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Steven King as Richard Bachman gets blasted by Randall Flagg

Recently I was doing a little editing on The Stand: The Night Has Come issue 4 and discovered a little hidden treat on page 20. In the climactic scene, Randall Flagg aka The Walkin' Dude is about to publicy execute the "spies" sent into Las Vegas from the survivor colony in Colorado. From the crowd Richard Bachman speaks out against Flagg:

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Now this is amusing for a couple of reasons. First, Richard Bachman is a well known pen-name that Stephen King uses for some of his stories and novellas. Second, because long before Stan Lee was doing it, Ole Mr. King has been making cameos in the film adaptations of his stories. And here in a comic adaptation of perhaps his greatest tale he once again makes an appearance:

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It doesn't end well for him. But it was kinda fun. =)