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The Hatsu/ Yūdokuna-Higanbana Clan [Nu]

The Hatsu/Yūdokuna-Higanbana Unit

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-Daīymo Era

The Hatsu (literally meaning: 'Departure' and 'Beginning) are a group of shinobi that exist outside the hidden village system. Existing under the secret leadership of Daiymo Koyuki Kazahana for over two decades, the Hatsu act as a secret revelation service to help protect the Great Five Shinobi Countries from her home country Yukigakure, initially being the their equivalent to the ANBU.

Yet, during the Great Shinobi War, the Hatsu numbers began to dwindle as their Snow/Ice based jutsus were much more ineffective in the lands where the sun was prominent, causing them to constantly be at disadvantage. Eventually they lowered so much h that Koykui ordered a cessation of the service to not endanger anymore of Yukigakure's people. Despite protests of the service's leaders.

-Under Kokusei's Leadership

While officially ceased,it was the beliefs of the Hatsu's leaders that allowed their services to press on. However, they needed the funding in order to continue to maintain their way of life. So they scouted for weather leaders to become their sponsors and to support their way of life.

Eventually they made their way to Kokusei Doyuko, CEO of Doyuko Manfacturing and the newfound Owner of Degarashi Port. She found the concept of a secret police that belonged to her alluring. And proudly funded them after a certain changes to their rules. Changing the name,oath, and Wardrobe. The alloweing only female members in their active ranks.

The Hatsu (now known as the Yūdokuna-Higanbana), have since then recruited the outcast and distraught into their growing numbers.

Wardrobe & Habits

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While members of the Hatsu used to wear their Yukigakure Shinobi outfits, the Yūdokuna-Higanbana lack any official clothing to better their chances of blending into society. However, they still have markings to establish their rankings amongst themselves. These markings can appear on any part of the body while and are hidden by various seals.

-The Spider Lily: The Spider Lily marking is a red star-like structure with prongs sticking out in various directions. Each year a member of the Yūdokuna-Higanbana are active in their ranks. They receive another prong on their tattoo and access to more powerful jutsus. The max a member can achieve this way are four prongs. When they do receive their fourth prong their is a ceremony that takes place in their honor. Where they are presented the choice of leaving the Yūdokuna-Higanbana or staying to climb their ranks.

The way to progress beyond a four-pronged The Spider Lily is one of the many secrets of the Yūdokuna-Higanbana. And the jutsus that are accompanied by it are equally gaurded.

Significant Members

-Kokusei Doyuko: Sole sponsor and head of the Yūdokuna-Higanbana.[Full Access]

-Sanori Yukana-Mura: Tactical Genius, Raised within the Yūdokuna-Higanbana rank. [7-Seven Prongs]

- Karo Senju: Keeper/ Architect Of The Yūdokuna-Higanbana's Knowledge [Full Access]






OOC Rules:

-I'm open to suggestions and concerns because this is a WIP.

-You don't have to contact me if you want to be a member, just rp your way in.

-Ninja Secret Groups tend to be secretive. If you want to uncover secrets just remember that.

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