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The Good

I liked that the comic starts in the city of Kandor. We get to see a new color of Kryptonite. It's periwinkle. It's very funny what happens to Superman when he gets zapped with this Kryptonite.

Last issue Lara, Superman's mom, was freed from the Phantom Zone. This comic kind of continues from last issue. Lara is very kind and excited to get all the powers that Superman has on Earth. She's at the Fortress of Solitude with Supergirl and Superboy. She also talks to the people of Kandor, in the bottle.

Brainiac comes to Earth to take over and make destruction and doom. He works with Lex Luthor by ordering him around. I think they make a good pair since they're both evil and not very smart, for the most part.

This comic has lots of interesting parts. After each page, you just want to get to the next page to read more of the story. I like all of the colors that were used. The background during the dancing scene was colorful and crazy. There was a lot of funny parts and the art is really good.

It's cool that there's a game at the end where you have to find all the differences between two pictures.

The Bad

There wasn't anything really bad about this except it felt short. I wanted it to keep going.

The Verdict

This was a funny and active story. It had lots of cool scenes with Brainiac invading Earth and when he entered Lex's lair in the sewer. I didn't know there were other colors of Kryptonite besides green and red. I had a fun time reading this and can't wait for the next issue.

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Note: L'il G-Girl is the 9-year-old daughter of Comic Vine's EIC, Tony "G-Man" Guerrero

The Good

The Super-Family is getting lessons at the Fortress of Solitude when a little robot bug interrupts. Superboy wants to keep him as another Superpet but Krypto and Streaky do not approve. The bug speaks Kryptonian and leads the Family to a Super Satellite. It has Kryptonian technology and Superman sees and old recording of his dad and mom right before his planet explodes. They meet three aliens and start fighting. My dad said these aliens were in the regular comic.

I liked seeing Superman and Krypto as babies. It also kind of explained what happened on Krypton before it exploded. I like that the art is the same as in TINY TITANS. There was lots of funny parts and it had a happy ending.

It was also cool to have the secret code for Krypton's language in the comic.

The Bad

The ending was happy but kind of weird because it ended quickly and I don't know if it's to be continued.

There were too many commercials at the end and I was looking for the end of the story.


I really like this comic because it was interesting to see the recordings of baby Superman and Krypto before they left their planet. I like that the Super Family is home schooled. It would be cool to go to school at the Fortress of Solitude. The ending was happy but short. I would tell my friends they should read this story because it's funny and detailed.

I really wanted to give this 4 1/2 stars but I was told we can't do half stars.

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Note: L'il G-Girl is an eight-year-old girl who reads comics.


I liked it. The first story is about Finn and Jake trying to help everyone get out of a magic bag that the Lich put them into. Finn and Jake were practicing battle burns to hurt people's feelings during a fight. I think hurting his feelings would just make him more mad at them. If he gets more mad at them, he might keep them in the bag forever.

The Jake Suit was very creative. I don't know if they did that in the cartoon before.

It looks a lot like the cartoon. It wasn't quite the same as watching because of not having the voices, but it makes it easier because my dad is good at making voices at whatever he reads. I did not pick up doing voices from him. I'm too shy to try to do the voices in front of people.

I was disappointed at the "to be continued part," but I was happy because there was another story after.


Yay! Tree Trunks is in this story. Tree Trunks is my favorite medium size character (BMO is my favorite little one and Marceline is my favorite girl). Tree Trunks brought her cider to Princess Bubblegum but she didn't want it because she was getting cider from the sky. Birds carried the cider in barrels. I was not expecting the cider to come from where it did. Tree Trunks seems more aware of what's going on than in the cartoon. Dad asked me if I like Princess Bubblegum. I think she wears too much pink.

I liked the art here even though it's different from the cartoon. It's extraordinary. I liked the colors.

I really liked this comic. I wish it had more Marceline. Boom did a good job. I can't wait to read the next one.

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Note: L'il G-Girl is an eight-year-old that reads comics.

The main ideas of the comic book were secret identities and cows and fruit. I thought it was weird that they didn't notice Barbara had red hair before taking off her mask. That was silly. I liked how Wonder Girl has a secret orange. Barbara has a disco ball in her secret lair. I really want one too. Barbara also had a red wig in her room. I don't know why she would need one.

The secret oranges of the Justice League was funny. The League of Just Us Cows are cute. Me and my mom want to get a cow but our backyard is too small. Batcow Beyond was really cool and funny because he's supposed to be like Terry [McGinnis].

I really like this comic book. I've read all the issues since before I was in Kindergarten. I like the art and the colors. I think it's cool that they show you who everyone is at the beginning on the first page.

I didn't like that it was short. I don't think it was a good idea that they all took off their masks. I didn't understand why Barbara's dad and Chief O'Hara had cans of red paint. [They were about to paint the town red]. Robin's shorts look like they belong to Aqualad because they look like water [scales].

People should read this because it's funny and entertaining.

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Note: L'il G-Girl is an eight-year-old girl that reads comics.

"Music Goes Round"

Lucy gets a song stuck in her head. It's a big coincidence that everyone sings the song and it goes back to Lucy. She got karma because she was trying to get the song stuck in other people's head and she was being rude. It felt like a Charlie Brown story. I liked it.

"Classic Peanuts"

This one was okay.

"Cat Cash"

I do not like Frieda. At all! From the first time I saw her. I don't like her because she brags about her naturally curly hair. But she didn't do it here. She has before. It is sad her cat got lost. The others help look for it.

Snoopy has a good imagination. He's like me.

"How to Draw Charlie Brown"

I was able to follow the drawing directions.

No Caption Provided

Lucy was pretty mean the way she described Charlie Brown.

End of the comic

Foo! I didn't want it to end.

It felt a little shorter than my other comics. I thought the price was okay. It could be more because it was so good. My dad thinks it might be a little too much. It was great. It was like the other Peanuts stories in my Peanuts Treasury book.