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The Lunar Path | Tale Of Kyushi Mura | Part.2

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The moon’s light shone broke through the dense tapestry of the forest, he was south of Konohagekure, unsure to home how far he had wandered. The sounds of the leaves crunching beneath his feet had become rhythmic to him. However, he was deep in thought, a pinch of regret had become over him. Not regret over leaving but regret over not having a plan for his leaving. Kyushi, despite his age, wasn’t one to usually act on impulse. Even his outburst earlier that day was calculated, and he was certain no one who could stop him was nearby. However, this, walking amongst the middle of nowhere. Heading nowhere. With no one. Was against his nature. And he had begun to doubt everything, and perhaps try again when he had thought out a better strategy to leaving

It was its sound that got to him before its sound. The sound of rushing waters, steady and strong, filled the atmosphere. The reflection of moonlight light up the river with a sense of serenity, as if leading the young shinobi to it. “Better than nothing” He assured himself before he kneeled down and began to take a sip.

Until some caught his eye.

The split second of a sparkle appeared at the corner of his eye and. before his mind could process it, his body jerked backwards. A moment later a large black object plunged itself into the river in front of him. Turning it into a deep dirty purplish black, as is plunged into its depths ‘Shit, not now!’ He thought to himself as he retreated behind a tree, looking out for his unknown assailant. A quick glance over at the river, now littered with the corpses of fish, and the black object became clear to him, it was a kunai.

His assailant was nowhere to be seen, but that was no problem for him. The blueness within his right eye intensified, and his pupil become an almost milky white. His Dojutsu, the Jogan, has activated, however, for a very brief moment. But in that brief moment he saw more than he needed to. Dozens of immense chakra points were hidden in the trees above him, all watching him with predatory eyes. And amongst them, only one was active, darting throughout the trees towards his location.

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His Dojutsu deactivated, and he took a stance as his opponent approached, but when they revealed themselves, he was taken aback. Cold red eyes soon appeared from within the darkness as a girl, around his age, had made her presence known, uncloaking the shadows around her. Her black ink hair moved in subtly, defying the speeds she arrived. And for a brief moment, their eyes meet. Kyushi’s fear and her determination, kindled. Yet, his fear turned into a brief curiosity as he found those eyes recognizable. “Uchiha.” The statement left his lips as a question. But it was unlikely that his question was going to be answered anytime soon as she withdrew two kunai from the hidden pockets of her cloak.

The two young shinobi clashed, her swift and powerful offense appearing suddenly, leaving Kyushi no time to withdraw his own weapon immediately. He swayed and leaned, narrowly dodging and evading what seemed to be an endless assault. Her arms jabbed and swung at him with speed unbelievably at her age, potentially surpassing his own, and she seemed to have had experience with her Sharingan as well. He backpedaled to block, using his forearm against her wrist as she aimed at his chest. He had to be careful not to stumble, or to take too long. As she was going to overtake him eventually and she left him no time to prefer jutsus, less he risked his hand being removed. So he attacked her, not physical, but mentally looking for an opening.

“What is a Uchiha doing out here all alone?” He backpedaled again, she advanced.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She responded, much to his surprise. Assassins were not one for talking.

“I’m talking about your family line. Why are you out here without another Uchiha? Were your parent’s not in the Uchiha Massacre?” The Kunai now barely swung over his adam’s apple, almost as a threat.

“My family line is not that of the Uchiha. I am Yukana.” An impossibility, he was sure. The Sharingan were either implanted or from birth, and hers shone with authenticity.

“You are a Uchiha. Your family died. Aren’t you interested in your past?” And then, it became noticeable she had become, even for that brief second, unfocused. As she swung at him again, he grasped her wrist, ready to strike her in her neck when the coldness of a blade slashed across his back, and he fell to the ground, under paralysis.

He fought, but no matter how much he willed

The figures in trees emerged from their hiding places, gathering around him. They were wearing mask, similar to that of the ANBU. A woman with blond hair cut just below her neck spoke with a firm, sultry voice. “Don’t worry, Kitsune. You can get to sleep now. We’ll be making sure you wake up in a new and comfortable …prison” And against his wishes, he did.


The Lunar Path| Tale Of Kyushi Mura| Pt.1

[The Lunar Path Series followed Kyushi Mura during his unannounced leave from Konoha village and into the Great Shinobi Countries]

Seven Years Ago, During A Chunin Practice Mission

Outside the walls of Konoha, a series of shadow clone sat on top of a group of young Shinobi. Pinning them down to the ground with a Rasengan in each of other hands. Kyushi single handedly took down Team 8, his mission was to play the aggressor as they tried to capture him, and he succeeded. He looked down at the young shinobi with boredom. This was simply an exception to him, to continue to win without any contest. How boring.

The rest of his team finally caught up to him, surprised at what they say. They were supposed to be his defenders, but they were good enough to even do that. The supervisor of the lesson, Konohamaru, hopped down from us vantage and stared at the blonde shinobi with intense eyes. "I thought I told you this was a team exercise. And that if you didn't work as a time you'd fail."

The notion of failure something as important as a Chunin mission would be devastating to some, but to Kyushi it didn't bother him as he excelled in every other subject. "Oh well. If my team weren't as lacking as they were. Perhaps we'd be able to work together." Before they could respond he spoke again. "Train harder and maybe you wouldn't have failed. If none of you are able to protect me, then I'm concerned on how you were able to pass the Genin exams."

They looked at the ground, Konohamaru stepping to their rescue. "That's enough, Kyushi. Head back to the class before we have to escalate this further." Recultantly, Kyushi listened, because 'escalate further' usually meant contacting his brother. And he wasn't in the mood for listening to another role of his speeches.


As they Chunin headed inside, Kyushi could hear whispers concerning him. "Look at that brat, thinking he's better than us." He turned to look at where the voice was coming from, and was met with Akame, one of the members of his team accompany by Orochi. They looked at him, Orchid sheepishly looking away while Akame continued to stare back defiantly.

"I am better than you." He turned, hands in his pocket. His eyes flickered between the two, the two stark contrasts in personality, but both were incompetent in his eyes. "I'm better than every student here. I don't want to here you complaining cause you're beneath me. Just do better."

The words took the desired effect, wounding both of his classmates. In Kyushi's eyes, they were nothing more than shackles. While Orochi's face turned red in embarrassment by the public scene, Akame stepped forward his courage mixing into his rage. "Beneath you!?" His voice slowly rose. "We're your teammates, we're supposed to fight besides you. We may not be equal in power, but we are equal in stature and courage."

"Shut your babbling already." He dismissed the two with the turn of his back "That friendship babble means nothing when you're just a burden" Akame stopped, his anger boiling. But instead of yelling he spoke calmly. "Your brother is the embodiment that proves you wrong. He fought along side everyone, strong and weak. And he gave us strength, like we gave him. WHY CANT YOU BE MORE LIKE HIM!?"

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The last words hit a string and Kyushi looked over his shoulders. A shadow draped over his eyes. "You want me to be more like him, huh?" He threw an Kunai at a surprised Akame who instinctively ducked. Only to be instantly above him a movement later.

"I'll show you how much like him I can be!" A Rasengan formed in his hand as he jabbed it downwards, aiming for the square of Akame's lower back. The Flying Thunder God Technique, its second step was in play.

However, instead of hearing Akame's yell. He heard another voice, Konohamaru's. "How dare you use your father's move against your teammates" Kyushi looked up to find Konohamaru using his own body as a shield. The Rasengan disappearing as Kyushi kicked himself backwards. The anger he has slowly changing into melancholy.

"Your father developed that technique to help your friends in the case they were attacked. Not for you to attack them. I don't expect you to be like your brother, but I did expect you to better." Konohamaru looked at Kyushi, not in anger but in disappointment. "I'll have to order your suspension. You intended to do serious harm outside of a training environment. Your brother will know about this. You're dismissed"

Kyushi said nothing, he didn't look at his Sensei or anyone for that matter. He simply looked forward. His pride rejected the criticism for what it was. He was surrounded by students, they all were whispering and murmuring. "None of you have want it takes to be a shinobi. You're all beneath me and you're holding me back. You Konohamaru, my Team, Homura. You're all going to make me weak!"

Kyushi walked out the doors of the academy, heading home.



Kyushi sat in his room, his window looking over the wall and beyond. Freedom unshackled. The swaying of trees beckoned him with the soft blowing of wind calling his name. His brother was a sleep, and this was the perfect time to slip away. To no longer be burdened by overprotectiveness and no longer limited by the incompetence of his peers.

He slowly opened his window and slipped away. Taking a leap over the wall, he sprinted into the woods. Leaving everything holding him back behind. But in his moment of freedom, he failed to notice a small pair of red eyes watching him from the darkness.


The Hatsu/ Yūdokuna-Higanbana Clan [Nu]

The Hatsu/Yūdokuna-Higanbana Unit

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-Daīymo Era

The Hatsu (literally meaning: 'Departure' and 'Beginning) are a group of shinobi that exist outside the hidden village system. Existing under the secret leadership of Daiymo Koyuki Kazahana for over two decades, the Hatsu act as a secret revelation service to help protect the Great Five Shinobi Countries from her home country Yukigakure, initially being the their equivalent to the ANBU.

Yet, during the Great Shinobi War, the Hatsu numbers began to dwindle as their Snow/Ice based jutsus were much more ineffective in the lands where the sun was prominent, causing them to constantly be at disadvantage. Eventually they lowered so much h that Koykui ordered a cessation of the service to not endanger anymore of Yukigakure's people. Despite protests of the service's leaders.

-Under Kokusei's Leadership

While officially ceased,it was the beliefs of the Hatsu's leaders that allowed their services to press on. However, they needed the funding in order to continue to maintain their way of life. So they scouted for weather leaders to become their sponsors and to support their way of life.

Eventually they made their way to Kokusei Doyuko, CEO of Doyuko Manfacturing and the newfound Owner of Degarashi Port. She found the concept of a secret police that belonged to her alluring. And proudly funded them after a certain changes to their rules. Changing the name,oath, and Wardrobe. The alloweing only female members in their active ranks.

The Hatsu (now known as the Yūdokuna-Higanbana), have since then recruited the outcast and distraught into their growing numbers.

Wardrobe & Habits

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While members of the Hatsu used to wear their Yukigakure Shinobi outfits, the Yūdokuna-Higanbana lack any official clothing to better their chances of blending into society. However, they still have markings to establish their rankings amongst themselves. These markings can appear on any part of the body while and are hidden by various seals.

-The Spider Lily: The Spider Lily marking is a red star-like structure with prongs sticking out in various directions. Each year a member of the Yūdokuna-Higanbana are active in their ranks. They receive another prong on their tattoo and access to more powerful jutsus. The max a member can achieve this way are four prongs. When they do receive their fourth prong their is a ceremony that takes place in their honor. Where they are presented the choice of leaving the Yūdokuna-Higanbana or staying to climb their ranks.

The way to progress beyond a four-pronged The Spider Lily is one of the many secrets of the Yūdokuna-Higanbana. And the jutsus that are accompanied by it are equally gaurded.

Significant Members

-Kokusei Doyuko: Sole sponsor and head of the Yūdokuna-Higanbana.[Full Access]

-Sanori Yukana-Mura: Tactical Genius, Raised within the Yūdokuna-Higanbana rank. [7-Seven Prongs]

- Karo Senju: Keeper/ Architect Of The Yūdokuna-Higanbana's Knowledge [Full Access]






OOC Rules:

-I'm open to suggestions and concerns because this is a WIP.

-You don't have to contact me if you want to be a member, just rp your way in.

-Ninja Secret Groups tend to be secretive. If you want to uncover secrets just remember that.

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The Otsutsuki Clan

The Øtsutsuki Clan

"Power within the Stars"

The Otsutsuki History

Since the beginning of their birth, the Otsutsuki Clan have had great power over the ways of the universe, planting saplings to remove a planet of their Chakra and to simply move on to the next. While their own origins are a mystery lost in the times of space, and their own origin planet has been mostly forgotten. They have managed to integrate their ways into many defeat planets as they split off into pairs and feed on Chakra. However, not all Otsutsuki have the idea of simply leaving a planet's civilization dry. Some gain an attachment to it, and share their chakra with a planet's inhabitants , giving them a piece of their own Chakra, an example of this is Earth's Kaguya.

The Otsutsuki Influence On Earth (Major Influences)

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Kaguya Otsutsuki and her accomplice were the pair to drain the chakra from Earth. However, Kaguya grew attached to the people of Earth, and instead of destroying them, she gave them her own power, and betrayed her partner. Due to this, Kaguya was the start for what is now known as shinobi. However, soon after she stopped being the kind mother figure she was and began to become a power-crazed tyrant turning into the Juubi and had to be sealed away by her sons (Hagomoro and Hamura).

Hagomoro Otsutsuki, the son of Kaguya and the brother to Hamura Otsutsuki, Hagomoro Otsutsuki is known as the Savior Of Shinobi, due to him and his brother defeating Kaguya and Hagomoro becoming the jinchuriki of the Ten Tails. He is the founder of the Sage of Six Paths, the art of ninshu, as well as the ten tailed beasts. Hagomoro traveled a long road, sharing his chakra with people and teaching the people of Earth about world peace. However, he knew that achieving this would have to be passed on to his children (Sentsuki and Harutomo). He currently resides in the Hidden Lunar Village in retirement

Hamura Otsutsuki is also the son of Kaguya and the brother of the previously mentioned Hagomoro Otsutsuki. After he and his brother sealed his mother away on the moon, he volunteered to go and guard his sealed mother. He is the one responsible for the foundation of the Hidden Lunar Village (before it had been wiped away after his death due to war between two families).

Sentsuki Otsutsuki is the elder son of Hagmoro Otsutsuki, and is known as a the natural power between the two. Sentsuki has had the most easy to gain his father’s power, however due to having seemingly no one to challenge his power, he began to detach himself from the world around him, living inside his own mind and solitude. Sentsuki is the progenitor of the Uchiha Clan.

Harutomo Otsutsuki is the youngest brother of Hagomoro Otsutsuki, and while his brother was a natural prodigy, Harutomo wasn’t and so instead he turned to others and gained power through the form of allies. These allies journeyed with him through many adventures, and his father saw this and chose him as his successor. However this made his brother jealous, resulting in the two fighting, with Asura winning and being named the king of Ninshu. Harutomo is the progenitor of the Kitsune

Mamoru Otsutsuki is the descendant of Hamura and is of the branch family of the Hidden Lunar Village, and the processor of Hamura’s signature Tenseigan. Mamoru in his early years was the sole survivor of the Hidden Lunar Village branch’s family after the main family attacked them. Feeling alone, Mamoru went to Earth to make friends with the Humans, and with one particular human. However, she manipulated him due to his aloneness and convinced him to attempt to restart the war so the two can begin anew. However, this plan was halted by Horuma Kitsune, during their fight on the moon, showing him the errors of his ways and he is now rekindling relationships with the main branch and rebuilding the Hidden Lunar Village. Mamoru is the mentor of Kyushi.


Location: The Hidden Lunar Village

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The Hidden Lunar Village is the main location of the Moon Branch of the Otsutsuki clan (Hamura’s descendants) which now includes both the mian and side branches in union. The Village is underneath the crust of the moon, hidden within the artificial light of a jutsu given by Mamuro. The Hidden Lunar Village can be accessed through the use of earth jutsu hand seals upon the Moon’s crusts, unpeeling the ceiling of the village however has to be done after undoing a multitude of protection seals. Currently, the current leader of the Hidden Lunar Village is Son of the Main branch’s King, Tanoki Otsutsuki, who was elected as leader by the people.


Everything here will be updated as more Otsutsuki members come along

If you wish to become a member of the Otsutsuki clan, DM me and I'll add ya. If you're an important figure you'll need to write out your character's impact so I can copy and paste it.

A more detailed version of the Lunar village will come out as it's stand alone thread as I get more information on how things work in the NaurtoBorutoverse

Have fun!