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The Lunar Path| Tale Of Kyushi Mura| Pt.1

[The Lunar Path Series followed Kyushi Mura during his unannounced leave from Konoha village and into the Great Shinobi Countries]

Seven Years Ago, During A Chunin Practice Mission

Outside the walls of Konoha, a series of shadow clone sat on top of a group of young Shinobi. Pinning them down to the ground with a Rasengan in each of other hands. Kyushi single handedly took down Team 8, his mission was to play the aggressor as they tried to capture him, and he succeeded. He looked down at the young shinobi with boredom. This was simply an exception to him, to continue to win without any contest. How boring.

The rest of his team finally caught up to him, surprised at what they say. They were supposed to be his defenders, but they were good enough to even do that. The supervisor of the lesson, Konohamaru, hopped down from us vantage and stared at the blonde shinobi with intense eyes. "I thought I told you this was a team exercise. And that if you didn't work as a time you'd fail."

The notion of failure something as important as a Chunin mission would be devastating to some, but to Kyushi it didn't bother him as he excelled in every other subject. "Oh well. If my team weren't as lacking as they were. Perhaps we'd be able to work together." Before they could respond he spoke again. "Train harder and maybe you wouldn't have failed. If none of you are able to protect me, then I'm concerned on how you were able to pass the Genin exams."

They looked at the ground, Konohamaru stepping to their rescue. "That's enough, Kyushi. Head back to the class before we have to escalate this further." Recultantly, Kyushi listened, because 'escalate further' usually meant contacting his brother. And he wasn't in the mood for listening to another role of his speeches.


As they Chunin headed inside, Kyushi could hear whispers concerning him. "Look at that brat, thinking he's better than us." He turned to look at where the voice was coming from, and was met with Akame, one of the members of his team accompany by Orochi. They looked at him, Orchid sheepishly looking away while Akame continued to stare back defiantly.

"I am better than you." He turned, hands in his pocket. His eyes flickered between the two, the two stark contrasts in personality, but both were incompetent in his eyes. "I'm better than every student here. I don't want to here you complaining cause you're beneath me. Just do better."

The words took the desired effect, wounding both of his classmates. In Kyushi's eyes, they were nothing more than shackles. While Orochi's face turned red in embarrassment by the public scene, Akame stepped forward his courage mixing into his rage. "Beneath you!?" His voice slowly rose. "We're your teammates, we're supposed to fight besides you. We may not be equal in power, but we are equal in stature and courage."

"Shut your babbling already." He dismissed the two with the turn of his back "That friendship babble means nothing when you're just a burden" Akame stopped, his anger boiling. But instead of yelling he spoke calmly. "Your brother is the embodiment that proves you wrong. He fought along side everyone, strong and weak. And he gave us strength, like we gave him. WHY CANT YOU BE MORE LIKE HIM!?"

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The last words hit a string and Kyushi looked over his shoulders. A shadow draped over his eyes. "You want me to be more like him, huh?" He threw an Kunai at a surprised Akame who instinctively ducked. Only to be instantly above him a movement later.

"I'll show you how much like him I can be!" A Rasengan formed in his hand as he jabbed it downwards, aiming for the square of Akame's lower back. The Flying Thunder God Technique, its second step was in play.

However, instead of hearing Akame's yell. He heard another voice, Konohamaru's. "How dare you use your father's move against your teammates" Kyushi looked up to find Konohamaru using his own body as a shield. The Rasengan disappearing as Kyushi kicked himself backwards. The anger he has slowly changing into melancholy.

"Your father developed that technique to help your friends in the case they were attacked. Not for you to attack them. I don't expect you to be like your brother, but I did expect you to better." Konohamaru looked at Kyushi, not in anger but in disappointment. "I'll have to order your suspension. You intended to do serious harm outside of a training environment. Your brother will know about this. You're dismissed"

Kyushi said nothing, he didn't look at his Sensei or anyone for that matter. He simply looked forward. His pride rejected the criticism for what it was. He was surrounded by students, they all were whispering and murmuring. "None of you have want it takes to be a shinobi. You're all beneath me and you're holding me back. You Konohamaru, my Team, Homura. You're all going to make me weak!"

Kyushi walked out the doors of the academy, heading home.



Kyushi sat in his room, his window looking over the wall and beyond. Freedom unshackled. The swaying of trees beckoned him with the soft blowing of wind calling his name. His brother was a sleep, and this was the perfect time to slip away. To no longer be burdened by overprotectiveness and no longer limited by the incompetence of his peers.

He slowly opened his window and slipped away. Taking a leap over the wall, he sprinted into the woods. Leaving everything holding him back behind. But in his moment of freedom, he failed to notice a small pair of red eyes watching him from the darkness.