In no particular order (just numbered for clarity's sake)

1. Have Sentry transferred to the Ultimate Universe and have it revealed thats the world he was forgotten from. 
2.Less Wolverine. Possibly kill him.
3. Smoking is allowed in the real world, why not Marvel? 
4. Only let movies get made if they are written by people who understand and can write comics. 
5. Backup features.  
6. Listen to fans. 
7. Spotlight some lesser known characters. 
8. Have Galactus as a little more than a tool to prove a character is above street-level. 
9. Kill some main characters right when it counts. 
10. Maybe sell the company and start a new company.

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To name a few...

Will Eisner-Pioneered the art form as we see today. He also introduced the world to some amazing creator's (such as Jack Kirby) to the world through his studio,  Eisner and Iger. He also created the first graphic novel.

Joe Shuster-For co-initiating the superhero genre
Jerry Siegel - ditto
Harvey Kurtzman- The master of humour comics,  created MAD magazine.
Stan Lee- He has contributed a huge amount to the Marvel universe, and, in effect, has impacted the whole industry.
Jack Kirby- One of the greatest (and most sincere) storytellers. 
Alan Moore- He made the comics scene more philosophical, grittier, and more dynamic place. 
Myself- For future creations 
And other's who I either forgot, didn't have to mention or never heard of.
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Dynamic Duos!!!

Nightwing and Robin

Batman and Mister Miracle
Mr.Fantastic and Ant-Man
Robin and Batman Jones
Spider-Man and Cyclops
Spider-Man and Wolverine
Miss Martian and Starfire
Super Skrull and Thanos
Black Panther and Storm
the Question and Wildcat
Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson
Nightwing and Red Arrow
Nightwing and Batgirl
Iceman and Human Torch
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Ability to mimic superhuman powers from humans only in a world without superheros

Pooping clones of yourself
Being trapped at a vastly different time frame than everyone else
prehensile nostril hairs
uncontrollable extremely adhesive skin (getting stuck to the toilet seat!!)
Uncontollable thought projection
Uncontrollable Death Aura
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Certain Teams work better with or without uniforms depending on the teams style. With teams consisting of heros from other comicbooks, it tends to be the individual thing. But teams with charactars made specifically for the team, matching uniforms seems a bit better (albeit with different looks, like the X-Men). Most of the time. THere are exeptions for both of these.

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