was pretending to be two other peo...

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Scooby-Doo and a Mermaid? 1

I really like Scooby-Doo. It was cool that there was two stories in this comic. It's like getting to watch two tv shows. The pictures look like they do on the cartoon. Of course the kids saved things at the end.  What I didn't like is the monsters weren't really scary here. In the first story, the bad guys were trying to use mermaids to scare the shop captain. Mermaids aren't scary. Those guys were just silly. There was a mummy in the second story. That was a little more scary but they've fought...

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Hulk Turns Into Pirate Hulk 0

I really thought it was funny when Hulk turned into Pirate Hulk after he touched a fractal. He even had a parrot. There was a giant jelly fish in the first story. He was really cute when he was normal. It was good having three different stories here but...   I didn't like that the stories were so short. Captain America seemed scared and he supposed to be braver. I liked this comic but it wasn't as good as the cartoon. I also like Mini-Marvels better.    I give this a 4 out of 5.   Words ...

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Too Many "Over My Head" jokes 0

We only read the first issue. Dad left the second one at his office. I really like the Muppets and I read a Magic Treehouse book that had King Arthur and Merlin in it. I also really liked the Muppet Peter Pan comic. This one seems different.   I like that Miss Piggy was Morgan Le Fey. It's funny that she had so many magic mirrors in her room. It was also a good idea that Fozzie was a court jester.   Dad said a lot of the jokes were "over my head." It didn't seem as funny as the other Muppet comi...

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Why Did Match Eat The Titans' Chair? 0

I like this comic book. The art is cool even though they look different from the other comics. Everyone looks like kids. But that's funny. Krypto looks really cute as a puppy. We get to see a lot of colored Green Lantern rings. I said I wanted the green one because green is my favorite color. Dad told me what the colors are for and maybe I'd want the Love one too.  We get to see other Green Lanterns. Ch'p was also really cute.   When Superboy came, another character called Match was there. It wa...

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The Scarecrow and TinMan together again! 0

 We had to catch up and read a two Oz comics. I really liked that the Scarecrow and Tinman got to meet up again. The pictures and colors are really pretty. When they were all in a field of sunflowers, it reminded me a little of the poppies. There was a new character, a woggle-bug who looks cool.  I don't like that Jack Pumpkinhead keeps getting hurt and that he lost a leg here. Then there's Mombi. I wish she stayed away. I don't like her because she's kind of being mean.  My rating for this is 4...

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