Beauty Tip of the Day!

To start this off here is the master formula for obtaining the most epic colored hair ever!


First the blondeing stage is the most important part, I get these small packets from sallys, 
Lock-in blonde, which I mix in with the bleach or blonde hair dye as a color additive,
Then I put this Color Filler, Red Gold Corrector  in with this Clairol toner, After Ive dyed Blonde or Bleached.
And then when im done blondeing I mix this in with my Conditioner, just a little bit with conditioner every time you condition, Its a Protein Filler it will keep your hair strong and help to try and keep your hair from breaking off. 
Then Condition for like a week..........


Well what I use is Raw Hair Color From Hot topic:    

Manic Panic Amplified from Hot Topic:   
  Jerome Russel Hair Dye:
Can be found on or Ebay, This dye is really good it lasta much longer then the others but the colors are darker, so I like to mix it with Raw or only do parts of my hair with this.
Mixed Together the Color Last even longer. And I mix this in with it as a Color Accelerator
And then I leave it in for 30 minutes blow drying it on high heat. This conditioner Color Defense Color Sealer is key COMPONET! And after you condition 
put this Color Defense Shine treatment in your hair and leave it in for a minute.  And if your hair is really fried get this, its a Leave in hair Color Defense Leave-in Therapy   
I use this Argan Oil Hair Masque, because it works miracles instantly revitilizing your hair locking in color and leaving amazing shine,
And then I continue conditioning using this Intense Moisture Color Defense Conditioner

Here are color brightness and color intensity results:



Kuchiku's Comicvine Mentor's

DC- you helped me become way better at RPGing back in the old days just wanted to let you know.

Nighthunter- I used to read your posts and use them as an example when I would TRY and post LOL

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Celestrion- Me and her used to do PM battles and practice togethor

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