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The Otsutsuki Clan

The Øtsutsuki Clan

"Power within the Stars"

The Otsutsuki History

Since the beginning of their birth, the Otsutsuki Clan have had great power over the ways of the universe, planting saplings to remove a planet of their Chakra and to simply move on to the next. While their own origins are a mystery lost in the times of space, and their own origin planet has been mostly forgotten. They have managed to integrate their ways into many defeat planets as they split off into pairs and feed on Chakra. However, not all Otsutsuki have the idea of simply leaving a planet's civilization dry. Some gain an attachment to it, and share their chakra with a planet's inhabitants , giving them a piece of their own Chakra, an example of this is Earth's Kaguya.

The Otsutsuki Influence On Earth (Major Influences)

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Kaguya Otsutsuki and her accomplice were the pair to drain the chakra from Earth. However, Kaguya grew attached to the people of Earth, and instead of destroying them, she gave them her own power, and betrayed her partner. Due to this, Kaguya was the start for what is now known as shinobi. However, soon after she stopped being the kind mother figure she was and began to become a power-crazed tyrant turning into the Juubi and had to be sealed away by her sons (Hagomoro and Hamura).

Hagomoro Otsutsuki, the son of Kaguya and the brother to Hamura Otsutsuki, Hagomoro Otsutsuki is known as the Savior Of Shinobi, due to him and his brother defeating Kaguya and Hagomoro becoming the jinchuriki of the Ten Tails. He is the founder of the Sage of Six Paths, the art of ninshu, as well as the ten tailed beasts. Hagomoro traveled a long road, sharing his chakra with people and teaching the people of Earth about world peace. However, he knew that achieving this would have to be passed on to his children (Sentsuki and Harutomo). He currently resides in the Hidden Lunar Village in retirement

Hamura Otsutsuki is also the son of Kaguya and the brother of the previously mentioned Hagomoro Otsutsuki. After he and his brother sealed his mother away on the moon, he volunteered to go and guard his sealed mother. He is the one responsible for the foundation of the Hidden Lunar Village (before it had been wiped away after his death due to war between two families).

Sentsuki Otsutsuki is the elder son of Hagmoro Otsutsuki, and is known as a the natural power between the two. Sentsuki has had the most easy to gain his father’s power, however due to having seemingly no one to challenge his power, he began to detach himself from the world around him, living inside his own mind and solitude. Sentsuki is the progenitor of the Uchiha Clan.

Harutomo Otsutsuki is the youngest brother of Hagomoro Otsutsuki, and while his brother was a natural prodigy, Harutomo wasn’t and so instead he turned to others and gained power through the form of allies. These allies journeyed with him through many adventures, and his father saw this and chose him as his successor. However this made his brother jealous, resulting in the two fighting, with Asura winning and being named the king of Ninshu. Harutomo is the progenitor of the Kitsune

Mamoru Otsutsuki is the descendant of Hamura and is of the branch family of the Hidden Lunar Village, and the processor of Hamura’s signature Tenseigan. Mamoru in his early years was the sole survivor of the Hidden Lunar Village branch’s family after the main family attacked them. Feeling alone, Mamoru went to Earth to make friends with the Humans, and with one particular human. However, she manipulated him due to his aloneness and convinced him to attempt to restart the war so the two can begin anew. However, this plan was halted by Horuma Kitsune, during their fight on the moon, showing him the errors of his ways and he is now rekindling relationships with the main branch and rebuilding the Hidden Lunar Village. Mamoru is the mentor of Kyushi.


Location: The Hidden Lunar Village

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The Hidden Lunar Village is the main location of the Moon Branch of the Otsutsuki clan (Hamura’s descendants) which now includes both the mian and side branches in union. The Village is underneath the crust of the moon, hidden within the artificial light of a jutsu given by Mamuro. The Hidden Lunar Village can be accessed through the use of earth jutsu hand seals upon the Moon’s crusts, unpeeling the ceiling of the village however has to be done after undoing a multitude of protection seals. Currently, the current leader of the Hidden Lunar Village is Son of the Main branch’s King, Tanoki Otsutsuki, who was elected as leader by the people.


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A more detailed version of the Lunar village will come out as it's stand alone thread as I get more information on how things work in the NaurtoBorutoverse

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